Harbaugh explains reason to go home between Green Bay, Charlotte visits


In past years, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has kept his team in Youngstown when the work week is sandwiched between a pair of games far from home.

For this week, following the win over the Packers, Harbaugh thought about doing it again.  And then he decided not to do it.

So why did he decide not to do it?

“Well, the question was asked, ‘Have you thought about staying out after the Green Bay game?’” Harbaugh told reporters on Friday.  “Did I think about it?  Yes, I thought about it.  Not very long, and felt like the better thing to do for us was to come back here.  So, I think when you asked me, ‘Did I think about it?’ I said, ‘Yes, I’ve thought about it.’  Maybe you thought that I thought about it a lot more than I did.  There was a possibility.  It was a very quick thought and made the decision it was better to come back here.”

Has anyone every said so little in so many words?

While the players and coaches and other traveling staff members surely preferred being home for a few days, the Niners now have to pack it all up again and travel to Carolina.

If the Niners win, they won’t have to travel very far the following weekend.  Either they’ll go to Seattle for a rubber match with the Seahawks.  Or they’ll screws the seat back in at Candlestick Park for a game against the sixth-seeded Saints.

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  1. That sure would annoy me as a member of the team. I really hate wasting time going on plane rides, the less rides the better. I think this is probably more about people wanting to be closer to their families instead of away from them for a week. That makes sense, but I don’t see how it’s a football advantage, at least not with this spewing of words. And even if I had a family I just can’t understand why my coach would force me to trade-off the football advantage to spend time with them. I appreciate the offer but I want and need to do everything I can to win, and my family is counting on me to win, if I wanted to be my family more than winning a SB then I probably wouldn’t be in the NFL. Where we practice doesn’t matter, but this way I have to go on 2 more long plane rides with less than 7 days to prepare, that sucks!

    And that’s just how Harbaugh talks, he is definitely an original! Plus if my family misses me I can call them on my iPad, problem solved.

  2. Jim Harbaugh got caught yelling at a trash can and someone yelled “Jim, what are you doing?” To which he responded “Coaching the 49ers, what does it look like?”. “Jim, that’s a can full of garbage!” his friend informed him. With a confused look on his face, Harbaugh said “Huh, I guess I couldnt tell the difference!”

  3. Kaepernick explained to Harbaugh he was afraid to be away from his bathroom mirror for too long.

  4. Staying a whole week in the Arctic cold would be the stupidest thing a coach could have done. Green Bay had no choice, because they don’t want to go somewhere warm to practice before their game, but the 49ers do have a choice. Just fly home after the game.

  5. He was later interviewed and went on a tangent, whining about how it isn’t fair that the 9ers had to travel to the east coast.

    His antics on the field after every flag on the field, coupled with his interviews, I don’t know how anyone can stand to watch this blowhard.

    Expect a blow out. Kaepernick (#31 in comp. percentage) can’t pass against a real defense.

    Panthers: 37
    49ers: 9

  6. The same thing was pointed out last year when Seattle flew back home after the Washington game instead of just staying on the east coast for the next game against the Falcons.

    It’s very simple why they don’t: There’s no time to plan. When a team has back-to-back road games during the regular season, management has months to work out arrangements, and the players are all informed well ahead of time so they know to pack enough changes of clothing for a full week on the road.

    In the playoffs, you aren’t certain that you’ll need a complete lodging/practice facility until you’ve won the first game. Probably cost the team a pretty penny to reserve a space for a full week and then cancel it at the last moment.

    If SF or SEA had actually made arrangements for staying east prior to the first playoff game, they’d be accused of being “arrogant” and “looking ahead”….just like any city that makes a contingency plan for a parade on the Wednesday after the Super Bowl will get called out as being “arrogant” when they’re really just being practical.

  7. Oh boy tomorrow cannot arrive soon enough! The AINTS win and shut these idiot Seagul fans up for at least a few months before they start spouting off around draft day on how the Hags are the best team and will be Superbowl champs.

  8. dacktle49 your about as well spoken as your coach. Panther defense are going to make Harbum jack his pants up real high over his black sweatshirt and I hope he scowls hard enough to give himself an aneurysm. Go Hawks!!!!

  9. Oh boy tomorrow cannot arrive soon enough the AINTS win and shut these idiot Seagul fans up for at least a few months before they start spouting off around draft day on how the Hags are the best team and will be Superbowl champs.

  10. The reason they didn’t do it is because, logistically, it’s a nightmare. Every time they have stayed in Youngstown in the past, they have had months to prepare and plan. They didn’t even know who they were going to be playing for sure this weekend so it wouldn’t have made any sense to plan in advance, even if they could have.

    Also, people seem to think it’s as easy as players being in one location and that’s it. They don’t realize that meeting rooms, team ops, film, equipment, etc etc… There’s a TON of stuff that goes into making an NFL team function properly. It’s a 5 hour plane ride, but it makes a lot more sense for them to practice in SF than to stay somewhere out East.

  11. legionofboom88 says:
    Panthers: 37
    49ers: 9

    really? panthers put up 10 points last time. now they gonna put up 37? not happening.
    49ers 23
    panthers 13

  12. It’d actually be pretty cool seeing the 49ers hosting the NFC championship game at CandleStick since it would be the last game ever played there.

  13. legionofboom88 with the brain power of a rock likely spends hours coming up with these little gems of his. If your gonna be wrong all the time at least be funny, you can’t even get that right. Must suck to lose at life like that.

  14. Not a fan of his, but he is absolutely right here. He was asked if he thought about it and said a truthful “yes.” It was the media that ran with it trying to make a story. They are the ones here that were not clear.

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