Colts inch closer after catching a break on bad snap


A huge mistake by the Patriots’ special teams gave a gift to the Colts late in the second quarter tonight.

With the Patriots at their own 44-yard line, long snapper Danny Aiken launched the ball way, way over the head of punter Ryan Allen, and the ball rolled all the way down to the 2-yard line. Allen tried to pick up the ball and do something with it, but he was hit and fumbled, and the ball was knocked through the end zone for a safety.

It was a downright weird play, a terrible snap by Aiken and also a risky move by Allen, who would have been better off just picking the ball up and running through the end zone for a safety. The Patriots would have been worse off if the Colts had recovered Allen’s fumble.

Allen was hurt on the play, and although he did stay in for the free kick after the safety, he then went to the locker room. Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski may need to punt for the rest of the game.

Although that safety was the play that will have everyone talking at halftime, Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount is stealing the show with three touchdown runs, tying him for the second most touchdowns for any player in any game in NFL postseason history. Blount’s goal-line prowess has the Patriots up 21-12.

22 responses to “Colts inch closer after catching a break on bad snap

  1. I don’t think that a fumble in the field play is allowed to be batted into the endzone by the defense. I can’t understand why nobody else is asking that question.
    The ball was clearly fumbled in the field of play. I am pretty sure a defender is not allowed to bat it backwards.
    There are all kinds of rules as to who can do what with the ball while it’s loose, in terms of batting.
    I think the refs got the call wrong.

  2. Diehrdorff has to be the biggest moron on the planet. Can’t stand that dude. How the hell would it be better for the Pats to give the Colts at the 1 rather than a safety? Makes no sense

  3. Is it me or is the CBS team terrible? I just had to listen what a jerk the punter was not to take a knee at the 1 yard line. At best that would be a 3 point chip shot for the Colts, the odds would be 7 points.

    The Pats gave up 2 points. Greg Gumbel explain your rant?

  4. thekiller678 says:
    Jan 11, 2014 9:39 PM
    Diehrdorff has to be the biggest moron on the planet. Can’t stand that dude.

    His last game. Have to put up with 30 more minutes.

  5. Dierdorff was right and wrong. He was wrong for saying the safety wasn’t the right move, as it obviously was. He was right for complaining about the punter trying to goof around and do something with the football which could have easily resulted in a TD. The punter accomplished the right play, but he wasn’t trying to….he was trying to progress the ball forward and he’s lucky it didn’t cost the Pats a TD.

  6. Perfect pass? LOL. It should have been picked. The defender was right there but failed. Luck looks real bad.

  7. Dierdorff’s analysis of the botched punt play was really bad. The punter’s actions on the play, in which his main goal was to force the ball through the end zone for the safety instead of possibly giving up 7, was equally as bad.

  8. Can you imagine what would have happened if a Colt defender had leveled Brady like Ninkovich just did on Luck?

    FLAGS is what would have happened. Whatever happened to protecting QBs? My god, in his year of oppression by the NFL James Harrison would have been ejected from the game for a late hit like that.

  9. I thought that the safety could have been called an incomplete pass, with the Colts getting the ball at the original line of scrimmage. It looked to me like the punter was trying to forward lateral the ball to the eligible receiver.

  10. Minnysoda vikqueens personified = Barney Fife

    Please join me in a hardy “skol” to the 53 year irrelevance of the Lavender Larry Toads.

  11. Badmoonrisin seriously a Ernie Adams joke? You haters need to get some new material for real. It’s been a fact of life since 2001 that the patriots are the best built franchise possibly in the history of the nfl. At a min yum the best in the salary cap era. No team has been as dominant for such a long stretch since parity was introduced. The afc east is almost a gimme, 5 Super Bowls, rings, countless records, even the year we lost our franchise quarterback we had 11 wins. How does your team stack up? I’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t. No team is even close. Your precious spygate happened how long ago and we still have dominated year in and year out. These are not troll statements like logicalvoice or pftpoet, these are statements of fact not statements based in a Colorado cloud. At some point there will be a transition but I don’t think there will be much of a drop off. I believe mcdaniels and mallet are being groomed to continue the monster that has been The New England Patriots. I know josh just interviewed but part of me thinks that is just to get an idea of what kind of salary he would get on the open market so Mr. Kraft can give him a fair deal. So just to recap, for 14 years now we have been sitting on or near the top of the NFL, and your team, well it doesn’t matter who your team is they are nowhere near the same caliber as the Pats. No go sit in the corner and think about what you said.

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