Early starts haven’t been a problem for 49ers

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Yes, the 49ers have to adjust their schedule this week.

But their track record shows that they do it as well as anyone.

Via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, the 49ers have been tweaking their normal routine all week to prepare for Sunday’s 1 p.m. ET kickoff against the Panthers, which will feel like a 10 a.m. start for them.

The 49ers bumped Thursday’s practice ahead 30 minutes, but will go two hours earlier than normal today before boarding their charter flight to Charlotte this afternoon..

The time difference is normally a problem for West Coast teams, but it hasn’t been lately for the 49ers.

Since coach Jim Harbaugh took over, they’re 5-0 in 1 p.m. ET starts.

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  1. People around the country have no idea just what a GOD-send Jim Harbaugh has been to Bay Area football. The guy is a flat out ballcoach/genius.

    Stanford: Completely redeveloped the program into a powerhouse after taking over a 1-11 trash dump. That program was a disaster – now it’s a shining star of academia and pigskin thanks to JH

    Niners: Before Harbaugh, Niners were completely mired in mediocrity for more than a decade. They had won like 3 road games in 11 years! Now they’re perennial powers every year despite having to travel nearly 3-times the amount of other NFL teams. And – they’re LOADED with draft picks every year.

    Did you realize the San Francisco 49ers have SIX draft picks in the first 3 rounds of this year’s draft? They’re simply lapping the competition under JH

  2. Asking a west coast team to play a game at 10:00AM, any game, let alone a PLAYOFF game, is asinine. This is the most unfair advantage in professional sports and should be fixed immediately. It does not reflect well on the league at all.

  3. Please get over a 3 hour time change! I routinely travel to Asia from Florida (12 hours apart) and do not miss a beat. And you can bet I don’t fly 1st class while being babied to by a multi billionaire owner. If flying coast to coast is so disastrous, then why are there hundreds of flights that are full every single day????

  4. They’re 8-2 in 10AM games since Harbaugh took over. They were 5-0 in 2011 alone . . . since then 3-2 . . . still not a bad record.

  5. @jjb….I’m assuming that you’re a business man. There is a big difference in having to work with clients and crashing head on into another human being several times for 3 or more hours. There is a certain physicality that is lacking in our jobs. After a long flight just get me a mug of coffee and I’m ready to go.

  6. dbara43….. this is a NATIONAL league. Leave a day or two early and get adjusted. Or, win more games and play at home.

  7. 10 AM starts are just another way the NFL favors east coast teams. It’s an extra burden to overcome that east coast teams never have to face. They should never happen.

  8. When the Jets complained about having to travel West for games against SD, SF, Oakland, and Seattle in the same season (0-4 in those games), the NFL changed the ules and scheduling so that East Coast teams never have to travel all the way to the West coast more than twice each year.

    But ask for a change of 10 AM Pacific starts, and everyone acts like it’s the height of wimpery.

    Bet if the league found out ratings were ten percent higher for 1 PM Pacific kickoffs, every game would start at that time.

  9. So 49’ers tim, you’re saying SF vs. Oak is is easier than SF vs. Miami? Sorry does’t cut it. These, as we’re told over and over again, are world class athletes with the tip top of medical, dietitians, massage experts & every other form of personal training experts at their finger trips can’t handle a 3 hour time difference (starting at 10am their time zone none the less not like 5am or earlier)? Its a weak argument.

  10. The 9’ers have a great team that has not won anything yet. Harbaugh is seen as a genius but 95% of the players brought into SF came from Mike Nolan’s and Mike Singletary’s time. The 49er’s needed a change, they are the most loaded team in the NFL but didn’t play well together. Under Harbaugh they started to play well, but they have ALWAYS have lost the big game. They lost the NFC championship to the Giants in 2012, and lost the Super Bowl to the Ravens in 2013. Is this their year or will they fall short again? With the offensive weapons and Defense the 49er’s have, the question is how can the NOT win the Super Bowl? This will be interesting to see if Jim Harbaugh is a good Coach or a great Coach. So far he has made a Great team on paper good, but with the TALENT he has on the field, HE SHOULD WIN EVERY GAME. There is not a team in the league that has the 49’ers talent. They just don’t seem to have the heart as yet.

  11. 5-0 against 10am start times.
    You mean against teams like Jacksonville, Tennessee, Washington and Tampa Bay?
    And now the 49ers have to play Carolina, a team that has won 11 of their past 12 games.
    Not going to happen.
    Carolina by 7.

  12. The thing for me is a question of how simple it is to schedule the games in the late time slot. The science of the effects of sleep deprivation, biorhythms, jet lag, and body clocks has been around a VERY long time and is indisputable. Moving East requires setting ones body clock earlier and requires more than one day, resulting in lethargy early in games. That teams are sometimes able to come back and win is no proof it doesn’t exist.

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