Didn’t take long for Dolphins-DeCosta rumor to die

Well, that didn’t take long.

Within minutes of posting a story about the Miami Herald report that the Dolphins had contacted Ravens assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta, the reaction was as swift as it was predictable.

From Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun came word that DeCosta wasn’t expected to leave the Ravens. Then Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County Times added that per a source, the Dolphins hadn’t contacted DeCosta, and he wasn’t interested if they did. Then Peter King of Sports Illustrated offered that DeCosta had “no interest” in the job.

This one was clear from the word go. Throwing DeCosta’s name into the mix of candidates might lend an air of legitimacy to a process that desperately needs any it can find.

It’s as if the Dolphins said, “Hey Eric, let us buy you a plate of stone crabs so this job looks better to the guy we eventually hire.”

The sad part for the Dolphins is that no one thought for a minute DeCosta was a serious candidate.

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  1. LOL u couldnt pay this guy 30mil a year to leave the great franchise that is batimore. he’s been here since day 1 & has been a big part of bringing 2 world championships to a franchise which has only been in existence for 19 years

  2. I feel bad for Decosta.

    He’s viewed as one of the best GM prospects out there. Yes he has Ozzie to learn from and yes Ozzie is great, but he makes mistakes as well. The first mistake Decosta makes when he inevitably takes over for Ozzie is going to be so highly scrutinized based on how the media portrays him as the second coming.

    This is all coming from a Ravens fan. This year has shown Ozzie isn’t the wonderful wizard like everyone wants to believe. He’s great but everyone’s human.

  3. The game of sweet revenge? I never realized the game of SORRY! was so sarcastic!

    But they don’t need this so-called legitimacy. If they just pick the best and smartest person for the job and they win, then that’s all the credibility they need. If they don’t win, then that’s only going to be because they failed on this hiring. Nobody is going to care about the profile of the candidate if they can get the job done. Interview everybody you can and pick the best person, it’s not that hard it just takes a little bit of time unless you aren’t doing many interviews.

  4. The sad thing is, the Dolphins actually think someone would leave a stable environment like Baltimore to come to Miami and immerse themselves in that pathetic organization.

    They finally get rid of Ireland, but now they’ve got Aponte and whatever power play she’s trying to execute and Philbin is mind-numbingly unimpressive, but the GM can’t fire him. Can’t imagine why top shelf talent wouldn’t be interested….. The Dolphins have become an awful sit-com that for some reason just won’t get cancelled.

    That organization will simply circle the drain as long as Ross owns it.

  5. The saddest part is how shoddy salguero’s reporting is. For those who haven’t figured him out yet, he tends to report his own wild speculations and every rumor he hears, because he figures if he throws enough spaghetti at the wall, some of it is bound to stick. And in this upside-down media environment these days, people only seem to remember when someone was right, and not the 50 times he was wrong.

    It also helps that he takes every opportunity to remind the whole world about how he was “right.” I’ve lost count of how many times he’s said “I’ve been saying that since…” He usually was also saying something conflicting since that same time, but he tends to forget those…

  6. Every time I see an update an update of candidates I am amazed that the names of Pioli and Polian are never mentioned. I guess that two guys with proven track records arent up to the challenge. Tell me again why I should consider keeping my Dolphins season tickets.

  7. I’m a big believer in personnel development and for the most part feel it’s better to let folks go and continue to grow. In this case, mixed thoughts. At some point he has to cut his teeth on his own whether it’s with us or elsewhere. Obviously, he’ll do it in Bmore after Oz departs. Yes, Oz misses on player talent but more often than not most produce for a few years after learning the Raven Way then sign elsewhere and stop producing. Still haven’t figured that out yet!

  8. What “legitimacy” do they need to find, honestly? They have an owner who has clearly stated what the job entails and have already interviewed a few qualified candidates. You make it sound like the Dolphins are the only organization that possibly has people pulling for potential power in the background. Find me any team…and company for that matter, where this doesn’t happen? What they clearly have is an owner, a salary cap specialist (Aponte) and a coach who clearly are working well together. Jesus, how terrible that must be.

  9. Even if DeCosta was tired of waiting around for Oz retire and wanted the GM title somewhere, no way it would be in Miami. DeCosta is highly coveted, and it would seem very unlikely that he would have any interest in a job with a meddling owner like Ross who by all appearances looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  10. Newsome and DeCosta did look great til they let Boldin go and gave Flacco $120 Million.

    If Decosta thought that was great then we shall see again that a franchise is made to look great because of an all-time great such as Lewis on the team.

  11. The worst part of these rumors of Stephen Ross is they are often wrong. Stephen Ross is anything but a meddling owner. If anything, he is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Ross does not interefere in football matters. The only rumor I have ever hear about Ross was a few years ago when he said he wanted to draft a franchise QB. So they drafted Tannehill. Is that meddlesome when every owner covets a franchise QB? Ross has said continiously, he wants to hire astute football people in the role of GM. Ross is a far cry from Jerry and Dan Snyder.

    You can make the point the Fins had some missteps in how they handled the Harbaugh interview but that is it. Bottomline, it is a GM job that will oversee football operations. I can assure you the likes of Bill Polian would accept that job if it is offered.

  12. I keep hearing Baltimore is a stable organization, the fact Is Baltimore had a ton of free agents leave last year. They also had the best playoff scenario this year,for a team that won the super bowl last year they choked just as bad as miami at the end. Back to the gm search, a good gm would, no matter how bad the situation looks would take it as challenge and accept the position.

  13. 1 mediocre year and apparently you arent a stable organization anymore.

    Since 2008:
    62-34, 5 playoff appearances, 1 super bowl win.
    46-50, 1 playoff appearance

    I may be wrong, but I believe only the colts and patriots have more wins in that time and no team has been to the playoffs more. Clearly not a stable organization though.

  14. You Dolphin fans do realize you haven’t had a better record than Baltimore since 2005, right? That’s almost impossible.

  15. DeCosta will carry the torch when The Oz retires thus continuing the great tradition that is….BALTIMORE FOOTBALL!

  16. So Gantt (via Zenitz) refutes the rumor that Miami contacted DeCosta, then spends the rest of the article bagging on the Dolphins for contacting DeCosta. So which is it?

  17. He’s not going anywhere. Harbs promised him the defensive and offensive coordinator positions.

  18. Is there anything else more pathetic than two fan bases of teams that blew a playoff chance this year bickering over who is the biggest dysfunctional mess in the off season? Get over it your seasons are over start talking about your teams after the draft, and enjoy the playoffs.

    and I am a Dolphin fan

  19. The Rats are looking to jettison this guy. He’s responsible for sending BOldin to SF. What a huge mistake. Jumpball can’t function without a bailout receiver.

    He’ll really suffer next season with Jacoby Jones gone.

  20. The Ravens are a far more superior franchise and everyone knows it. The Dophins are always a joke, Sure this season we both were 8-8, but the ravens are world champs. Its not even a comparison. Look, just keep living in the past with your undefeated season and what not. Saying that, DeCosta has turned down numerous GM jobs at much better organizations, with much better owners. Hes staying where he is loved, coveted, and payed. His family loves it in Maryland, because its a beautiful place to live. We fill our stadium every week, we get LOUD! and we travel to your stadiums and get louder then you. Thats what baltimore does fools. You steelers fans are a real riot btw. Cant wait to see you @ the 4th spot next year when the new browns are better then you lol. LITTLE BROTHER!!!!

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