Kluwe thinks he and Tebow are in the same boat

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Chris Kluwe, who says he was cut by the Vikings because he spoke out in support of gay rights, believes another player is being similarly kept out of the NFL for expressing his views: Tim Tebow.

Kluwe said on Olbermann that although he and Tebow have very different beliefs, they have both been kept out of the NFL because NFL coaches and general managers don’t want to deal with players who care about the world around them, and not just football.

“As much as we are polar opposites on the things we stand for, Tebow is the exact same way,” Kluwe said. “There are backup quarterbacks in the NFL right now that Tebow is certainly better than — he could fill a role with a team. But because he brings this other stuff with him, just like I bring my other stuff with me, teams look at it like, ‘We don’t want it. We don’t want players speaking out. We don’t want players doing anything other than football.'”

Kluwe reiterated that he thinks he was cut because he spoke out on civil rights, but he also believes that NFL coaches and general managers are uncomfortable with players expressing opinions on any issue.

“I think anyone speaking up about anything, the NFL is kind of like, ‘You might alienate a portion of our market, so don’t do that. Just be football. Just be football,'” Kluwe said.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that both Kluwe and Tebow were given opportunities in NFL training camps in 2013. And from all indications, the Raiders cut Kluwe and the Patriots cut Tebow for football reasons.

Still, there’s probably some truth to what Kluwe is saying. If you’re an NFL player, your coach wants you to put all your focus on the field. And if your focus is elsewhere, there’s a good chance that you won’t be on the field.

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  1. Tebow isn’t in the NFL because he’s terrible, you’re not in the NFL because you’re a mediocre punter and it’s cheaper to pay a young punter that can kick as well as you.

    That pretty much sums it up.

  2. You make millions per year to play a game. Yes, they want you AND your teammates focused on earning that millions. Swinging your leg is NOT running your mouth. Is this really that hard to understand?

    I’m not a Tebow fan or hater but I guess I’ve never really seen him run his mouth like this. I mean I know his reputation but I don’t think he crams it down people throat like this does he?

  3. Dude, just shut up! He’s not out of the league b/c of his views… he’s out b/c he doesn’t shut his mouth and is a distraction. And nobody needs that from a marginally decent (if that) punter. This guys is not bright… and it has nothing to do with his beliefs.

  4. While I might ordinarily think there is something to this line of thinking, Tebow should have converted to a position he has the skillset for if he wanted to stay in the pros. And Kluwe had a decline in production, which made the decision to cut him quite easy.

  5. Will this guy just go away?

    Was he happened to be holding his book in front of his face while he was saying this?

    Go away already Punter.

  6. “If your focus is elsewhere, there’s a good chance that you won’t be on the field.”

    So I guess then no NFL player should be involved in charity work? Or have a family? Or continue their education? Or set up a business so they don’t go broke when they leave the league?

    I’m calling BS on this. Teams and the league actively encourage players to have off-field activities like charitable works. Many players held up to be the paragons of their profession have other businesses (Payton Manning and his collection of Papa John’s franchises for example). Several NFL players have even been politically active without this causing a problem for the league or the team (see Vernon Davis).

    Teams don’t expect players to be 100% football 100% of the time. They just want to avoid the headaches that come with having a Tebow. That’s all.

  7. grndizzle says:
    Jan 10, 2014 9:20 AM
    Tebow isn’t in the NFL because he’s terrible, you’re not in the NFL because you’re a mediocre punter and it’s cheaper to pay a young punter that can kick as well as you.

    That pretty much sums it up.

    Completely agree. Not to mention, even if he was correct, what’s wrong with not wanting player A, who comes with a ton of baggage but is better than player B, who might not be as talented but has no baggage.

    It’s like dating the hot chick in highschool but she comes with tons of baggage, so you date her friend instead….not the heavy one though 🙂

  8. Kluwe is actually right. Those that deviate from the conventional norms are always shunned. That’s why it takes a lot of courage to do so.

  9. This is just an attention grab(regardless of his story being right or wrong). By bringing in Tebows name, he could quickly gain a ton of people to his cause. Sorta like Martin tossing out Incognito’s name…. once you do that, everyone will ignore facts and support you.

  10. Not good enough? Seriously Kluwe shut the bleep up! You were a marginal punter who was overpaid and they decided to go with a cheaper option. If you were so great why did you get cut by Raiders and not get signed after tryouts with Bills, Bears and Bengals?

  11. If Tebow is in a boat it wouldn’t be with Kluwe. Kluwe is more like on some lost at sea piece of drift wood.

  12. Oh, pull-lease! Really? Come on, Chris, give it a rest. You were cut last year because you were scheduled to make $1.45 million, and the Vikings found someone else who do the same job for less money. Tebow isn’t in the NFL now because he’s not a good enough QB to make a roster running a convential NFL offense.

    Perhaps the reason you haven’t landed a job since is because you seem to be more interested in promoting a social agenda than in working on your trade (punting). And now you call out current and former Viking personnel as cowards and bigots, and you’re surprised that no other team wants you?

    Chris Kluwe is in dire need of a reality check.

  13. Yeah but at least Tebow is a good team mate and handles his situation with professionalism, like a man. He isn’t calling his former coaches cowards and bigots for cutting him. He isn’t writing hate and profanity laden letters to people who don’t agree with him.

  14. Tim Tebow is in the “Can’t Play” boat. He’s had multiple chances and the consensus is that St. Timmy belongs there. Does any aspiring NFL player really want to put themselves in that same boat?

  15. There’s enough to worry about in an NFL locker room the way it is. There are 53 or so players with different backgrounds and ethinicities etc…. You don’t need players (employees) using their status as a pulpit to preach your personal views on things; that just adds to the already existin tensions.

  16. Kluwe said one of the most far-reaching, profound and honest to the point statements quoted on this site in a long, long time. I hope everyone doesn’t miss it.

  17. The Vikings are entitled to enforce a code of conduct that protects the best interests of the company. If Kluwe didn’t like their requests to tone it down, then he should have seeked employment elsewhere.

  18. I think it’s time for Kluwe to take a reality check. The guy has become nothing more than a media prostitute.

  19. Tebow doesn’t go out and call people names, doesn’t try to start trouble and get people fired because they think differently from him. He talks about God about as much as Reggie White did. In other words, he doesn’t seem to be a hateful person and Kluwe irrefutably is.

  20. There is some truth to this. Kluwe’s replacement did not punt as well as he did the year before. However, if Kluwe was a top 5 punter in the NFL, a team would put up with the extra attention. So, it’s a combination of his political views and mediocre abilities.

  21. Tired of this whiny bitch. He was annoying here in minnesota, annoying on 93x… stick with what you are good at video games.. maybe become a video game reviewer.. just dont review the madden franchise and I’m sure your ego wouldn’t let you get past how you should be on the game drilling backspin 80 yard punts inside the 2.

  22. All companies (nfl teams are companies after all) want employees that don’t rock the boat. Both Kluwe and tebow elicit strong reaction from people who don’t share their views. It makes perfect and legitimate sense that a company that lives and dies thru fan support doesn’t want to employ someone that would alienate any fan, thus hurting the bottom line.

  23. Funny, because Brandon Ayanbadejo kept getting opportunities…
    He had been a vocal and publicized advocate of same sex unions before I had even heard of Kluwe. The difference?
    Kluwe was doing stupid stuff like that custom Vote Ray Guy patch, along with writing a scathing and flippant letter to an active politician. Kluwe has made it about himself. And for those who think Tebow is being persecuted for his beliefs, just remember this winner sanctioned an autobiography that was published before he had taken an NFL snap. Not to mention that ESPN résumé video spearheading a 2014 NFL comeback. I’d like to ask ol Tebow if Jesus would be sounding his horn off as much this blowhard does. Pretty sure he preached humility and meekness. They’re both attention hogs using whatever cause/crusade they represent as the vehicle. I love that neither of them are getting opportunities.

  24. OK Chris, see if you can understand this. Ray Lewis killed somebody and he stayed in the league (because he’s good at football). Michael Vick killed dogs and he stayed in the league (because he’s good at football). Rothlisberger raped a girl and he stayed in the league (because he’s good at football). Ricky Williams smoke more weed than Cheech and Chong and he stayed in the league (because he’s good at football).

    You and Tebow are not in the league because you guys suck at football. And in case you haven’t noticed, you’re a kicker, so who cares. At least Tebow is likable. Just go away Chris, just go away.

  25. I like Kluwe and he was a great teammate in Oakland last offseason, he helped Marquette King a lot and thats one reason why King had a huge year last season.

    But he was cut by Oakland totally because of football reasons, King was the better punter.

    I hope Kluwe isnt ignored by all the other NFL teams but we’ll find out next training camp.

    As for Tebow we know hes not the greatest passer, surprised he hasnt got a backup role somewhere though.

    But its not to do with their views, just both arent the best NFL players out there, camp fodder if that

  26. Kluwe and Tebow are in the same boat.

    Tebow sucks at playing quarterback so he doesn’t have a job in the NFL. In Kluwe’s last couple years he absolutely sucked as a punter so he doesn’t have a job in the NFL.

    Also, Tebow had below average physical tools to be a quarterback, but he could be in the NFL right now if he been willing to switch positions, but he knew better and refused to do it. He could earn millions of dollars from an NFL career, but instead he wants to prove he’s right.

    Kluwe was a below average physical tools punter who excelled because he was devoted to punting to the level of a near obsession early in his career. No one knew more about the history of his position, various techniques over the years, etc.; but when he decided to stop spending as much time and effort focused on punting and instead started going in a million different directions (his band, World of Warcraft, Ray Guy for the Hall of Fame, etc) he just kept putting in less and less time on the job he was paid millions of dollars to do. When the coaches over the years asked him to spend less time on his outside interests and more on punting (his job), he decided he’d show them he knew better and didn’t listen. Now instead of making millions of dollars he’s out of the league (like Tebow) because he had to show he knew more than anybody else.

    They’re also both in the same boat because I’m sick of hearing them whine and blame other people for being out of the NFL when it is because of decisions they themselves made.

  27. Whether or not it’s proven to be true, they are both persecuted openly by haters of all types and have more public haters than most other players. But, when you take a stand for something, you’ll also get fans who love you that much more. I do think teams don’t want the negativity that comes with these guys. I think the Pats only brought in Tebow to talk about the Jets with him.

  28. Most NFL owners would employ Satan if they thought it significantly improved their chances at either winning more games or making more money. So it’s safe to say that neither you or Tebow falls into either of those categories. You are mediocre and Tebow is bad. Very bad. That is why you and him are no longer NFL players.

  29. Yeah, Kluwe, you’re just like Tebow. You know how you’re different, though? Tebow would never call his coaches cowards and bigots and whine that he got cut because of some view he holds. It’s called class, and it seems that Tebow got your share when it was being handed out.

  30. The difference is, there’s not a single coach in the NFL that would dare ask any player to “be quiet, stop speaking out” about their religious views, even if it was a distraction.

    Not A. Single. One.

  31. Which NFL team doesn’t want an angry, arrogant, me-first punter with a loud mouth? What am I missing here?
    There are much more positive, productive ways to promote his cause.

  32. I don’t understand the outrage and vitriol everyone seems to have towards this man.

    I watched the interview. When you read his words in print, I guess they do sound whiny. But that’s not how he says them. It’s just a reality he’s accepted. He knows he’s not good enough to stay on a team while being outspoken. He acknowledges that if he was better, he would still have a job.

    That was the reason for the Tebow analogy. Another player with marginal talent that has baggage. By lumping himself in with Tebow, he is admitting that his best days are behind him and that that combined with his outspoken views are keeping him out of the league.

    He never claims to still be a great punter, he just thinks he might be good enough to still have a job if he would shut up, which he has made a conscious decision not to do.

    He’s not asking anyone to feel sorry for him.

  33. The level of distraction a person provides is inversely proportionate to the level of talent/perfomance/value a person provides determines a person’s probability of retention within an organization.

    Applies to almost every organization from a marriage to social organization to an employer.

    Regardless of the position, if you use your fame to spotlight an(y) issue, you take a calculated risk.

  34. Trust me, if they were any good they would both be playing. Coaches will tolerate anything for talent. See Suh, TO, Moss, Bryant, Ocho. As soon as Owens wasn’t good enough noone wanted the hassle anymore. When he was great, everyone wanted him.

    If Tebow shut his mouth and was willing to play fullback he’d be in the NFL. As a media grabbing crappy QB he has no hope.

  35. Professional coaches, putting in 18-20 hour work days look up with weary eyes and what do they see? The skinniest, scrawniest member of the squad running around shooting off his mouth and holding up protest signs – causing distractions that somebody else has to deal with.

    While the regular players are studying, lifting weights, and nursing all the bumps, bruises, strains, sprains and contusions that go with week after week of smash mouth football – the skinny little punter – whom no one is allowed to hit when he’s actually on the field for this 3-5 plays per game … is off in the corner, kicking a few footballs.

    If you really want quarterbacks to wear dresses, you’re first going to have to take them off the punters.

    It’s not the message or the cause per say – it’s just that this little guy with few responsibilities has gone ahead and made himself nothing more than a pain in the ass that the real football guys simply don’t want to deal with – they don’t have the time or the energy.

    Punters should be seen and not heard.

    For all the money he was paid for basically doing not-too-much … Kluwe is Clueless. His role was to kick the football – not become a gigantic pain in the butt during the season.

  36. See for Kluwe, it’s not simply about being able to be outspoken and stand up for his opinion. If others were to be as vocal as he is, but have a different point of view, they’d be labeled “bigots” and name calling would ensue creating a major double standard.. Why have we lost the ability to disagree? I may not respect your opinion, but I respect your right to have one.

  37. “I’m not a Tebow fan or hater but I guess I’ve never really seen him run his mouth like this. I mean I know his reputation but I don’t think he crams it down people throat like this does he?”


  38. Who cares what this guy thinks?! He is an average punter with a big mouth! Holy cow, how much press does this guys deserve? He’s out of the league for a reason! His big, ignorant mouth! Shut up already! No one cares what you think!

  39. Kluwe & Tebow have something else in common, they never won a Superbowl and never will. Tebow didn’t have much of a chance and Kluwe had no chance because he played for the Vikings.

  40. I hadn’t heard of this player before these “allegations” so it seems more that he just sucks. Nobody is ever going to care if you’re pro gay rights or pro abortion or any other stupid and unrelated to football issue. It’s whether or not you can play
    Tebow is annoying as hell and sucks so I have nothing to say there

  41. Congrats Kluwe

    I think we can safely say that you are the most annoying person associated with the NFL.

    You beat out chumps such as:
    -Donnovan McNabb
    -Brett Favre
    -Warren Sapp
    -Fat Albert
    -Tikki Barber
    -Chris Collinsworth

  42. Next, he’s going to say OJ Simpson is in jail, not for the crime he committed, but for a previous crime.

  43. It’s simple . The amount of distractions these guys bring isn’t worth it because they both weren’t that good at their position. Tebow is a backup and you can find someone younger better cheaper and less of a distraction to punt the ball.

  44. tebow should be given a shot by some qb needy team . the fact he was in cam with the ats and was cut may end his chances and the real reason was clever billy b was looking to drain some of the media coverage away from hernandez and used tebow for that purpose with likely no real intent on having him on the roster. He single handedly rescued that denver disaster in 2011 and won a playoff game that says a ton when there are guys like jeff tuel and kellen clemens starting games with meaning in the NFL . Obviously he is being black balled .
    We are guaranteed freedom of speech in this country we are not however guaranteed freedom of the consequences of our speech.
    kluwe would have a far less chance of helping teams win games therefore to me he has much less of a gripe about not getting a job.

  45. as long as media outlets keep sticking a mic in front of this idiot kickers face he’s going to try to say things that are controversial because he’s an attention seeker and now he’s unemployed. amazing how he didn’t have anything to say for about a year because he was hoping to land another job. once he realized he was done, he starts to pop off again. Hypocrite. If he believed in his “causes” as much as he says he does he would have been just as vocal for that year of silence.

  46. britishteeth says: Jan 10, 2014 9:29 AM

    “I’m smelling a reality show.”

    – OMG, a show with Kluwe and Tebow would be absolutely amazing! Make this happen!

  47. I think we can safely assume one thing after reading the comments above: the world, particularly the NFL world, is tired of both of these guys.

  48. Kluwe, Don’t drag other people into your bizzaro world. Just look in the mirror and realize your talent does not out weigh your headaches and it’s as simple as that. It’s not your god given right to be an NFL punter. You need to earn that.

    Maybe you can get a job like the rest of us.

    Get Lost Kluwe!

  49. I’m not going to comment on what Kluwe said because, well – he was a punter. So, I don’t really care.

    About that Tebow, because of the circus that follows him, i.e. idiot, right-wing fans, is the reason he is out of the league, not because he sucks (although he does suck).

    That being said, Tebow is better than over half the back-up QB’s in the league (and so is Vince Young with a career record of 31-19). Tell me you wouldn’t rather have Tebow come in for a game or two instead of a scrub like Charlie Whitehead or whatever his name is in SD who keeps getting chances even after crapping the bed in Seattle when he actually got on the field.
    If Tebow’s fanboys and “I’m a Christian being persecutedin America” right-wing loud-mouths just chilled out a bit, I bet he w0uld stick with a team and ride the pine for a few years and maybe get a chance to start.

  50. Oakland had the best punter in the NFL last year. So it was a good choice to cut Chris, even he has said that. However teams like the Bears definitely could have used a better punter as Podlash was horrible with a high salary. Hell the Bears probably would have made the playoffs if they had a safety like Kerry Rhodes instead the inept group they had.

  51. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Kluwe and the stand he took against discrimination. I have no doubt that the Vikings front office and coaching staff viewed what he did as a distraction and that this was a factor that led them to cut him; however, I believe that his veteran salary and his below average stats were the other factors the Vikings considered.

    In the Vikings’ minds, he just wasn’t worth the headache. I am sure other teams in the NFL feel the same way and that’s why Kluwe is unemployed.

    In a perfect world, taking such an admirable stand wouldn’t cause a professional sports teams to view an athlete as a “headache” because he or she has the courage to speak out against what they believe is injustice. But, sadly, these are still the times we live in.

  52. Tebow is Anrew Luck without the arm. Clock management, pocket awareness, team leader, runs like a bull, and likable. If he could make the throws he would be playing. To me thats his big problem. Consistant accurate throws and thats too important to over look. Everything else he’s above average.

  53. No, it’s because you suck at punting and couple that with being a distraction and your gone. As for Tebow if he was a great qb he’d be playing somewhere regardless of his beliefs. There is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe but do it on your own time not while at work. That would be like anyone at a job being an activist at work, we would get canned too. Don’t force your agenda down other people throats at work and don’t use your job or position to push that agenda. Teams don’t hire you to be an activist, they hire you to play football.

  54. Tebow got cut because he couldn’t play QB effectively in the Patriots system. Mr Kraft loved Tebow and was his biggest supporter. Kluwe is wrong on this issue.

  55. Exactly why don’t ask don’t tell in the military was such a good idea. Just opens up a can of worms for lawsuits and unnecessary press etc. Who cares, just do your job.

  56. I thought that since Tim Tebow has been out of the league that the hostility towards him would have died down…this board proves otherwise.

    Saying he “sucks” is a stretch I must say. He won games as a starter, one of them being a playoff game.

    Tony Romo has only one playoff win, Andy Dalton has zero, Carson Palmer has zero, and Andrew Luck has one.

    I know his accuracy is miserable, but, to say he sucks is just a child’s way of saying you don’t like him.

    Also, according to teammates, he was a great locker room guy to have around. He was filled with excitement and didn’t cause havoc when he was positioned on the bench.

    I will say this as well, I can’t stand when players use their celebrity status to voice their opinions but why isn’t Chris Kluwe or Tebow able to? I understand if you don’t agree but every human has an opinion, it’s human nature to agree or disagree.

  57. Is Kluwe in the top 32 of punting average?
    & is Tebow in the top 64, probably the top 32 for quarterback rating?
    I think the answers are yes. So if those are the facts, why are you guys wasting all this space destroying them, when what Kluwe says is seems to be factually true?

    Tebow’s 75.3 is better than A LOT of QBs who started this year, as is his 9-7 record, as is his almost 1000 yards rushing. Denver went 4-18 with Kyle Orton. Tebow took the team that had just picked second overall (Von Miller) & took them to the 2nd round of the playoffs, beating the #1 pass defense, & losing to the great Bill Belichick on the road in his 16th start, with no offseason (the lockout) & no #1 training camp reps.

    He was replaced by a top-5 all-time passer (Manning), & was passed over in favour of a guy the coach drafted #5 overall, had just given 30 million dollars to, & had his # tattooed on his person (Sanchez/Ryan). He was then given a shot by the guy who drafted him (& who built Denver’s offense (Thomas/Decker/Moreno)), but Tom Brady & Ryan Mallett were well established on a team that keeps 2 QBs.

    When a quarterback’s last two starts were playoff games, while other QBs post 1-6 TD/INT ratios in the playoffs (Dalton), or repeatedly miss the playoffs entirely (Palmer/Cutler/Stafford) yet are rewarded with multi-million dollar contracts, this tells me the NFL IS NOT strictly about winning. It’s about good little uncontroversial soldiers (NO POT!) who makes money.

    & no, I’m not a Christian.

  58. I am a Vikings fan, a long time fan of Kluwe in particular, and I actually agree with all of the stuff Kluwe said that he believes got him fired.

    That said, I hate to break it to him, but he got released because Locke is a better punter. I thought it was sad that he started this whole crusade, but that is the fact of the matter. Our special teams were lacking for several years. The season before Spielman took a kicker (and released a kicker who wasn’t sharing their beliefs), and then he took a punter the following season. I think Kluwe still has what it takes to be an NFL punter, but I completely understand why the Vikings took Locke. I will say, however, that I think teams are going to avoid Kluwe NOW because who wants this kind of drama on the team?

    But, it just becomes laughable when he suggests that Tebow is out of the NFL because of his beliefs. He is out of the NFL because he was a terrible QB and refused to even consider a change of position to something more appropriate to his skill sets. Over the past 5 years, his best season was 120th in Passer Rating among all QBs who started 10+ games. His completion percentage was dead last as the only QB under 50%. His attempts were 2nd to last, with 12 attempts more than Vince Young with 2 extra games over him. His yards per game was 2nd to last. Tebow is out of the NFL because he was a bad QB. Being a Vikings fan, I know a bit about a one-dimensional offense, and Tebow is even worse than Ponder in that department.

    Now, I am not saying that there isn’t boneheads in the NFL that let their personal beliefs affect their decisions with personnel. They are out there everywhere. But, that is not why Tebow and Kluwe are not on active rosters. They are not on active rosters because what they bring to the field does not outweigh what they do in the locker room (or in Tebow’s case, it doesn’t justify the paycheck they give him).

    If Kluwe would have just taken his papers and quietly looked for another team, he probably would be on an active roster now. But, by crying “foul” like he did, he put all sorts of red flags out there for teams to steer clear of him. Will they need to keep him on the roster until he is 85 just to be sure he doesn’t sue them when they replace him? Who wants to deal with that?

  59. Why does the media keep quoting this guy. He was a punter. If he was good he would still be in the NFL. It has nothing to do with you’re views.

  60. Kluwe was set to earn $1.45 million in 2013, and was coming off a season in which he ranked 24th in average punt distance, 18th in net average, and 31st for punts downed inside the 20. The Vikes had every reason to cut him for performance. As Harrison Smith said in response to Kluwe’s Deadspin article, players get cut all the time. Kluwe is no different.

    The media attention may have cased Kluwe to think his pony sparkles more brightly than others but he’s wrong.

  61. Kluwe doesn’t realise that he is alienating so many people with this display of attention seeking!

    As a Vikings fan, I was upset when they cut him, just as I was the season before with Ryan Longwell.

    But Kluwe went on to sign with the Raiders, and was beat out by a younger, probably cheaper option. He then had tryouts for other teams too. To say that the Vikings cut him purely because of his views on any subject is a complete misrepresentation!

    This seems to me as if Kluwe just can’t accept his career is probably over. He no longer wants to be that extra leg in camp – or an emergency option – or that punter teams pay thousands to just so they can practice returns from a right footed punter!

    To bring up Tim Tebow, who still may have a solid career in the NFL, is nothing short of pathetic! Tebow will probably be back in a training camp next season, and someone may see something they could use. I am not a Christian, nor am I gay. I don’t use labels as people are people and each deserves mutual respect. You have a right to your own views, but to bring this up nearly a year down the line is bizarre, and for you, out of character. You have openly accused one man of being a bigot, and two others of effectively not providing a suitable working environment. Rather than basking in the light of the media, you should be keeping a low profile and let the legal process take its course.

    I believe that Kluwe was recently voted on the Mall of America (HHH Metrodome) all time team. This was because he was fun and people respected him – not because of his punting ability. I would have had Greg Coleman – who still represents the team on the radio broadcasts ahead of him, but the way he is acting right now, I would prefer Bucky Scribner!

    Please go away Kluwe. Conduct any legal case you feel you have in private like most human beings would. This is not representing your cause in the right light and sounds nothing more than a child who hasn’t gotten his own way!

  62. Just play the game. Because they are private company we pay to do ONE JOB , play. Football. You should be quiet now that you walk your way out Don’t destroy someone else live by accusations you know in today’ s world will put a permanent mark for the rest of their live.

  63. Go away. Just go away. Please! You are the biggest pansy in pro sports. Tebow isn’t a good football player, just like kluwe is not anymore, but atleast tebow doesn’t blame others for his failures and whine about it on blogs.

    Kluwe is a pansy. Plain and simple. He is a Californian liberal who is used to complaining about everything and everybody agreeing with him. No longer.

  64. If he actually thinks tebow is not on a team because tebow is open about his faith, then kluwe is not only a pansy, but a fool. I used to like kluwe, too. When he isn’t doing his activist stuff, he can be pretty funny. But man, all he does now is activism. It’s so BORING and needy. He is a typical Californian in constant search of attention.

  65. Kluwe is actually right. Those that deviate from the conventional norms are always shunned. That’s why it takes a lot of courage to do so. Football is a results business, people will tolerate a lot if you are producing, but if that falls off, then any reason is a good reason to fire you

  66. The funny part is that, if Kluwe was so “outspoken” about his right to say… own automatic weapons instead of defending gay rights, football coaches and half the commenters here would be like “Give this man a job now!” …The plain and simple fact is that it’s not that he’s talking- it’s what he’s talking about. Very few will admit to it, but the fact is that a lot of people are paranoid as hell about giving gay people equal rights and find it a very uncomfortable thing to even talk about, so… Kluwe is done.

  67. No Chris. You’re allowed to have an opinion certainly. What bugs people is your constant ramblings and holier-than-thou type delivery. It was ok when you first started it, but it has grown tiresome. We get it…you feel persecuted, you hate the establishment, etc. Give it a rest.

    One thing I’ll give Tebow all day (and I was never a fan of his), is that for all the times he’s appeared in headlines and whatnot…its never really been him doing it, it’s others. At least the last few years. Kluwe is just your run of the mill attention seeker at this point.

  68. Please stop embarrassing yourself Kluwe. It is because you are not good enough. Get it, Not good enough! Tebow has been on three different teams and it just comes down to he is not good enough. You are not good enough. If you could punt the ball for 50-yards with a 5-second hang time you would be on an NFL roster. You are not good enough!1 But keep doing the talk shows to feed your ego, but understand your message is getting tiring and stale.

  69. I disagree with many of the points being made here.

    – First, Kluwe is a better punter than many punters on NFL teams. You mean to tell me Sav Rocca is better, or someone like that. He certainly should be able to get a tryout. I think there is a difference with Tebow. Kluwe brings attention by the stances he continues to take over controversial issues. Tebow is famous because of media outlets like ESPN, and the buzz they created surrounding him. He really didn’t go out of his way to draw attention to himself, and the NCAA/NFL stood by and profited off of the beast they created, and chopped of it’s head when they didn’t need it anymore.

    Either way, it’s obvious teams don’t want to deal with anything these guys bring to the table. That is fine, it’s their choice. But what does it say about a league when we would rather keep drunk drivers, convicted felons, drug users and the like, and deal with their distractions, yet condem the ones of Kluwe and Tebow. The double standard is certainly there.

  70. Kluwe is just getting ready for his second job, politics. He will continue the narrative and run for some political office. He knows he is done in the NFL and he is starting his second career.

  71. when Kluwe was asked not to kick the ball to a certain return man. he kicked it to them. when asked to kick a high short punt, he shanked it out of bounds at the 35. He couldn’t place his punts, he can only kick it. Go away, you’re not even a punter anymore.

    Tebow isn’t that good a QB, but he has held himself to a very high standard, done nothing for people to say about his attitude. HE is a stand up guy.

    Kluwe laid down and rolled over on his teammates all the while saying he wouldn’t name them. Not hard to find out who would have been in the meeting dummy.

    Vikings, litigate him straight to the poor house.

  72. Tebow doesn’t need this nitwit to speak for him. Kluwe is a self important wacko. Tim give credit to God and serves humbly.

  73. Robert Kraft admired Tebow for his spirituality and gave him an opportunity to make the team. Idoubt any owner would welcome Kluwe for his.

  74. “If you win 20 in the show, you can let the fungus grow back and the press’ll think you’re colorful. Until you win 20 in the show, however, it means you are a slob.” – Crash Davis, “Bull Durham”

  75. Im biased due to my daily share of envying nfl players. That being said I think that Kluwe blew any chance of playing again when he threw his ex employers under the bus. If you do that in my country in a regular job be sure that you Will be blackballed

  76. I never even heard of Kluwe prior to him “speaking out” so he must not have been an outstanding punter in the NFL. Tebow is not in the NFL because he sucks as an NFL QB. Also don’t forget that Tebow had his chance to come to the Jaguars instead of the Jets but he chose the Jets for less money. I don’t think the Jaguars would have cut him if he would have come to play for them. But he blew his chance because now they have a new GM and Owner Shad Khan defers all football matters to GM Dave Caldwell who is not interested in Tebow. That is Tebow’s fault for choosing to play for an idiot like Rex Ryan and placing himself in the limelight in NYC which ultimately made himself look foolish. He picked the Jets for less money over his hometown Jaguars. In the process I think he pissed off the Jaguars owner who had his back prior to Tebow shunning the Jags! You can’t have it both ways Timmy! You had your chance to come home and YOU blew it! No one else blew it, YOU blew it!

  77. Bottom line is that all of Kluwe’s antics take away from the company goals. Like any other business your contributions have to outweigh your subtractions or you to be kept as an employee. When ownership / coaches / teammates have to waste their time answering questions on a subject that has nothing to do with football you are subtracting from the company goal. Kluwe’s contributions did not equal his subtractions. Hello unemployment! Someone as smart as him should easily understand this.

  78. Kluwe (I think correctly) states the reason he is out of football is not because of his views on gay marriage, per se, but because he chose to be outspoken about non-football issues. He’s not suing anyone. He is not shutting his mouth to get a job. He is not on an apology tour. Seems to me he is a man of his convictions. People should ask themselves why they disrespect him being a stand up guy and are so quick to condemn him?

  79. Kluwe’s skill as a punter does not equate to the veteran minimum salary for a punter. That hurts him. His weird personality (for an NFL player) and his profanity and vulgar language puts a nail in the coffin.

    The fact that he called his former GM/coaches a bunch of coward bigots because they didn’t give him a contract extension burns every bridge to the NFL he ever had.

    It isn’t that he supports gay marriage. 60% of Americans support gay marriage and many of the remaining 40% are not bigots by any stretch. He acts like he has this unpopular belief but he is square in the majority.

    It is HOW he expressed his views that NFL teams didn’t like. If you have a 6 year old son, go read him every letter Kluwe has written on the internet and tell me he’s a guy that NFL teams just want in their organization.

  80. Kluwe misses the boat when he says he an Tebow are polar opposites on what they stand for. I doubt he knows exactly what Tebow stands for. Some of his fans like to project their intolerance in him and just assume he agrees with them, but time and time again be refuses to behave like them or condemn anyone.

  81. Sorry but Kluwe is crazy. He got cut by the Vikings because he is not very good, the same reason a BLACK yes a BLACK punter beat him out in Oakland..
    Kluwe had the Punter job locked up in Oakland then came pre season and he was just awful…
    Kluwe just wants attention and he knows without wearing a helmet in the NFL nobody is going to care about his views on anything.. He is just another random guy on the internet

  82. Be the best that you can be at your multi-million dollars a year job, and THEN you can run your mouth about anything you want and the coaches won’t care and you’ll be resigned.

    OR, you can get paid millions, but be worth thousands, and the coaches will say, “What do we need this loud-mouthed jerk for? My sister in Ashtabula can punt better than him.”

    Look at Richard Sherman. He’s the biggest mouth in the league, and the coaches defend him. But he also gets the job done on the field.

    But Kluwe seems to have no clue, about the performance/employment connection.

  83. I agree Tebow should have changed positions to stay in the league, but never once did I hear or read he complained about being kept out because of his beliefs. Kluwe on the other hand has now dragged Tebow’s name into his dispute. Nothing like sticking that name in there to get eyes on your “story” Kluwe for years has been obsessed with his video games and tweeting stupid crap from the locker room. It was funny for awhile now he needs to Go Quietly into that Good Night.

  84. He’s right, they both have something in common:

    They both weren’t good enough for anybody to keep them on their roster.

    Tebow’s accuracy is horrendous despite the other things he can do on the field. If you happened to have the EXACT right system and superior talent around him he MIGHT be able to win. It would be a matter of the players around him making him better than what a QB is supposed to do…and make those around him better. Tebow had his last shot in NE with a coach who LOVED him in Josh McDaniels. He STILL couldn’t make the roster as even a third string guy holding a clipboard.

    Kluwe was a punter. Punters only have one job to do. Kick the ball far. Well, it is a bit more complicated than that with angles and kicking away from people, leaving enough hang time under the kicks and such. Apparently Kluwe couldn’t do that. Teams don’t carry back up punters. Kluwe wasn’t good enough to stick with the Raiders, so I supposed they are bigots too?

  85. Kluwe and Tebow would make the ultimate Punter/Punt Protector combo.

    Any team looking to make a Superbowl run next year needs to consider making this an option. Just a matter of making it work with the salary cap, but it could be done.

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