Bill O’Brien adds Mike Vrabel to Texans’ staff

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Mike Vrabel is heading to Houston as a member of Bill O’Brien’s Texans staff.

Vrabel confirmed on Twitter that he is leaving his current job as an Ohio State assistant to take over as linebackers coach in Houston.

The 38-year-old Vrabel played for the Steelers from 1997 to 2000, the Patriots from 2001 to 2008 and the Chiefs in 2009 and 2010. O’Brien was an assistant in New England for Vrabel’s last two years there. Romeo Crennel, a candidate to become Houston’s defensive coordinator, coached Vrabel in both New England and Kansas City.

In Columbus, where Vrabel had been considered one of the most important coaches on Urban Meyer’s staff, Vrabel’s decision was described as “a stunning departure.” In Houston, Vrabel should be a strong addition to the staff.

43 responses to “Bill O’Brien adds Mike Vrabel to Texans’ staff

  1. One of the best Pats FA signings ever(thanks Cowher), he was born to coach. His leadership was evident when he was playing.

  2. Soon after the hiring, several beers went missing from McNair’s private refrigerator.

  3. Texans trying to look like the Patriots? Bringing in all their old players/coaches? Same thing Pioli tried to do with KC and it didn’t work there either.

  4. Good move for Houston IMO…

    But I love reading all the Pats haters BS…

    It makes my day…probably because most of their favorite teams are for the most part irrelevant in the NFL big scheme of things…

    Boo who…losers

  5. One of my favorite players ever. Him and Bruschi sure made the Patriot’s defense hum back in those championship days. When they needed a big play – one of these two made it.

    Vrabel would also come out as a TE or FB on goal line and he caught 2-3 TD in his career. He was always one of Belichek’s favorites because he was such a smart player.

    Hope he’s a good coach. Would not surprise me if he became a DC at some point over the next few years.

  6. I think this is a good hire. I like the fact that O’Brien, a first-time head coach, is surrounding himself with trusted, experienced experts. Getting Munchack as the offensive line coach would be a tremendous hire if he can pull it off.

  7. He didn’t just catch caught 2-3 TD passes in his career,

    he caught 2 TD passes in Super Bowls

    and caught 10 passes in his pro career, AND ALL 10 OF THEM went for touchdowns.

  8. Good hire. Vrabel was always a teacher on the field (something BB preached about in his book “War Room” even before Vrabel was a coach at Ohio State).

    If it wasn’t for PepperJohonson…..BB would have hired Vrabel to be Linebackers coach as soon as Vrabel retired.

  9. What’s next. Changing the logo to the flyin Elvis?
    Nothing like givin your team its own identity.

  10. I hear Ty law is available to coach the DBS, Matt Light the O line, Troy Brown the Wrs, Richard seymore and Ty warren the Dline, etc. If I was a Texans fan I would be worried about all these moves, it show O’ Brian is scared to try to create something on his own and instead is trying all he can to create the Patriots. Pretty pathetic, thought they hired him to be innovative , obviously he is not his own person with his own ideas if he’s just recycling old patriot coaches every chance he gets. Such a talented team, too be regulated as a bottom feeding joke for the next 3 seasons before the owner realizes it didn’t work for the Jets, Cleveland,Denver or KC is a waste of that talent.

  11. Oh crap, this means OSU is stuck with Fickell for a long time. Maybe Vrabel wanted to get away from Urban’s Massive Ego?

  12. None of you know he was ‘born to coach’ or anything else about him personally. Stop pretending u people know him because of how he looks.


    “Mike Vrabel is as well-suited for coaching as any player I have ever coached,” Belichick said back then in a statement. “He has a tremendous feel for people, players, coaches and what his team needs regardless of the situation. He is outstanding in his knowledge of the game, which contributed to his excellence as a player. I have no doubt Mike will develop tough, intelligent, fundamentally sound winners.”

  13. As a graduate of The Ohio State University, you would think that I would be sad to to lose Vrabes as a defensive position coach. But ever since Luke Fickell came on staff and eventually recruited Mike to join him, our defense has lacked the tenacity of the Silver Bullets of the past. The OSU D is just a mere shadow of what it was when these two were suited up as players and later when Mark Dantonio was coordinating the defensive schemes.

    I sincerely wish you well Coach Vrabel. I hope the NFL is a better platform for you than the NCAA.

    Maybe you will be better suited as a motivator of NFL talent than you were a teacher of raw unrefined straight-out-of high school talent. You know, like teaching those LB’s how to tackle Taj Boyd from 7 yards out, before he scores a touchdown on a draw play; that even the TV announcers predicted.

  14. northwoodsjim says:
    Jan 10, 2014 7:10 AM
    Here come all the pasty folks to tell us, hard worker, instills value, great character guy, will teach toughness, overcome adversity….bla bla bla

    He is a hard worker, instills value, great character guy, will teach toughness and overcome adversity.

  15. Every time this guy was in the game on the offensive side, you knew it was a TD pass to him. How in the hell could defenses not figure that out.

  16. I love all the Patsy fans, saying great hire. How many BB coaching tree failures do you need to witness to finnally get it through your heads that without BB and Ernie Adams doing their thing The machine doesnt work. Wake Up!

  17. Vrabel was the DLine coach of OSU under Meyer(not LBs). OSU was 3rd in the nation in sacks and 9th in rushing defense. Sorry you lost your Bowl Game dude.

  18. Funny how so many NFL fans love to hate the Patriots until they have one of there old players or coaches, then those same fans speak of how great these individuals are. I guarantee if Belicheck or Brady switched to your team there would be no peep about spy gate or being a so called “system QB”. As a Pats fan I love the hate, keep it coming, it means my team has been consistent for 13 or so years and all those other teams have not.

  19. I don’t care if they hire Robert Kraft to coach special teams as long as they play good football. I suspect some of the haters here are Colts fans.

  20. jnbnet says:
    Jan 10, 2014 11:17 AM
    northwoodsjim says:
    Jan 10, 2014 7:10 AM
    Here come all the pasty folks to tell us, hard worker, instills value, great character guy, will teach toughness, overcome adversity….bla bla bla

    He is a hard worker, instills value, great character guy, will teach toughness and overcome adversity.

    Just in case you missed the first posting while you were chewing on tree bark or something.

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