Jon Beason hopeful he’ll return to Giants


When the Panthers traded linebacker Jon Beason to the Giants early in the regular season, many people wondered if Beason had anything left in the tank.

He played just five of Carolina’s 32 games during the 2011 and 2012 seasons because of injuries and was benched as the team’s starting middle linebacker after just two games this season, which isn’t a terrific trajectory for a veteran linebacker. As it turned out, though, there was plenty left in Beason’s tank.

Beason started 10 games for the Giants and provided an immediate and noticeable improvement over the players that had been playing middle linebacker before he arrived. He had 65 tackles and an interception and enjoyed his time enough that he’s hopeful of landing a deal to keep him on the team before free agency gets underway in March.

“I know it’s something that we both want to get done,” Beason said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “We’ve expressed interest that they want me back and I told them that we want to be back. The thing about it is, it’s got to work for both parties. Though you anticipate that it will, you never know.”

Per Vacchiano, there have been preliminary talks about that long-term deal and it seems like there’s a good chance of things working out if the two sides are in the same financial ballpark. If not, Beason’s played well enough that there should be other interested parties should he find his way to the open market.

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  1. Gah, remember that Pierce play against the Packers in the ’08 NFC Championship game when he singlehandedly blew up that screen. Such a great play. Sorry, but I just had to get nostalgic.

  2. Offer the guy a fair deal, but don’t break the bank. Even in today’s NFL, where bad teams become superbowl contenders seemingly overnight, the Giants are still 2 years away from being dangerous again. I see another 7 or 8 win season for my G-men in 2014. No sense in blowing your load on a guy who will be basically finished in this league in 3 more seasons.

  3. Actually he started at Will for the Panthers this year, because Luke is so good in the middle. He became a liability in the passing game playing on the outside and was being targeted. Thats why they started sitting him and playing Blackburn. Hindsight being 20/20, should have cut him over the summer and kept James Anderson on the outside.

  4. Nice job by Reese bringing in Beason. Important off season for Reese looms. Looking forward to what he does. Not an easy job when you consider the economics. Go Blue!

  5. Best lb since piece i we dont resign reese needs to be shown the door. Giants have been in the habit of letting talent go for cheap signing in hope eli can be peyton and do it w anyone and a sht hole oline

  6. Yes. The Pierce tackle on the GB screen pass. There wasn’t a defender around for 25 yards.
    Good call buddy!!!

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  7. Bears on May have had a lot of tackles, but he was actually awful this season. PFF graded him as one of the worst LBs in the game.

  8. Not great in pass coverage, but darn good enough in aligning his players to make plays, in run defense and leadership. He’s complimented well by J. Williams, who according to PFF is one of the best LBs in pass coverage. I was shocked to witness Keith Rivers make it through the whole season without injury, but nonetheless they could use an upgrade at WILL.

  9. Come on Giants fans you have to love having Jon Beason as your MLB. Antonio Pierce was decent but not on the same level as Beason. Beason wears the 52 jersey better than any player who wore it in my lifetime and that is a lot to say from a guy who loved Pepper Johnson.

    Giants have to sign this guy.

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