Dolphins announce that three G.M. candidates have been interviewed

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The Dolphins have commenced the process of interviewing candidates for the position of General Manager.  We know this because they have announced that interviews with three candidates have been completed.

The candidates who have been interviewed to date are Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine, Steelers director of football and business administration Omar Khan (pictured), and Cardinals V.P. of player personnel Jason Licht.

Owner Stephen Ross has said that the General Manager will have full authority over the roster and the draft, and that the G.M. will report directly to Ross.

Gaine was promoted to the position of assistant G.M. in June 2012.  He has 16 years of experience, the last six with Miami.

Khan has spent nearly 13 years with the Steelers.  Before that, he worked with the Saints.  He has been a candidate for other G.M. jobs, including Seattle and the Jets.

Licht began his NFL career with the Dolphins in 1995.  He also has worked with the Eagles, Patriots, and Cardinals (twice).

Various other candidates have been identified via media reports.  The team’s transparency in identifying those who have interviewed could be aimed at making the job appear to be desirable, given the various reports and accounts of dysfunction in the team’s front office.

28 responses to “Dolphins announce that three G.M. candidates have been interviewed

  1. Really? I thought it was Ireland who was the blame for the “dysfunction”. The Dolphins are in the top five for salary cap jack. They have a roster with some talent. Coaching… remains to be seen.

    Desirable… nice salary, prestigious position (only 32 in the world), and your based in South Florida, as opposed to, say anywhere in WVA or almost anywhere else. If you’ve got a nice income, South Florida does not suck. I can tell you first hand about just about anywhere. Lets just say, more bikinis, and less camouflage is very desirable IMHO.

  2. “The team’s transparency in identifying those who have interviewed could be aimed at making the job appear to be desirable.”

    Uh, no. The job is either desirable or not desirable.

    If candidates turn down the interview requests, then it’s not desirable.

    If candidates accept the interview requests, then it’s desirable.

    The fact that most candidates have accepted the interviews would seem to imply that the job is desirable, regardless of whether or not the Dolphins pre-emptively release the names.

  3. I hope that Mr Ross gets this right this is more important than any draft picks or free agents get this wrong it can set you back 3-5 years. There are a lot of really good candidates for this job. The fact is Miami has not ever had a great GM even in the Shula days they could not build a winner around Marino and he played 17 years . As a 40 year fan please get this right.

  4. This can’t be right. The Miami Herald already said that Ray Farmer is the “leading candidate.” Could it be that their sources were wrong or given misinformation that was taken at face value? No, of course not! Right?

    As to the actual subject at hand, I don’t even care what the motivation is behind publicizing the names. As a fan, I’m just relieved that they are telling us what is happening. Li’l Jeffy wouldn’t be having any of that!

  5. For the love of GOD please dont hire Brian Gaine! Don’t be dumb enough to hire the assisstant of the GM you just fired! Hire someone with a proven track record like Gamble or Farmer. Please hire one of those two.

  6. Why doesn’t Stephen LOSS do what the fans want! FIRE JOE PHILBIN! HIRE KEN WHISENHUNT! Who would coach for an owner who courted a potential coach in Jim Harbaugh BEFORE firing Sparano and then give Sparano a raise to stay only to fire him later! I hope Stephen LOSS enjoys seeing EMPTY seats during games because that’s what he’s getting unless he gets his head out of the sand!

  7. Ross hired Carl Peterson as his consultant, that means the next GM of the Dolphins is going to be his protege Ray Farmer, why all this waste of time? Dolphin fans should be happy if it is him, he was on the team that drafted 6 pro bowlers for the Chiefs. He was also on the team that drafted all those young good players forthe Browns, the guy is good.

  8. I’d be ok with them getting Kahn if Aponte was on her way out. Maybe Dawn will get that job with the NFL. Omar is more of the numbers guy and NFL compliance than the personnel expert. He would be a good get, plus we’d have addition by subtraction (getting rid of Aponte).

    If we’re shooting for strictly a personnel guy, almost any that they have mentioned would be satisfactory. Except Gaine. Nothing personal against him, except he was the assistant to the guy who was just fired. He has to hold some accountability towards what has happened in Miami of the last several years.

  9. The good thing is that Ross doesn’t mess around adding his ideas about a sport that he knows nothing about, the bad thing is he has to weed out the guys looking for paydays from guys who have a handle on what they are doing and those guys are not looking for jobs! Just hire an assistant G.M. Who has a lot of fresh ideas on assembling talent and hire a Rob Chudzinski type as offensive coordinator…it ain’t Rocket science!

  10. I like some of the people on here acting like they know anything about these front office guys. Unless you do some extensive research no one knows if these guys are any good and above that even if you do research you still may not know.

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