Source: Griffin truly had no involvement in coaching search

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When new Washington coach Jay Gruden meets the media on Thursday afternoon, he’s sure to be asked whether and to what extent quarterback Robert Griffin III was involved in his interview and other discussions relating to the job.  And Gruden is certain to say, “None.”

Some believe that the Redskins are merely saying that Griffin had no involvement in the process, due to sensitivities regarding the perception that Griffin has too much power.  After all, how could the team not involve Griffin, given the critical nature of the coach-quarterback relationship?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s the truth.  Griffin wasn’t involved.  Indeed, the source said it’s still not clear whether the two men have spoken, even after Gruden had gotten the job.

The message to Gruden is clear.  It will be the coach’s responsibility to establish the right relationship with the franchise quarterback, if the coach hopes to succeed.

In the end, perhaps that’s the true power of RGIII.  He wasn’t involved in the coaching search because it’s a given that he’ll be the quarterback, and it’s a given that the next coach will take the job realizing that a big part of the job is to find a way to get along with, and to get the most out of, Griffin.

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  1. D@mned if they do, D@mned if they don’t.

    If Rob would’ve been asked his opinion the Skins would’ve been placating a 2nd year player with TOO MUCH POWER. But, since they didn’t the Skins are making a mistake.

    Cmon man…pick a side.

  2. Finally the hater can hop off him lol, but why did no one ever get on Jay Cutler or Matt Stafford for being involved in searching for a HC? why cant rg3 do that? why the hate lol.

  3. When, exactly, did Griffin become a franchise quarterback? He has a losing record, has yet to win a playoff game, and is still playing on a rookie contract.

    Talented, yes. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves with that F word.

  4. It’s a given he’ll be the QB. He had an excellent rookie season, a regression after an injury, but he’s the #2 overall pick after several first rounders were given up for him. Are there some concerns about durability and his particular style of play holding up? Sure. But there’s a lot of promise there as well, and that seems to be lost in this media-created-drama.

    If the Jaguars have stuck with Gabbert for as long as they did, I don’t think it’s surprising to know that RGIII is sticking around for a while. And, while Kirk Cousins played fine, he didn’t really wow.

  5. So Shanny is the only one gone? They’re keeping the rest of the staff? I would not take this job if I were Jay Gruden…except for the boatload of cash he’ll get, it won’t be worth the headache.

  6. Well if they are smart, next year he won’t have any involvment with the offense either……

  7. He may not have been involved in the process, but you can bet that Allen and or Snyder made it clear to Gruden that being all-in on RGIII was a job requirement.

  8. West coast offense for RG3 and that offense. Should be interesting to see Griffin play in a new offense.

  9. Obviously he had no part in it. He’s too intelligent to have supported hiring Gruden.

  10. Too bad he didn’t have input– he might have helped find a better guy. As it is, the Redskins are looking at another four or five years of mediocrity.

    The Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys are probably relieved. Those teams certainly aren’t worried.

  11. The amount of hate this kid has had to endure is mind boggling. How many stories have to be published then written off as not true later? From him sexting on his honeymoon, to tension with coaches, to not wanting negative film shown to bragging about his relationship with the owner and now having a say in whose the next Coach. GIVE ME A BREAK!

    The real problem in Washington is not RG3, it’s the media and the people who feed them crap information.

  12. It actually makes sense to see if the coach and the best player can coexist.
    Just so you don’t have a Freeman Schiano mess midway through the second season.
    But it appears the reports that RG3 was choosing the coach was pure fiction and part of the wider smear campaign against RG3 character.

  13. jadmakaveli says:Jan 9, 2014 1:50 PM

    Finally the hater can hop off him lol, but why did no one ever get on Jay Cutler or Matt Stafford for being involved in searching for a HC? why cant rg3 do that? why the hate lol.

    I am not a fan of of the three, but I would guess that the reason the other two were involved and no one complained is because both of them are established quarterbacks, not second year potential busts like RG3 may be.

  14. I don’t recall a player getting so much media attention. There’s teams in the playoffs with good young qbs. Give them there spotlight. Let mr Griff enjoy his off season

  15. The media didn’t accomplish a 3-13 record, they just reported on it and asked questions about why it happened and if it’s going to happen again. Just doing their job, unlike the team in the recent past, hence lots of questions and stories. The team enabled the media through their own incompetence.

  16. Franchise QB really dude won’t even be in the league in 2015 Tebow will have lased longer then him . He’ll be hurt Benched or run out of town by his team mates that are sick of hearing about him. It’s a team not RG redskins people get over him

  17. Skins will keep trying to force him to be a good QB because all they gave up for him. They will be trying to save face and it will cost Gruden his job in 2-3 years you can bet on that. You heard it here first.

  18. The question is: Does Jay Gruden have authority to hire/fire his assistant coaches? Does he have control over who plays and how they are used? Maybe that is why they took so long to settle his contract.

  19. Best of luck to Gruden.
    I wouldn’t want my first head coaching gig to happen while wearing those handcuffs.
    They traded the farm to get Bob, now he’s stuck with him AND a lack of draft picks.
    Not an ideal situation.

  20. Snyder begged RG3 for permission to hire Gruden.
    So how did RG3 win rookie of the year over Luck?
    A Luck is 10x the qb Rg3 will ever be.

  21. Because..they probably told him who who they wanted and he approved before he left town!! No way he wasn’t involved at all!! Funny how he wants out of system Mike runs and they got a coach who runs exactly that.. Hope it works!! HTTR

  22. This is the make or break year for RG3-13 in DC. If he struggles under Gruden I bet the Skins cut ties with him. Gruden didn’t draft him and may look to bring in his own guy to run his offense. 3rd year of a 4 year rookie deal. Might be the end of RG3-13.

    RG3-13 = Vince Young 2.0

  23. skins1979 says:
    Jan 9, 2014 2:27 PM
    I don’t recall a player getting so much media attention.

    There was this guy called Tim Tebow a while back. You might have heard of him?

  24. People kill me with why they think Gruden got the job. He got the job because he’s cheap, and he’s Jon Gruden’s little brother. You know, the same Jon Gruden that Bruce Allen was bff with going back to their Raider days? But keep digging for a Griffin tear down story that’s not there.

  25. So before if RG3 had any kind of involvement…he neeeded to “know his place”. He was “arrogant”…a “diva”…a prima donna

    But Cutler, Stafford, and virtually most franchises with (white) franchise Qbs are never criticized or dismissed nearly as much as RG3 has

    Someone is bound to dismiss the double standard though. There has hardly ever been a black Qb that didn’t receive harsh and more often than not unfair criticism

  26. I am stunned to see how much damage was done by a few articles put by a couple of sportswriters who are too close to the scorned Mike Shanahan and who were hell bent on damaging RG3’s reputation. Did anybody actually read the Sally Jenkins “column” that implied that RG3 was a coach killer? There were basically no specific sources and no quotes in the whole article, written by someone who doesn’t even live anywhere near DC and never is around Redskins Park.

    Please stop believing everything you read, whether it is about sports or about anything else. Some people whom we trust to bring us news, sports and other stuff, have agendas. RG3 is not the guy he’s been painted to be by some members of the media.

  27. I posted on here about how RG3 is a diva, prima donna, etc in the past. But hearing this I know feel bad for the guy.

    How classless of Mike & Kyle Shanahan, leaves a team in shambles and leaks out false information about the team to try and shift blame from him to a kid who is twice as young as him to save face. True cowards.

    RG3 just needs to lay low, speak when spoken to and come out next year and put together a good season and all of the hate/media attention.

    Washington fans take this from me as a jets fan, the media circus sucks and no move ever seems right but it always comes to an end and usually the majority of the moves you make are the right one. Don’t let the poisonous media cloud your judgement.

  28. Mike Shanahan is a himself the coach killer!
    Shanahan came to Washington …Run the ball when he should pass and pass when he should run, won the division/made a playoff appearance one year, GET your rookie QB hurt in a playoff game when he was clearly injured (I don’t care what you say, he is the COACH and even btw (REMEMBER he makes the PERSONNEL decisions for the team). AND had three losing seasons (finished in last place 3 of 4 seasons) with a overall record as the coach of the REDSKINS of 24-40 (.375%).

    NUFF SAID!!!

  29. The difference is that neither Cutler or Stafford are coach millers. Cutler was right in feuding with McDaniels…he was a horrible head coach…not too bad at the draft though. Also, the whole racist card is ridiculous…there are plenty of black quarterbacks who haven’t been treated differently than their white counterparts.

  30. Let’s say the QB/owner team were Troy Aikman and Jerry Jones, John Elway and Pat Bowlen, or Tom Brady and Robert Kraft. Some credibility could be given for the owner interested in his quarterback’s input.

    But c’mon, folks! We’re talking about the team of a young and mostly unproven player and an uber-rich owner with the patience and petulance of a three year old. What could go wrong?

  31. It’s pretty comical to hear people asserting that RG3 was responsible for the downfall of the Shanahan regime. For those who don’t follow the team closely, here is a timeline:

    Early 2008 – Redskins make the playoffs; Joe Gibbs retired; Jim Zorn eventually hired.

    Early 2010 – Jim Zorn fired; Shanahan hired and given full control of all football operations.

    2010 – Redskins/Shanahan send away two draft picks to the Eagles for Donovan McNabb, who Shanny benched in the last two minutes of the game against Detroit. The Skins went 6-10.

    2011 – Shanahan stated that he would stake his reputation on the QB finesse of Rex Grossman and John Beck. The Skins went 5-11.

    2012 – Shanahan drafts RG3, who leads the team on a seven game winning streak after Shanahan publicly stated that the season was effectively over at 3-6. The Skins went 10-6.

    2013 – After publicly referring to RG3 as “Superman” and “Cool Hand Luke,” Shanahan and his media friends declare RG3 to be Public Enemy 1. RG3 is benched with three games to go. The Redskins lose eight in a row and finish 3-13.

    A coach with a 24-40 record who has very little to show for four years of having total control doesn’t have to worry about “coach killers.” They are responsible for their own failure.

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