Pssst, Falcons, if you’re looking for help, Chuck Smith’s ready

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Chuck Smith doesn’t want to come right out and ask the Falcons for a job interview.

But, hey, if a reporter who covers the Falcons — whom just so happen to have a vacancy — happened to ask, what would it hurt.

Smith, the former Falcons defensive end (who pocketed millions from of the Panthers during the late one-legged stage of his career) is looking to get into coaching.

But so far, neither Falcons coach Mike Smith nor defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has called, since firing their defensive line coach.

“I want to be a professional,” Smith said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “That would be up to them. Those guys know me. I’m friends with coach Smith. I know all of the guys. Nolan worked me out in college. I’ve known [Nolan] from years ago.

“It would have been an honor just to interview. I know what I’ve learned and I know the things that I teach. I know the results that I’ve gotten in college and the results we got with the Jets when I was with the No. 1 defense in the league. I think that it would be an honor.”

Smith was a talented pass-rusher in his day, with 58.5 sacks. He’s now working as a private trainer, hoping to latch on somewhere.

But he’d prefer it to be in Atlanta, hint, hint.

7 responses to “Pssst, Falcons, if you’re looking for help, Chuck Smith’s ready

  1. It can be helpful to have a coach that is recent player that knows how to deal with players. I think he could be an interesting coaching assistant or part of a coaching team. If I had a team I’d offer him an interview to see what coaching ideas he has since he seems to be so eager. I’m turning over every rock to find somebody that can help my football team out in any way.

    If you have a good idea, then find me and tell me!

  2. Problem here is that Chuck Smith was the DL coach for the Tennessee Vols for a single season before getting fired. His firing was never explained fully but apparently he didn’t get along with the DC and wasn’t shy about it. And that was in his first year as a coach. Seriously doubt the Falcons even consider him based on that.

  3. Isn’t that the tool that is on Real Housewives of Atlanta the past few weeks(because he and his wife are friends with some of the ladies on the show).

    Guess he figures since the Bravo producers have given him some camera time the last few weeks that he might as well try to stay relevant and let the AJC know he wants an interview with the Falcons.

    I’m sure the Falcons will be looking elsewhere.

  4. Chuck Smith trains a lot of NFL players in the offseason. He’s highly respected amongst the players. I think he deserves at least an interview. Falcons fans have been clamoring for him for a few years now.

  5. That dude was a hell of a player at his peak. Willie Roaf, one of the best left tackles to ever play the game, was powerless to stop him.

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