Ken Whisenhunt insists he’s not distracted by interviews

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Even though he has three job interviews this week, Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt swears he isn’t distracted from his day job.

Whisenhunt met with the Lions Thursday night, has the Titans on deck today and the Browns Saturday, before he starts calling plays against the Broncos Sunday in the Divisional Round playoff game.

“The only thing that’s important to me, to be perfectly honest with you, is getting prepared for this game and that’s the work that has got my focus right now,” Whisenhunt said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Everything else is secondary.”

Whisenhunt tried his best to downplay his busy week, as he wouldn’t discuss how he’s dividing his time between job and job-hunting. He laughed when asked if he was renting or bought the home he’s living in now, since it seems he might be a short-timer in San Diego.

“I’ve enjoyed living here,” he said.

Chargers coach Mike McCoy said he had “complete confidence” that Whisenhunt was focused on the game at hand, and the sudden demand for his play-caller is no surprise.

“I think anytime you have success in this business that good things happen,” McCoy said. “And I think that when players perform at a certain level, coaches are recognized for that and you’re given an opportunity.”

Of course, if he does his job well enough, some of the teams talking to him might not be inclined to wait.

15 responses to “Ken Whisenhunt insists he’s not distracted by interviews

  1. “The only thing that’s important to me, to be perfectly honest with you, is getting prepared for this game and that’s the work that has got my focus right now,”

    What a ridiculous quote that insults everyone’s common sense. If that were truly the case, he’d postpone the interviews.

  2. The idea that it isnt a distraction, even a little, is a bit stupid. But what can he say?

    There is no real solution to the problem. The NFL would have to pass a rule that no coaches could be interviewed or hired until the SuperBowl is done, to make it fair for everyone. But the NFL absolutely cant do that, because that gives an advantage to teams that arent transitioning to a new coaching staff/front office/both

  3. this is such a joke. youre either all-in or youre not. for you to have 7 days between games & take 3 interviews tells me youre putting yourself above the team. probably why this guy has never won anything..

  4. Whiz is very lucky the Chargers are allowing him to do these interviews. If I understand the rules correctly, teams in the playoffs can prevent access to their assistants until the teams are eliminated or the Super Bowl is finished, whichever happens first.

    Perhaps Whiz negotiated the interview clause in his Chargers contract.

  5. The NFL should make a rule that states that the team’s season must be over before coaching interviews can be scheduled. If a team wants a guy bad enough they will wait. If not a coach may lose out on an opportunity, but playoff success usually means increased demand for your services anyhow.

    This whole interviewing during a week before a playoff game needs to go away.

  6. I don;t know why the Chargers didn’t tell teams that they had permission to interview Whisenhunt so long as it was done in the San Diego area and on a particular day. That way, everyone gets what they want with minimal distraction. Any team that balked at the idea, really wasn’t that interested in anything more than the PR.

  7. I’m sure Whiz would take losing out on this or that coaching spot, if it meant another Super Bowl victory as offensive coordinator.

    And with another member of the 2004 draft class! If he moves teams & wins another with Eli or Matt Schaub… perfect hat trick.

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