Pierre Thomas making progress, but still not fully practicing

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The good news for the Saints is that running back Pierre Thomas has made some progress after missing last week’s game with a chest injury. The bad news is it may not be enough progress for Thomas to be back on the field this weekend against the Seahawks.

Thomas returned to the practice field on Thursday, and although he was limited, that represents a step forward for Thomas: He hadn’t practiced at all since suffering a chest injury in Week 17.

The Saints would love to have Thomas back on Saturday. Thomas was the Saints’ leading rusher with 549 yards during the regular season, and he was second on the team with 77 catches.

Other than Thomas, the Saints’ 53-man roster is relatively healthy. Everyone practiced, and defensive end Akiem Hicks (ankle) was the only player other than Thomas who was limited. Only three other players were listed on the Saints’ injury report at all: Offensive tackle Terron Armstead (knee), cornerback Keenan Lewis (head/neck) and guard Jahri Evans (ankle) were all full participants in practice.

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  1. Saints won’t need Pierre if Ingram plays like he did against the Eagles. Maybe he was our secret weapon all along, maybe if you commit to giving him the rock twenty times he guaruntees a W…

    P.S.- Pete Caroll got caught yelling at a trash can and someone yelled “Pete what are you doing?” To which he responded “Coaching the Seahawks what does it look like?”. “Pete, thats a can full of garbage!” his friend informed him. With a confused look on his face, Caroll said “Huh, I guess I couldnt tell the difference.”

  2. I can’t believe that fans of a team that just became relevant a year ago talk soooo much trash. How many Super Bowls do the Seahawks have ? Better yet, how many playoff wins do you guys have ? Always talking about the 12th man and best homefield advantage. Sounds to me that the Seahawks and their fans rely to heavily on it. Until Seattle wins something of importance even an NFC Title game, y’all should tone down all the running of the mouths. It’s quite annoying and you guys are quickly becoming one of the most disliked franchises in not only the NFL, but in pro sports.

  3. Seahawk fans remind me so much of Miami Heat fans. Run your mouths but really don’t have any knowledge about the sport or the history of your team. Where were you 5 years ago ? The casual NFL fan didn’t even know there was a team in Seattle. I can almost guarantee that these so called Seahawks fans wouldn’t even recognize names like Steve Largent, Chris Warren, Walter Jones, Shaun Alexander, Joey Galloway, or even Rick Mirer are. No tinnie-bopper Seahawk fans, they didn’t play for the Super Sonics. But hay, at least the Heat have won a few titles. Thats more than Seahawk fans can say.

  4. Sit this one out, Pierre. Ingram and Robinson are bigger, faster, and more physical. They’re also fresher.

  5. PT’s absence was a blessing in disguise last week. Payton couldn’t depend on him in there picking up blitzes and chipping DEs so he had to fully commit to the run more. PT is an amazing player but his versatility gives way for the playcalling to become too focused on the pass.

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    mr noodle arm is in deep deep you know what.
    seahawks in a ROMP!!!

  7. New Orleans Saints can win at Seattle come saturday, this game is important to the Saints. Seattle all that trash talking is not going to get the job done, yes we know you guys beat us earlier. But this game is ours so get ready.

  8. One of my most fond recent 49er memories is watching Whitner lay out Thomas in the 2011 divisional round. Wow the aints fans talk a lot for a team that forgot to show up last time they played. I hope they win as I’m no fan of the Seahawks but if nola does pull this off it will be your greatest accomplishment in an otherwise sad and tainted history.

  9. Seeing a lot of Saints fans talking about how the Seahawks haven’t win anything. ‘Saints12013’ the Seahawks have more playoff appearances than the Saints, more playoff wins and more divisional titles – not to mention, the Saints have been around far longer! Before the Saints won the Super Bowl, they were the Aints! With the poorest playoff history in the NFL

  10. No one up here is trash-talking. This Hawks fan has a healthy respect for the Saints – Any given Sunday!
    That being said, we like our chances at home – I think the Saints would have the edge in the Dome. There was a point when the Saints hadn’t ever won any big playoff game and then they won it all – now it’s our time.

  11. Do you Seadderall fans believe you can win the Super Bowl? You know if it’s against the Broncos that Goodell will do everything to make sure Peyton wins. Just like last time in Detroit against Pittsburgh. May have been the worst officiated game in history. It’s all about marketing in the NFL and Seattle doesn’t have the panache of the Broncos with his highness Peyton Manning at QB. That’s just the facts.

  12. So tired of the ‘Seadderall’ comments and can’t see why Saints fans would say it. Saints get busted for Bountygate, coach is suspended for a year and the owner bugged opposing coach suites secretly! Who’s cheating? Would the Saints have made it to the Super Bowl if they hadn’t maimed Favre? I think not

  13. Ive seem trash talk from both camps, so don’t act like Seattle fans are the only ones talking….and why some fans feel they have the right to talk trash due to their team winning a SB years and years ago before they were perhaps even born – I don’t know.

  14. Two things Trueblueak, Seahawks can have 100 more playoff wins than us and it really doesn’t matter cause y’all never won a ring and most likely aren’t getting one this season. The 2nd thing, of course we mained Favre its called football not ballet. And the real reason why we beat the Vikings is because we forced 6 turnovers partner. I can’t believe I’m really hearing a Seahawks fan cry about something that happened in a game that the refs could’ve controlled. You must have a bad memory cause I remember the Packers getting robbed against Seattle just last year.

  15. And as for the Bountygate thing whether its true or not, when Vilma took his case to court, Goodell LOST !!! He was pretty much going off of a Gregg Williams pep talk that he heard on tape that I can assure you every coach in the league has with their players before a game. The bounties have been going on for years and years by so many teams.
    Pay for performance get picks, force fumbles, record sacks certain amout of tackles all get you incentives. I guarantee the Saints weren’t the only ones doing it. Goodell just don’t like the Saints.

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