ProFootballTalk: One and done not acceptable for Carroll

The ProFootballTalk crew takes a look at the players and coaches who are under the most pressure in the divisional round of the playoffs. According to Mike Florio, Pete Carroll cannot afford to lose to the Saints.

3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: One and done not acceptable for Carroll

  1. Pete Carroll is building a “Don James” type legacy here in Seattle. Especially noteoworthy is his enthusiasm and cheerleading. His gameday actions make us all feel like kids again. Pete Carroll is not going anywhere. If you think Pete is under the gun, you need to dunk your head in a deep basin. In the meantime the rest of us will LOL.

  2. Your “hope” was Pete Caroll and the Seahawks would lose to the Saints. It was not fulfilled. I put money on knowledge. I took the Seahawks to win and Carroll. I also Gave 7 1/2 points. I won. Here is the lesson. “Hope” is, more often than not, something used when one does not have the energy or skill, to do the research, that will give them the knowledge, to “know.” I “knew” the Seahawks would win. I put money on it. You merely “hoped” they would lose. Not a good bet.

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