Report: New contract “unlikely” for DeSean Jackson


Earlier this week, Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson said he wants a new contract.  Then he said he merely was answering a question when he said he wants a new contract, which apparently was supposed to insulate him from saying he wants a new contract.

It ultimately doesn’t matter whether he wants a new contract.  According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Jackson isn’t getting one.

Technically, the report is that a new contract is “unlikely.”  And for good reason.  Jackson will earn $10.5 million in 2014.  Given the market for receivers, he hasn’t outperformed his current deal.

Besides, he has three years left on a contract that was signed only two years ago.  It’s not time to tear up his contract and replace it.

While it’s also possible that Jackson will be given a large chunk of his base salary as an offseason signing bonus in order to reduce his cap $12.5 million cap number this year, McLane says that’s also “unlikely.”

The Eagles don’t have to play that game.  They rarely have cap issues.  They don’t need to artificially reduce Jackson’s cap number in 2014 by pushing some of the dollars to 2015 and beyond.

So there won’t be a new contract.  Or a restructured contract.  Or anything other than a workout bonus of $250,000 and weekly game checks in the amount of $602,941.17.

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  1. If this is the case then DeSean shouldn’t have said what he said. So either he and his agent are on the same page, or they are not. Something doesn’t make sense.

    And there can be a new contract if he really wants to pursue it. He can hold out and force their hand. It would be extremely messy and there could be a lot of things that come with that which outweigh the value of the new contract, but he is not forced to live out this contract as is. It is HIS choice to fulfill this contract or to renege. If he chooses the latter, then he WILL get a new contract.

    The only question is, is it worth it? If not, then he shouldn’t have made that statement, but since he did it sounds to me like he already has a plan with his agent in place. Or his agent has not done a good job of keeping him in line with sticking to a proper and strong position. Shame on them if they messed that up.

  2. Can you image getting a weekly check for 602K?

    Don’t make some snide remark that it’s before taxes…

  3. This is the guy that had an O-fer going into halftime of their playoff game against the Saints, right?

    Priceless. What a tool.

  4. I wish I didn’t enjoy the game so much because the people that play it are so freaking annoying.

    I’m not bitter because they make so much more than me…I’m bitter because they don’t really contribute anything to society, most of the time.

    There are definitely a handful of guys that go above and beyond but most of these losers waste their money on themselves and their entourage.

    Also, they don’t seem thankful, at all, and couldn’t care less about making an impact in this world…other than catching, running or blocking.

  5. For someone who attended Cal Berkeley, DeSean doesn’t understand logic. Logis states that why should Philly pay him more for producing less-duh! Of course, he probably has run out of money. God give me the strength to deal with stupidity.

  6. I cannot figure this guy out. At times he seems to have it figured out and then this happens. When the team is still hurting from a playoff loss. Timing is everything # 10.

    He is only guaranteed something like 250K next year so the BIRDS could restructure the $$$ so more of the money is bankable. Beyond that, he needs to out kick the contract to get any movement by Roseman.


  7. 603k per game…and the rest of you wonder why Philly fans are the only ones smart enough to boo our own players when they’re not putting forth an honest effort. I would walk barefoot over hot coals carrying a cinder block wrapped in barbed wire for 603k a week let alone go play a football game!!

  8. This is why you have to be careful with front-loaded contracts. The players quickly forget the huge signing bonus they demanded, and then start whining about the out years.

  9. He had a great season for a WR (by Eagles standards it was the 2nd best season a WR has had) and him and his agent thought they had leverage because Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin are both set to be unrestricted free agents. Then Eagles front office reminded him that he was signed to fit Andy Reid’s scheme and that both Maclin and Cooper are actually better fits for his current coach, Chip Kelly.

  10. Careful with front-loaded contracts? Every team in the NFL has botched some front-loaded and back-loaded and middle-loaded contracts, as well as some not-even-loaded-at-all contracts. Careful isn’t really the NFL Front Office way, it’s like golf in a way, everybody haphazardly throws big money around in hope that they can complete the course in the fewest number of mistakes. These teams really need help at getting more people that understand how math and calculators work.

  11. They may rearrange some things, but I agree that may not even be likely. He’s under contract, and a good one at that. Frankly, I’d rather re-sign Maclin and Cooper. Jackson is a real talent, but he can be taken out of a game pretty easily if he’s doubled and really accounted for. I was all in favor of paying the man in his first real deal, but this is absurd. Spend the money on Cooper, Maclin, and DEFENSE. Let D-Jax pound sand if he wants…let him hold out and accrue massive fines. No one cares.

  12. Riley Cooper is clearly the more deserving and respected receiver in Philly. DeSean is obnoxious and a bit overrated to be running his mouth just cuz he’s not on the spot light anymore. Dude is annoying, needs to talk less and play more.

  13. He doesn’t want more money, he wants guaranteed money. Only the first two years had guaranteed money. From this coming season, NOTHING is guaranteed. For a guy as small as him playing with 300 lbs giants, I don’t blame him for wanting something guaranteed.

  14. Two points-

    Anyone who thinks Riley Cooper is anywhere close to as good a receiver as DeSean Jackson is insane. Riley Cooper has been in the league four seasons. He has 13 touchdown catches total (plus one in the playoffs). 5 of his TDs were in a two game span. He has more than 70 yards receiving in a game (not a high threshold) a grand total of 7 times. His best season matches only one of DeSean’s seasons, and that was 2012 when DeSean played 11 games and the team was terrible.

    DeSean’s contract was not especially frontloaded by NFL standards. It was structured so they could cut him after 2 seasons with minimal cap repercussions. The remaining seasons (this will be the 3rd year of the deal) are essentially pay as you go. This is why it was always unlikely they would boost his annual salary, the boost was already built in to the original deal. That said, as I have said elsewhere, I can do without the “How dare he ask for more money?!?!” moralizing. The contract is built so that they could cut him this off-season if he under-performed last season. He played well, so they will keep him at this rate. But they absolutely would have cut him if he had a bad year, so I don’t want to hear about the sanctity of the contract. NFL contracts for veterans are renegotiable by either party at any time.

  15. Clearly he hasnt takn a lesson from former eagle to.. Being a big mouth and crying about ur contract every 2 urs gets u kicked outnof the nfl.. Even if u still have skill

  16. hoggy301 says: Jan 10, 2014 7:05 PM

    Damn!!!$600k a week!! Must be nice
    That’s not every week. For many of us, that would be like making $600 every week for 16 weeks with a $250 Christmas bonus. That’s like earning 10 stacks per year. Before taxes. You can’t live on that.

  17. “Riley Cooper is clearly the more deserving and respected receiver in Philly”

    really?? lol.. desean is approaching the all time eagles records and riley had a good 3/4ths of a single season… lol… and riley is still rehabbing his image since the racial slurs where his team openly question the respect they had for him.. lmfao…

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