Ross says G.M. position will have control over the roster

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After a couple of confusing days, more is now known about the vacant General Manager position in Miami.

In a statement released Thursday night, owner Stephen Ross made it clear that the G.M. won’t be a so-called “G.M. Light.”

“The new General Manager will have autonomous responsibility for the 53 man roster and selecting players during the draft and will report to me,” Ross said.  “First and foremost, this person must have a passion for the game and demonstrated player evaluation expertise.  They will need to be a person who is a collaborative team player that puts the organization first.  Regardless of reporting structure, the relationship between the General Manager and Coach Philbin must be one of trust, respect, and collaboration, and this will be an area we will look closely at during the process.  This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative.”

Ross said that former Chiefs G.M. Carl Peterson will assist in the search process, but that after the job is filled Peterson will have no role in the organization.

“Carl and I have had a business relationship for almost 30 years dating back to the USFL and I have tremendous respect for his experience and judgment on team building and football operations,” Ross said. Ross reportedly had planned to hire a “football czar,” who would have overseen former G.M. Jeff Ireland and absorbed most if not all of Ireland’s powers.  Ross has now decided to hire a G.M. with basically the same duties and authority that Ireland exercised.

The statement comes after the Fritz Pollard Alliance advised minority candidates to decline to interview for a job that didn’t entail power over the roster.  The other vacant G.M. job in Tampa reportedly doesn’t entail power over the roster.

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  1. “The new General Manager will have autonomous responsibility for the 53 man roster and selecting players during the draft and will report to me,”

    The old General Manager was incompetent in this regard and so was going to be stripped of his duties but be allowed to keep his title

  2. Well played Ross.. Confuse the race baiter and eliminate the need to placate him, them go on to describe the position with more clarity.

  3. Translation: I’m not going to fix the command problem, both the HC and GM will report to me and the HC will be able to ignore the GM.

    Ross will hire a sub standard GM, because the real ones won’t go into a sharing command structure like that. Dawn Aponte will get hired away by the NFL.

    I can hear the crickets tweeting in the Phins front office now. No defined command chain. No clear responsibility for failure.

    Get ready for 5 more years of mediocrity and lack of responsibility.

  4. Well I do have many years of documentation on players that I supported before the draft that teams took way too late that turned out to be great.

    Vontaze Burfict turned out to be pretty darn good and I picked him out as the best value in the draft because I correctly read that teams would pass on him because of bogus reasons, and I did a lot of scouting work on him and wrote pages about him while everybody told me I was nuts for liking him. Shouldn’t that count as one example? I have more!

    How many examples does it take to get an interview Mr. Ross?

  5. Now you can put your King Carl drum back in the closet. You were the only one banging on it this time around.

  6. Such a quick response to the Fritz Pollard Alliance claim that the position would be a GM lite, probably means that the Dolphins were getting some rejections from minority candidates. It’s a shame because since half of there targets were African American Miami appears more then willing and even likely to hire a minority for the final say on personnel.

  7. The GM is a large cog in the wheel of a good team. He is in charge of the scouting and getting the personnel the coaches needs to be a success. If there is friction between those two then both are going to be gone.

    Saints today denied the Fins the chance to interview Ryan Pace. Loomis, Payton, Rob Ryan, Rick Reprish and Pace are working together getting their recent draftees and undrafted free agents playing as a top notch defense and offense. It’s a complete management effort and when it’s working like that… none of these guys are getting fired or want to leave.

    Fins need to figure this out.

  8. It makes sense to me . Ross wanted to save money by keeping Ireland on and using Peterson (who Ross is already paying) as a de facto GM for a year and let Ireland walk after his contract expired at the end of the season. Now Ross has to pay two GM salaries this season (Ireland and the new guy) so the new GM better have full control of the roster so Ross can get his money’s worth.

  9. The GM is a tough spot to fill. If they are available to hire they or either A.) A newbie or B.) Recently fired. All the greats ones are still employed, retired or dead. Just sayin’.

  10. Good for Ross. I was beginning to think he was oblivious to the badmouthing going on about his team. Advising minority candidates to refrain from the job is mean spirited and hopefully should any minority candidate get the job, they will distance themselves from Fritz Pollard Alliance.

    The role of GM has always been problematic. A strong GM and a strong alpha coach with 100% powers to get what they want only exist in the perfect organization. In other words, it does not exist.

    New and established coaches and GM as they are employed by new teams need to work in tandem to make things work. This all or none powers is pure BS. The coaches and the GM’s should not have all the powers onto themselves. Ireland did and it failed. He refused to share powers even with failure staring him in the face. Coaches that have had the ‘all powers’ in the past have failed too.

    Teams that find the right balance have the winning formula and are the most successful. How the powers are share is an artful gamble with shared responsibilities.

  11. Is the fritz association like a union for minorities? It certainly sounds like it. If so do all minorities have to pay dues? I don’t get it. Pretty sure if there was a “white guy union” the justice department would be all over it hate crime style

  12. Ross is so “nuanced” that every decision he makes is almost indistinguishable from no decision at all.

    It’s also how the Dolphins play the game.

  13. I wish the Fins luck. I would love to see them get back in the mix in the AFC East. The way I heard it, this is a country of second chances, and we see people getting fourth and fifth chances, and that is okay by me.

    That Pollard group needs to back off. Who ever heard of them? Are they some sort of professional sports administrator scouting cartel? Where is the Miami Dolphins second chance, Fritz?

  14. It would be one thing if Ireland distinguished himself as a good talent evaluator. But being very average at his job, and a loose cannon with another controversy no doubtedly likely to follow in the near future, this decision was a no-brainer. Probably the best move Ross made since he bought the franchise.

  15. So the GM will be allowed to perform normal GM duties and have typical GM responsibilities. Got it. With ownership this sharp, it’s a wonder Miami ever has a non-winning season.


  16. Just make sure he has the power to fire Dawn Aponte. We dont need people playing corporate office power games that dont know what the product is on the field.

  17. Steve Ross is no doubt a brilliant business man, but needs to realize that running a football team is just not his thing. I hope and pray that he’s big enough of a man to go out and hire a proven GM, such as Bill Polian — hand him the keys & say “it’s yours, make us a winner. Bye.”

  18. The Dolphins are a storied franchise and it’s sad they do not have the pick of the litter. Just 10 years ago the Dolphins were considered an elite franchise in the NFL that commanded respect and were a QB away from a Super Bowl. Now, after 10 miserable years were worse off than the Lions, but still better than the Browns!

  19. Please, include in the required characteristics to have good communication with the media an sympathy with the fans.

    In other words, to show the face once in a while.

    Thank you!

  20. It’s not a good sign when you see the team trying to sell people on the job instead of dealing with those that have a plan and are already inquiring about it. This job sells itself, they don’t need to go hunt for somebody to do it.

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