Suh, Megatron are “most feared” in poll of NFL players


The Detroit Lions were not a good team last season, but they were a feared team.

Players on the Lions came in first and second in a poll of NFL players conducted by ESPN that asked, “Who is the most feared player in the NFL?

Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh came in first, with 19 percent of the vote, and Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson came in second, just behind Suh. ESPN hasn’t broken down all of the details of the survey results, but presumably it was predominantly offensive linemen and quarterbacks ranking Suh as the most feared and defensive backs ranking Johnson as the most feared.

Suh has previously come in first in surveys asking players to identify the dirtiest player in the NFL, but Suh would like to think his presence at the top of this survey is about the way he can affect an offense by playing within the rules.

“If it’s feared from the context of they don’t want to play against me and they are worried about how I may affect the game and affect the offense, it’s definitely appreciated,” Suh told “It’s definitely seen as a plus and a positive. Guys have respect for you, just like guys have respect for Calvin. I’m surprised I edged him out but, hopefully, I don’t have to edge him out and we can just be co-winners. I prefer that.”

Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt came in third, 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis was fourth, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was fifth, Bengals linebacker James Harrison was sixth and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was seventh.

66 responses to “Suh, Megatron are “most feared” in poll of NFL players

  1. This seems about right

    Regardless of what you think of Suh, you would love to have him on your team, plays hard all the time … Sure a couple questionable moves but this is football … one on one offensive lineman would be terrified everywhere.

    Same goes for Calvin … any DB who has one on one coverage, can see themselves shaking in his visor … and just praying the ball doesn’t come that way

  2. Well this proves that NFL players aren’t to bright, Suh has a marginal impact on determining the outcome of games.. unless you count late hits after the whistle.

  3. Which means the core players on that team are in place. They are close; they just need the right coach.

    That’s why the Lions opening is the most attractive in the NFL. At least to me. A tweek here, a tweek there and add a decent draft and their a playoff team.

  4. Well 2 fantastic players for the new coach to build around on both sides of the ball. If these guys are the top 2 feared now, then look out when we have a few other supporting players on both sides and some improved coaching. That’s not going to be fun for everybody else. But it’s going to be awesome for the Lions if they can pull it all together. I still think that starts with the QB though. Either get somebody that can improve the QB position, or get a new QB. But we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again, or that fear will lose it’s potential energy. Now is the time to capitalize on it and take things to the next level.

  5. therealraider says:
    Jan 9, 2014 11:43 AM
    Well this proves that NFL players aren’t to bright

    I gave you thumbs down for misspelling/not knowing a word while using it in the context of intelligence.

  6. And Megatron fears Matt Elam, so is Elam really the most feared player in the league?
    Just kidding…

  7. Patrick Willis? When did they take this poll, 5 years ago? He’s just running on reputation now. Bowman and Brooks make all the plays in their defense anymore. Watching Willis try to run with Seattle’s backup tight end was embarrassing. He doesn’t make a play anymore unless it comes right at him.

  8. therealraider says:
    Jan 9, 2014 11:43 AM
    Well this proves that NFL players aren’t to bright, Suh has a marginal impact on determining the outcome of games.. unless you count late hits after the whistle.
    Suh was plenty impactful blocking that kick vs. the Raiders a couple of years ago, yes?

  9. Hopefully with a new coach the team they play on will be feared too!!!!!!!!

    It’s a shame to have guys like that along with LB Levy who had as many picks as anyone I think, and Stafford who has as good of an arm as anyone in the league. Then add the rookie Warford who win rookie of the year at OG for not giving up a sack or missing a play.

    The list goes on and on yet they can’t put it together to play winning football. Yet they lose 9 game and 6 of them are by four points or less. Very sad!!!!

  10. Peanut Tillman does not fear CJ…And before you Lions fans cry about safety help, let me remind you of one thing:

    The Bears have no safeties.

  11. This actually makes me more disappointed that they’ve underachieved. However, it also proves Mayhew has done the right thing in personnel and also the right thing to fire Schwartz. Welcome to Detroit, Whisenhunt.

  12. “britishteeth says:
    Jan 9, 2014 12:15 PM
    Chris Conte: Most feared by Bears fans.”
    Conte was 3rd on the team in tackles. When two safeties are the near the top in tackles, then your defense has problems and safety is near the bottom of the list.

  13. As a Browns fan, the two people Im most afraid of are Michael Lombardi and Joe Banner

  14. Most feared… Johnson because he is so good at playing his position… However Suh… most people are just scared of him because he might try to Stomp you, slash your throat, illegally block you, or take out your gems. He is feared because he is a cheap shot type of player.

  15. The only reason Suh is feared is cause he’s a dirty player, and Johnson is only to he feared when he can make a catch–too many drops.

  16. The Ravens weren’t afraid of Megatron and Jimmy Smith “out physicaled” Calvin Johnson at his own game.

    When he did catch a pass he was met immediately by Jame Ihedigbo and Matt Elam…and shockingly Megatron looked more like that old NES R.O.B. unit trying to catch a football. Too slow and with no real effort because he was getting crushed.

    Calvin Johnson is an amazing receiver and has accomplished a lot in this game.

    Back in the day if the question was asked I bet guys like Mike Singletary, Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor, and John Randle would lead the list. Whenever somebody asked another player about John Randle, they all said the same thing. He was flat out crazy.

    If you asked Dennis Hopper, he would have said it was Bruce Smith. “This is Bruce Smith’s shoe. Do you know what he’d do to me if he found out I had his shoe? Bad things……BAD things man…”

  17. gochargersgo says:
    Jan 9, 2014 2:14 PM
    A separate study found that pedestrians selected Donte Stallworth as the most feared player in the NFL.


    And yes, in even in another additional similar poll…..husbands and fathers of teen daughters fear Brett Favre more than any other player.

    Those who knew their wives/daughters carried cell phones…the number tripled.

  18. beardinals says: Jan 9, 2014 12:11 PM

    therealraider says:
    Jan 9, 2014 11:43 AM
    Well this proves that NFL players aren’t to bright

    I gave you thumbs down for misspelling/not knowing a word while using it in the context of intelligence.


    I was being facetious.

  19. Suh, “most feared” in poll of NFL players.

    That’s one heck of an Incomplete statement.

    How about ‘Suh, “most feared,” thought of as dirtiest, and most fined in poll of NFL players.

  20. The majority of these ignorant posts are clearly from people that don’t watch Suh play the game. This guy draws double teams constantly, collapses the inner pocket, and allows other players to get to the quarterback.

    It’s also easy to pile on about being dirty, but again you’re not watching him play. You cry babies would kill to have this guy in your front 4.

  21. I see the same old tired Suh cliches tossed out…get some new material or better yet, watch him play.

  22. If Sean Taylor wasn’t senselessly murdered by a punk he’d still be the most feared man in the league. ‘MeAst=half man half beast!!!!!!!!

  23. No surprise, this is common knowledge.

    Just need a coach that can harness all this wonderfull talent.

  24. Haters can hate all the want, but Suh is on the AP All Pro list for his performance this year. The guy is a beast.

    Whenever someone from the UK says that American football is a sissy sport because the players where pads, all you have to do is show them Suh. He’s bigger, stronger, and quicker than anything they’ve ever seen. Nice guy off the field. Mean streak on the field. Just how you want him to be!

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