Saints deny Dolphins’ request to interview Ryan Pace

The Dolphins are casting a wide net in their effort to find a G.M.  But not every candidate will make it into the boat for an interview.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the Saints have denied a request by the Dolphins to interview New Orleans director of player personnel Ryan Pace.

A 12-year member of the Saints organization, Pace is completing the first season in his current job.

Confusion persists in some league circles regarding the rules that apply to a team’s ability to block a request to interview a front-office employee for the job of General Manager.  As one league insider described the rule on Thursday, it’s “murky.”

For employees in the final year of their contracts, permission can’t be denied — but under certain circumstances a departure can be delayed.  For employees not in the final year of their contracts, the current team can block an interview for a position that doesn’t entail “(1) the authority over all personnel decisions related to the signing of free agents, the selection of players in the College Draft, trades, terminations, and related decisions, and (2) the responsibility for coordinating other football activities with the Head Coach.”

Or, as we learned today in connection with Kansas City’s denial of permission to the Buccaneers for permission to interview Chiefs director of pro personnel Chris Ballard, the explanation could be that the candidate didn’t want to leave.

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9 responses to “Saints deny Dolphins’ request to interview Ryan Pace

  1. Did the Archie Bunker Alliance tell Mr. Pace the Dolphins job was a “GM Lite” job and to reject it?

  2. Definitely murky. Well good thing is soon there will be a new Executive VP of Operations that surely will clear up all the confusion regarding anything that is confusing.

    Or they will do nothing and get paid big bucks to give pleasant speeches.

  3. Pace probably had no interest, Saints say no so he’s not obligated to do the interview and he keeps his name in the loop for a job with a non-dysfunctional organziation.

  4. Ryan who?!?!? This guy sucks and all the proof you need is last year. How talented where the Saints last year without Sean Payton?!? Their defense allowed the most points in NFL history, truth is Payton and Brees make up for the lack of talent on the Saints roster! I don’t want this smuck picking the dolphins draft picks!

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