Dolphins reach out to Eric DeCosta about G.M. job

No one seems to know at the moment exactly what the Dolphins vacant General Manager position will entail, to the point that minority candidates have been advised to avoid. Owner Stephen Ross followed by saying the job includes final say, but at the moment, it’s final say over what’s kind of a mess.

So the Dolphins are aiming high, now looking at a guy who has resisted other chances for promotions.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins have contacted Ravens assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta about the opening.

DeCosta has turned down numerous chances to leave Baltimore before, as he’s viewed as the heir to G.M. Ozzie Newsome there. He’s pledged his loyalty there, and with good reason. He’s part of a stable structure with a track record of success and none of the dysfunction the Dolphins currently offer.

Perhaps this is a case of Ross shooting for the moon, but it’s hard to imagine DeCosta turning down other chances to take this one.

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  1. Dolphins reach out to Eric DeCosta to find out how to stay on pace for another second place finish for next year.

  2. No Way! This guy is smart (and patient enough) to wait it out and not ruin himself by going to a dysfunctional organization like Miami.

    Shoot, just watching what happened to the last two Ravens FO guys who went to Cleveland (Savage, Kokinnas) should be enough. I mean who hires a coach before the GM!? Bass Akwards

  3. Money talks, and Ross could drop 10 Million a year on him and not blink about it if he really wants this guy, of course other owners won’t like it because it will raise the bar on salary’s, Ross needs a big fish for his credibility. Bill p.s. don’t forget, a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bushes.

  4. Miami is dysfunctional enough to beat the Pats, Colts, Cincinnati and Chargers all playoff teams with a make shift O line can you imagine if they had a real GM

  5. At least he’s among for the right people. Getting rid of Ireland and sherman were great first steps. At least the guy is trying, there are far worse owners in the NFL. I’m going to be patient and wait till it all unfolds before passing judgement.

  6. Honestly, I think the media is making this job out to be worse than it is! The Dolphins fans have been screaming at Ross for the last 3 years now to fire Ireland…when he does the media turns it into a circus.

    I’m down with a new GM hiring his own coach and staff but Ross did give Philbin 3 years to complete the task of having a winning team. If Ross went and dumped everybody then we’d (Dolphins) would look like the Browns with Chud.

    In my opinion, which everyone has, is the Browns have more egg on their faces than we do…Ross only did what we as fans asked for!!


  7. Who knows… maybe he’s bored with working for a smart franchise that doesn’t solve problems by throwing money around based on free agents’ Madden ratings. Maybe he’s sick of dealing with players and coaches that actually play to win games and make an effort. Maybe he’s bored with fans that actually care about football and don’t have to be begged and pandered to with corny celebrity ownership to pay attention to the team. Maybe the idea of a home game where your fans don’t even show up until halftime and thats only if they have a chance to win a game sounds fun?

    Maybe Miami is exactly the change of pace he needs?

  8. Miami is a mess for several reasons but it is still a very very attractive job.

    1.) Location
    2.) Future QB is in place. Tannehill is good enough to get a a team to a SB.
    3.) Miami is the top 5 in available salary cap $
    4.) No state tax makes it very attractive to potential FA

  9. I agree, the media is making this job out to be much worse. In all actuality, it’s a pretty damn good job. If you look at all the stories coming out of here in the last few years, at the center of it all has been Ireland, Starting with the Dez Bryant fiasco. Now he’s gone. Incognito is gone, Martin is gone… all the drama is being cleaned out. You have a great city, a team with decent talent, a cap person who knows what they are doing, an owner who is willing to spend money, is hands off (see Jerry Jones), will be patient (see Snyder, Haslam). Then there’s Philbin… he’s not a terrible coach, he’s well respected around the league, and if this next year goes bust, the new GM can pin it on the previous staff and hire an entirely new staff of his own and know that the owner will be OK with it. Sounds like a pretty good situation to me.

  10. The Dolphins haven’t finished with a better record than the Ravens since the 2005 season, so there’s that.

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