Hue Jackson: I think Andy Dalton has tremendous upside

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Hue Jackson was officially named the new offensive coordinator of the Bengals on Thursday and he met the media for the first time in his new role on Friday.

To the shock of no one, quarterback Andy Dalton was a main topic of conversation coming off his three-turnover mess of a performance against the Chargers. There’s some feeling that the Bengals may have maximized what they can get from Dalton over the last three years while building up the talent around him and that his outing against the Chargers — a third poor postseason performance in three tries — confirmed that fact. Jackson disagrees.

“There’s no doubt in my mind about Andy. I think he has tremendous upside. Everyone has to play better and Andy has to continue to grow,” Jackson said, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Jackson said he wants the Bengals to be a physical team and that they “have to be able to run the football,” but teams typically don’t win in the current NFL by doing that alone. They’ll need to throw the ball and they’ll need to do it much more effectively in big spots than they’ve been able to do it for the last three years or Dalton (and perhaps Jackson) will run out of chances to show he has an as yet untapped level of play.

The Bengals also announced during the press conference that Kyle Caskey will replace Jackson as the team’s running backs coach. Caskey was an assistant offensive line and offensive quality control coach in 2013.

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  1. “They’ll need to throw the ball and they’ll need to do it much more effectively in big spots than they’ve been able to do it for the last three years”

    Yeah – like when it’s 4 and 3 on a last chance drive and you attempt a 50 yard up route in cold, wet and windy conditions. ’cause every other team does that kind of stuff all the time and makes it work.

    Gruden had some talent at certain things but the play calling was one of our biggest problems.

  2. Absolutely.

    You can’t win by running alone, but you can win by supplementing a great running game with an efficient passing game. Ask KC and Seattle. I know KC wilted late but that was more from a collapse on defense.

    The Bengals don’t have a problem on defense. The Bengals had a problem with Gruden forcing Dalton to be Manning. Don’t change a successful running attack at half time.

  3. I know the narrative is that Dalton stinks, but his numbers say otherwise. That’s why you don’t hear pundits comaring his numbers to the other young qb’s around the league. The playoff issue is from Gruden being outcoached. Plain and simple. 38 pass attempts in the last 21 minutes when your only down by 4. But blame Dalton. Even as he sets franchise and league records.

    I’m not saying Daltin is elite. But he’s far from the bum the media likes to make him out to be. Many teams would love a bum that can throw for 33td’s and over 4200 yards win 11 games, never have a losing season, make the playoffs in each of his first 3 years, and have an overall record of 30-18.

  4. Did anyone watch this guys antics on hard knocks. Seems like a very difficult guy to respect. I understand he was a positional coach and was playing a certain role. Just comes off as a very difficult guy to go to battle for.

  5. The problem now is the Bengals lost Gruden and they will likely lose Zimmer. Lewis has proven over and over again that he can’t win important games. The Bengals have great talent now and Dalton actually could play better with the right coaching, but without the coaching continuity they could take a step back. Especially if they lose Zimmer.

    Lewis’ biggest problem isn’t player development, it’s game management. I’ve never seen worse clock managing team or worse play calling in big moments than with Lewis. He blows it almost every time.

    They should have fired Lewis and promoted Zimmer. Then they would be set.

  6. Jackson will figure out the best way to attack with that offense. There are too many excellent parts there for them to look as clueless as they did some days this year. Also, don’t underrate smash mouthed football. The teams that don’t do it, can’t. The Bengals have the ingredients to do it well, and it will help hide Dalton’s weaknesses in the process. This man was winning and scoring in bunches with Jason Campbell for god sake. Just ask Rob Chudzinsky and Norv Turner how hard that is. It just got them fired.

  7. Andrew Luck made the same kind of poor decisions that Andy Dalton did during his playoff game, the difference is that he found a way to make special plays to win the game in the end. Does Dalton have that in him? So far the answer is no but he’s still very young and deserves another chance to show that he can be a winner.

  8. I’m beyond pumped about this move… Our OL is built for the run, not pass protection. Too many of Dalton’s INT’s were a result of throwing into double or triple coverage due to opposing defenses not respecting our running game at all and doubling AJ and Jones with safety help… That is going to change next yr when they will be forced to put 9 guys in the box while leaving our WR’s 1 on 1..

  9. I’m a 9ers fan that am happy that Kaep has turned out to be much much bettter than I thought he would be. That being said, I was one of the many who thought Dalton would be better, and I still think he is one of the top young QBs in the league.
    People act like he’s the next Freeman or Gabbert, when in reality, he’s set all sorts of Cincy records and got Cincy to the playoffs three straight years. Look up when the last time Cincy was in the playoffs three straight years…
    RG3 is about to find out what most of us have seen the last three years, Gruden is not a good play caller. Maybe he’ll deligate more as a HC, but my money is he’ll be gone within 3 years and that Dalton will start magically winning Playoff games starting next season, his first with a good OC.

  10. People who complain about Hue Jackson have no clue.

    All that team cancer ochocinco garbage happened AFTER Hue Jackson left Cincinnati.

  11. Also, Darren McFadden’s rookie contract is up. Might be reunion time. Pairing him up with Bernard and Green-Ellis would be a nightmare for the AFC North and a smart move, considering how Jackson likes to pound the rock. I think he was a top 3 RB in football under Jackson.

  12. Was never impressed by Gruden and certainly won’t miss him. Lot on the table for Dalton next year, if he continues to flounder under a new offensive philosophy he is what we say he is. Should Jackson get more out of him, which I think is possible, the blame falls at Gruden’s feet.

    Gruden admitted he would goes away from something that is working thinking the opposition will figure it out??? How about making them prove it before yo change your ways? Idiot.

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