Tony Sparano signs two-year contract with Raiders


The Raiders have retained one of their top offensive assistants.

The club announced Friday that offensive line coach/assistant head coach Tony Sparano had re-signed for two more years.

Sparano had appeared on his way to become the Buccaneers’ offensive line coach. However, he’s remaining with the Raiders, whom he joined last January after one season as the Jets’ offensive coordinator.

Sparano was the Dolphins’ head coach from 2008 through 2011, leading Miami to a 29-33 record. He was fired with three games left in the 2011 campaign.

Raiders owner Mark Davis has indicated Dennis Allen will return for a third season as head coach.

54 responses to “Tony Sparano signs two-year contract with Raiders

  1. Oh but I thought Silver said he was good as gone to Tampa?… the media are like NFL refs, no accountability what so ever.

  2. Now all we need to do is resign Velhdeer, sign UFA Alex Mack, move Wiz to LG, draft Matthews with the #5 overall pick place him at RT, and have Tony reach out to Richie Icognito at we will have one of the best O-lines the raiders have ever had in a long time.

  3. Interesting to see that Sparano has impressed in Oakland. He was liked but out of his depth in Miami and a disaster in a can’t win New York Jets locker room working with Sanchez and Tebow. Hopefully the Sparano souffle rises again but Tim/Mark don’t hold your breath waiting for an Oakland area code phonecall.

  4. Hue Jackson coached the Raiders for 1 season, wins 8 games and gets fired.

    Dennis Allen a defensive “genius” whose defense have finished near the bottom of the league for 2 years has 8 wins in two years and gets a vote of confidence. WTF.

    No double standard at all. Here’s to the Raiders sucking next year!

  5. Nice. Hopefully things are starting to settle down and the coaching staff can start getting back to work. Bring back Tarver now and keep things together.

    Just wish the make or break year for the coaching staff didn’t come when the Raiders have to have the NFC west on the schedule but it is was it is.

  6. Tony is a great asst. coach. Joe Philbin is too.

    But Miami keeps making these kinda guys the HC….and the rest is history.

  7. The trainwreck that R McKenzie created continues.
    No wonder Al kept his son far away from the running of the team. Mark makes a huge blunder by signing Mckenzie and keeps it going like everything is fine.
    The rest of the AFC WEST teams have notched 2 victories each next year thanks to Mark Davis and McKenzie as they run the franchise into oblivion.

  8. How, How, How, can teams keep hiring this Bill Parcells butt licker. He has been a disaster wherever he has been, Cowboys, Dolphins Jets, Raiders. Just sad the old boy network in the NFL

    This message was approved by Rex Ryan.

  9. I don’t know about u guys but I think this move brings the silver and black back to glory on 2014

  10. I’m glad to see we are being patient. I know it’s tough to endure what we have RN, however, this is the first time since the Gruden Era that we had the same head coach for what is going to be 3 years in a row. Not to mention, it appears most of the staff will return for at least this final do or die year.

    But all the talk about one or two year contracts does not matter to me, because everyone is gone next year if we suck again. They could have 5 year contracts. It won’t matter because all of them from Reggie on down, however you look at it, have one year that’s it!

    Of course, if they turn it around, which I think takes keeping everyone intact for another year, then that’s a different story

    On Tim Brown… he was good, however, I feel Cliff Branch should go in way before Timmy.

    What did he do in the Superbowl? dropped just about every pass that was thrown his way. Good thing we had Rice and Porter so we could have at least 21 points. Timmy in HOF is wrong…But so was Chris freakin Carter. Notice how both are in the media brotherhood now. It’s a joke if this clown gets in before Cliff Branch. Cliff was in All 3 SB’s we won. He played a big part of two of them, with Freddy B. taking charge in the other one…Better stats than Lyn Swann. look it up.

    #21 Speed Kills is still the best wide receiver the Raiders ever had on their roster. What a shame no Hall of Fame!


  11. I for one am very happy to hear this he is one of the reasons we were semi competitive give another year and some more depth and who knows how quickly we can turn it around.And most quarterbacks will play good behind a strong O line
    now to re sign Tarver or go to a 3-4 and hire Wade Philips Raider Nation out

  12. It is often said you can’t polish a turd. Well Coach Sporano came pretty damn close to accomplishing that! With guys signed off the street to play O-Line he worked wonders. Great job DA and Mark!

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!

  13. Now finally Baby Davis made 1 good signing. There must be more here than meets the eye. Wasn’t he also Assistant Head Coach last year, besides OL? This might just be the mid-season replacement for Allen. Now if someone in that office has the balls, fire Tarver. The Defense was a joke, two years in a row. There are some great coaches available right now that actually know how to develop a Defense, adjust at halftime etc…Tarver is well liked, but he simply isn’t a good defensive coach. Allen came from a great defense in Denver, but has been useless as a head coach to correct the problems on the field. The Head Coach is just that. The main man. Stop looking like a deer in the headlights, while your team is getting ran over. Baby Davis must have a man crush on you, because there is no explanation why Allen is head coach, McKenzie drafting players from the hospital ward etc… With 4 QBs available and drafting 5th, hopefully Green Bay Mac will draft one that can make it through preseason before getting cut.

  14. um, I never believed the media B.S. about this. Think about it? Dennis Allen basically got a stay of execution for one more year. If Dennis fails, Sparano has a great chance of becoming the Raiders next head coach in 2015. He would never have even a remote chance of that in Tampa, or in fact anywhere else after his stint with the Dolphins. Not a good showing, but I am not sure it was all his fault.

    I think he is a very good coach, and he could become the next Pete Carroll, rags to riches story in the NFL. —Learning from failure.

    I don’t see the playoffs next year for the Raiders with the division so stacked. Which means Dennis Allen probably will not be coming back.

    Smart move by Sparano, and his show of loyalty will go a long way with Mark Davis and Reggie when the coaching search happens.

  15. No one wants to coach in that place. There’s no chance that any coach would take a job there. I mean it must be true right? I read it here all the time.

  16. Wow oh Wow: Tony Sparano is considered a catch as a O-coordinator by the Raiders. Well looks like the AFC has just hit rock bottom.

  17. Now if only reggie would bring back some of the scouts he fired when he came aboard…the ones that recommended Veldheer, Houston, Shaugnessy, Dez Bryant, D Moore, Jacoby Ford…y’know? those guys.

  18. “Sparano had appeared on his way to become the Buccaneers’ offensive line coach”…no he didn’t. Scout Larry Marmie accepted a job with the Buccaneers and it was incorrectly reported as Sparano accepting a job.

  19. Say wat u want about the team, the oline has looked great, Tom cable really got them going but they played great with a backup left tackle all season, give the credit to coach sparano. Too bad McFadden was gimped.

  20. The Raiders are back at it! The two year deal for Tony Sparano makes me wonder if that means Dennis Allen is going to play out his entire contract. Mark Davis also said something last week about Dennis Allens four year contract that leaves room for interpretation…

    “It’s been that way ever since he signed a four-year contract to be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders,” Davis said, by phone, of Allen’s status being secure.

    I think Dennis Allens here for the next two years. Just Win Baby.

  21. Great news! As ravaged as the O-line was with injuries, lack of depth and newcomers, he did a great job. It was the very definition of a patchwork O-line for practiacally the entire season. With a healthy line, more talent, depth and continued coaching, they could field a better O-line than Oakland has seen in years. I’m glad to see some positive news out of Oakland for a change.

  22. “Whooo hoooo!”… LOL All you little mouth-breathing raider fans getting excited for a “good” OC when u got a garbage collection of QBs on that roster. We’ll also o-line, RBs, and WRs… heck the whole team is pretty much garbage but u get the point

  23. He’s obviously a better OLine coach than a head coach. He was terrible in Miami, field goal, fist pump.

  24. vetelmo says:
    Jan 10, 2014 10:00 PM
    They need to take down the Commitment to Excellence crap down off their stadium until they earn that title again.
    You mad, bro?

  25. Why do people keep saying that raiders fans are all happy about a crappy OC!! He’s not our OC he’s a Oline coach/asst headcoach! If ur gonna talk ish at least get ur facts straight morons!

  26. Being a coach in the NFL is like a roulette wheel…you just hope to be on the right team when your number comes up! Sparano has been a loser for so long, he figured he should stay where they like him!

  27. Baby Davis doesn’t care about the final standings. Its about box office $$$.. He changed the stadium capacity to the size of a high school, assuring sell outs every game and the TV money that comes with that. $$$$$. He personally fired all of his fathers staff because he felt they wouldn’t respect him based on his lack of knowledge in running the team. He has continued to prove his ignorance by hiring an inexperienced GM, Head Coach and horrible Defensive Coach. Then to add salt to the wounds of the Raiders Nation and his fathers legisity, he rehires the three stooges McKenzie, Allen and Tarver . The three of them have made so many errors that they would have been fired by any other team in the league, during their first season. Enough is Enough, the resentment for your father is obvious, not wanting to win and destroying the once proud Raider image is obvious. Since you hate what your dad build, why not “Sell Baby, Sell” and take your silver spoon and puppets with you as you leave Oakland. What is this year about any how, trying to get the number one draft pick at the end of the season? With these clowns, you might just achieve that goal.

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