Trent Richardson feels that he has to redeem himself for fumbling


Colts running back Trent Richardson had about as bad a game as it’s possible for a running back to have on Saturday against the Chiefs: He touched the ball once, and he fumbled to set up a Chiefs touchdown.

Richardson hopes he’ll be able to do something against the Patriots to make up for that.

You feel like you’ve got to redeem yourself for it,” Richardson told the Indianapolis Star. “You feel like you’ve got to make a statement. . . . That’s one thing that my brother has always told me: the fastest way to get yourself on the bench is fumbling the ball. And that replays in my head every day when I come out to work.”

The question is, will the Colts give Richardson the chance to redeem himself? Donald Brown has proven himself to be the superior runner, averaging 5.3 yards a carry during the regular season to Richardson’s 2.9. (Everything goes so well when Brown gets the ball that even when he fumbled against the Chiefs, Andrew Luck picked it up and scored a touchdown.) The Colts might not give Richardson many opportunities at redemption in New England.

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  1. What is going on with this guy? Hard to believe that he kept Eddie Lacy on the bench at Alabama and is doing so much worse than him in the NFL.

    Also hard to believe that he’s doing worse on a good team than he did on a bad team.

  2. I’m willing to give the guy another chance. I saw what he did in AL. I’ve also seen that my Colts haven’t yet been using him right. He’s a zone read guy and they haven’t run much of that. I think if they implement some of those plays for him, he could flourish.

    Everyone is calling him a bust, but everyone thought that of Donald Brown too and it took him 4 seasons to become what they had hoped for when he was drafted.

  3. He needs to redeem himself for ruining my fantasy team. Forget about ruining the colts, I waited all year for this guy to do something. Go pats get me some fantasy revenge.

  4. This guy sure was worth a first round pick! The Browns actually did somethign right, but we all know they will waste the pick on some guy who will be out of the league in three years.

  5. Virtually impossible for this guy to get a 100 yard game without 35 carries

    Absolutely no flash or vision … just falls for 1-2 yards a pop

  6. Only way he will get a chance to redeem himself is if the Colts are winning by 3+ scores late in the 4th quarter. It’s playoff football, mistakes aren’t taken lightly, especially when performance has been sub-par.

  7. Richardson hasn’t learned how to see a hole then hit it. He takes the ball and starts dancing while looking for a hole. He would be a great runner if he could ever acquire field vision.

  8. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, but ever since the league changed the rules regarding runners lowering the helmet in the tackle box, Trent has completely gone in the toilet. His hit on Coleman was the textbook example the league used to ban that kind of play, but that’s what made him so effective running between the tackles. It’s not easy to change a running style, and having watched him this year, it seems obvious that something isn’t right. We all know he has the talent and he succeeded in his first year with Browns, so it’s not like he can’t play. A first round pick was still way too much to give up, but I think he can still be a really good back

  9. I think this guy’s issues are mental. If you watch film of him elsewhere, he has plenty of speed, quickness, moves and strength. (although he has never averaged more the 3.6 yds per carry in the NFL)

    But he just seems to go NOWHERE now. I think he is tentative, and afraid to make a mistake, and wants to “prove” something every time he touches the ball.

    I think he is the kind of back who just needs to get the ball more in order to get going in a game. Not a great fit in Indy to be honest…

  10. Hey, Indy sucked for Andrew Luck so somehow the football gods have to try and cause the rain to fall on the good and bad to even things out. Can’t wait to hear Indy GM compair T-Rich to Bo Jackson as they are so similar

  11. halkim says:
    Jan 9, 2014 1:04 PM
    To the Browns fans: admit it, you’d trade your team for the Colts any day.
    Colts are 1-6 against AFC North teams in the last 3 years (1-1 against Cleveland). Browns pretty much can do that on their own. Pretty sure they’d love to have that cake of a division to compete in though.

  12. The Cleveland GM, Mike Dumbturdi, is telling everyone that, off the record, he really wanted to keep TRich in the Factory of Madness. That’s all you really need to know!

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