Panthers game to see increased police presence

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To little surprise, the first Panthers home playoff game in five years will feature increased police presence.  To some surprise, the locals haven’t been expressly warned that undercover officers will attend the game in 49ers gear.

Via the Charlotte Observer, the extra efforts will commence on Friday.

“What we see is a lot more hype – a lot more events going on, a lot more bars hosting parties, a lot more of our venues uptown that are attracting people to the game,” Captain Mike Campagna said.  “We’re just going to have a lot more energy.”

There definitely will be more energy in the stadium during the game, and plenty of negative energy will be directed to anyone wearing a red and white 49ers jersey.  So why not use undercover officers in San Francisco colors?

Some would say that letting fans know undercover officers will be in 49ers gear defeats the purpose of catching offenders in the act.  But it also promotes deterrence, since any Panthers fan who abuses a 49ers fan will know there’s a chance the 49ers fan actually is a cop.

Of course, those nuances could be lost on a guy who has consumed multiple containers of the official NFL beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar.

19 responses to “Panthers game to see increased police presence

  1. “…produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar.”

    That’s the wiki-est Wikipedia-sourced quote that was ever wiki’d. 🙂

  2. I don’t care about one fan abusing another but I do hope these teams beat the crap out of each other. Get nice and softened up so that the Saints can trounce the winner after we dispatch the very noisy and overrated hawks. Whodat!

  3. What Mike doesn’t know is that our fans don’t act like the fans at Candlestick and attack people. You can’t even take your shirt off at Bank of America stadium, security doesn’t put up with anything there. I doubt any 49ers fan experiences anything other than some good natured teasing this Sunday.

  4. @ Florio, “beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar.”

    I have never seen beer spelling out quite this way. Very good.

    But yes, the liquid courage makes idiots out of most, and we will see if someone accosts the cops dressed as 49’er fans. If they do then they are in for a heap of trouble.

  5. Why on earth would you want to catch someone in the act, after someone gets a bloody nose, when you can prevent an incident from starting in the first place?

  6. Nothing wrong with a little trash talking but you if you talk trash, you have to be able to receive whatever trash talk is directed back at you while resisting the urge to fight someone. People sometimes forget its just a game and fighting over it is not worth getting arrested for.

  7. The fan base is existent very at this point. and we continue to shake the wine and cheese label that still haunts the dean dome. however, the thought of putting undercover cops in the stands is a joke. my family has had PSLs since day one and having attended literally over 100 games and every postseason game, i have never seen an opposing fan put in a really bad situation that they didn’t bring on themselves.

    note for opposing fans at BoA- keep your mouth shut and people will leave you alone

  8. Let’s hope Panther fans don’t get too upset after their team loses

    NFC Championship: 49ers at Seahawks

    Superbowl: 49ers vs Broncos

  9. thedownwardspiral said: “Seems a bit over the top for a non-existent fan base.”

    I’ve lived several years in both San Francisco and Charlotte, and I assure you, DownwardSpiral, 49er fans DO exist.

    – Titans Fan

  10. well, how “non-existent” is selling out every home game for over a decade? Those 70,000 fans got to be coming from somewhere, right?

    Maybe they are coming from the fastest growing city in the United States: Charlotte.

    Or perhaps they are coming from the fasting growing state in the US: North Carolina

    Growing a fan base takes time. So maybe the children of all of these transplants that now call North Carolina home will become Panthers fans.

  11. A common joke at C-Link is to ask fans in opposing team gear how long they’ve been with the Seattle Police Department.

    The funny thing is I’ve been to ten games so far this year and haven’t seen anything approaching fan violence. Closest I saw was a couple of younger fans of the opposing team talking about how they would have gone at the guys who were heckling them if they hadn’t been so outnumbered.

  12. Not nearly as necessary as in other places. A few years ago I attended an Eagles game against the Panthers. Eagles fans can be rowdy, as everyone knows, even on the road and outnumbered.

    It felt like a home game. The people in Charlotte were actually TOO polite, IMO, and didn’t give their team the home field advantage that I’ve seen in other cities.

    Perhaps they’ve increased their voracity nowadays. Not to criminal levels, hopefully, but at least make the visitors uncomfortable.

  13. I only went to one game in Charlotte. Some stupid Pantie Puke got in my face and was screaming ‘BOOOO!! BOOOO!’ when I was trying to just walk down the steps. He is lucky I wanted to watch the game and not get ejected for fighting. I really wanted to shove him backwards and watch him flip and roll down the stairs.
    The next time Carolina visited Atlanta, I was very polite and courteous to the visiting fans, just to show them that WE are civilized.

  14. Is it safe to assume that it’s still not a good idea for Ric Flair to go to this game?

    All kidding aside, Carolina fans seem to be good natured people. There are obviously a few bad apples in every large sample.

    Here’s to hoping the winner of this game represents the NFC in the SB….

  15. pantherfan550 wrote: “note for opposing fans at BoA- keep your mouth shut and people will leave you alone”

    Newsflash pantherfan550: If they bought a ticket, then they have just as much right to yell and scream when the Niners do something well as you do when Carolina does.

    Fans of NEITHER team EVER have the right to assault the other because they don’t like what’s happened or happening on the field.

    Win with class, lose with class. What’s said in between doesn’t matter.

    Go Niners!

  16. Agree with ‘theDPR’ above. Carolina is a divisional opponent, but I’ve always had a good time with the fans there. It’s my favorite away-game destination.

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