Bengals move quickly to promote Kyle Caskey to RBs coach

The Bengals are wasting little time filling in the gaps on their offensive staff after the departure of coordinator Jay Gruden to Washington.

Following the same-day promotion of running backs coach Hue Jackson to coordinator, the Bengals waited a day before naming Kyle Caskey as Jackson’s position-coach replacement.

Caskey spent the previous two years working as the Bengals’ assistant offensive line and quality control coach.

“Kyle has worked closely with our coordinators the last few seasons,” head coach Marvin Lewis said in a statement. “And with [OL coach] Paul Alexander, he’s done a lot of direct work with our offensive line players. He’s been in the staff meetings with the running back coaches [Jackson and predecessor Jim Anderson].
“It’s all been part of the evolution of a bright young coach, and the time comes when the opportunity’s there to become a position coach on your own. That’s where we are with Kyle, and it’s great again that we have the person in-house to promote from within.”

Of course, it’s also a cost-effective move, which has never been anything the Bengals were averse to.

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7 responses to “Bengals move quickly to promote Kyle Caskey to RBs coach

  1. Love this move… We finally have enough talent stockpiled not just in players but coaches… A decade from now the Marvin Lewis coaching tree will be more fruitful then the Belechick tree.

  2. And Marvin Lewis still doesn’t have a playoff win. 11 straight years without a playoff win. 11 STRAIGHT YEARS WITHOUT A PLAYOFF WIN. Make it 12 next year. I feel bad for Bengals fans. And Mike Zimmer is likely to leave.

  3. Fellow Bengals fans – you are all playing right in to Mike Brown’s hands. Marvin still there, Zimmer leaving and people will still buy tickets thinking this is the year, once again.

  4. Biggest fear is losing Zimmer…would rather tab him as the HC and let Marvin go. Gruden leaving was a blessing in disguise but very afraid of defensive regression without Zimmer.

  5. Don’t you people remember that Mike Brown doesn’t fire coaches while still under contract? The only one he has fired under contract was Shula. And Shula had even gotten an extension before he was fired. You have to be “Shula bad” to get canned while under contract with this cheapskate. Marvin will coach his last year here next year and the Bengals will have missed the biggest opportunity they have in promoting Zimmer because he will be gone this year no doubt. Then hopefully Hue will be up for becoming HC because I see no other options unless a coach is surprisingly fired after next year.

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