Gilbride says Seahawks have “perfected the art” of pass interference

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So what’s the secret of the Seattle Seahawks?

They cheat.

Not in a Spygate way or with any other secret methods.  As explained by Kevin Clark and Jonathan Clegg of the Wall Street Journal, the Seahawks engage in blatant pass interference on a regular basis, accepting that a penalty will be called from time to time but realizing that the officials won’t call it every time.

“If you think they’re going to be called and expect that to be the solution to the problem, you’re going to be sadly mistaken,” former Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride told Clark and Clegg.  “They’ve perfected the art.”

Gilbride added that the Seahawks engage in pass interference on nearly every passing play.

“They just seem to not care about the rules,” Giants receiver Louis Murphy said.

They surely care, but the Seahawks understand that the officials aren’t inclined to slow the pace of the game to a crawl by throwing flag after flag for interference or defensive holding.

“They look at it and say, ‘We may get called for one but not 10,'” FOX’s Mike Pereira, a former V.P. of officiating, told Clark and Clegg.

The Seahawks led the league with 13 pass interference penalties in 2013.  They also had 10 defensive holding calls.  If they’re indeed committing fouls on every passing play, that’s a small price to pay for 13 wins and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Absent an adjustment by the officials from last weekend’s wild-card round, which featured plenty of uncalled contact on receivers, the Saints should expect more of the same on Saturday.

129 responses to “Gilbride says Seahawks have “perfected the art” of pass interference

  1. It’s so true, they cheat in every way possible.

    From holding to PED’s and more, it’s the Pete Carroll way.

  2. This is not new. Jimmy Johnson used to coach his DBs to do the same under the same theory that the refs wouldn’t continually flag them.

  3. lol seahawks being called cheaters, not by us fans, but by NFL coaches and experts.

  4. I seriously do not even know what is PI anymore in the NFL. I am a Packers fan and Crabtree was mugged twice in the endzone with no call, and then when he does get a call it was the least amount of contact. As a fan it is just seriously frustrating

  5. Not Seattles fault….All teams look for a competitve edge. If the refs are unwilling to make the proper calls horse on them…It would be interesting if they started to make the proper calls.
    This reminds me of getting paid (the refs) for not doing your job…But hey it’s the NFL

  6. The internet really has changed the journalism game. Even the Wall Street Journal has sunk to the level of putting out clickbait these days.

  7. It’s been acknowledged by multiple people. So this either becomes the league norm or you address it. Throw the flag every play. See how well the Seahawks do with opponents playing half the field every set of downs.

  8. Well, at some point it may backfire. What if PI is called in the endzone 3 times in the game. 21 points for their opponents.

  9. It’s not just committing the foul but being coached to hold away from the view of the ref responsible for that area of the field. The same thing happens on the offensive line on nearly every play but the continually successful teams teach their players to keep their hand inside, not reach or pull the jersey away from the opponents body, once again trying to keep it hidden from the view of the ref. It’s smart football just like attempting to learn the signals of the other team (without video taping them) but is it really in the spirit of true sportsmanship? I don’t think so, but obviously big money and salaries are on the line and many coaches, players and teams don’t believe it damages the integrity of the game.

  10. Sounds like sour grapes…Manning throws Int’s like hes santa giving out presents and its all because of the Seahawks,,,,right. He and Pereira obviously didn’t see last weekends games.

  11. yes…the Seahawks are the biggest cheaters ever…so much so the big bad NFL turns its back to it all…right. People that use excuses are jealous. Like the NFL just lets them get away with it all and the noise is all fake. Right…..keep believing that. You probably also believe in the Easter Bunny and root for the Browns.

  12. It’s blatantly obvious yet the zebras refuse to call. The theory of “just do it back” doesn’t really work since few teams have cb’s the size of seattles.

  13. haha,,,gimie a break! You get shut out and not only cry about it but resign before getting fired. As for how to play on the back end if you have a team like the HAWKS that are the best perhaps one should study what they do and learn from it? Not cry about it and make excuses. On the flip we lost super bowl 40 and I cry about it so its nice hear people other than us cry about getting the shaft. GOOOOOOO SEEEAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWKS!!!

  14. Cue arrogant Seahawks fans complaining about “haters” because they can’t address the substance.

    I’m sure Richard Sherman trying to give Kenny Stills a concussion and take him out of the game because he thought no one was looking, Browner mugging Greg Jennings and starting a fight etc. were just the result of “haters”, too.

  15. This is how the NFL is rigged. Officials can determin the outcome of games by electing to call PI or not. Packers are another team that PI is rarely ever called on but if a defender touches a packer you will see a flag.

  16. this is absurd. Seattle’s corners get away with no more contact than any other team, they just shut down other teams’ receivers because they’re better, hence the whining. To believe this nonsense you’d have to assume that 31 other DB groups in the NFL are making a choice, no matter how detrimental to their future employment, to avoid contact they believe one team gets away with out of some noble belief system.

    The truth is, this was put out to by opponents or those now at home with sour grapes to pressure the referees during the playoffs.

  17. Finally, someone states that which has been apparent for some time. The worst part is that the practice makes perfect sense given their presumption regarding officials hesitance to throw a flag is true.

    Sherman is one of the biggest practitioners of the art of daring officials to throw a flag. He could never be the self-proclaimed shut down corner without loads of contact. By NFL standards Sherman’s40 time was average to below average for CBs. Thus, he makes up for that relative weakness by the use of contact.

    If you think about, Sherman was extremely smart. He developed a body of work predicated on contact ( often of the illegal variety) and then proclaimed himself to be the best CB. Most media pundits do not question it and many reinforce it. Magically, his superstar status makes it even less likely that pass interference will be called.

    Furthermore, people have all but forgotten his PED use, the punishment for which was reversed on a technicality.

  18. The ‘Hawks CBs may PI on every play, but it’s become a 2-way street-the great WRs out there have perfected how to push off (offensive PI) without getting flagged. Anquan Boldin is great at it, as well as Dez B. and others. I’m with the poster above-Exactly what is PI anymore? This situation is on the refs and the NFL, not the players.

  19. So its bad that the refs don’t call it, but when they DO call it, its ‘oh jeez, they should really just let them play!’ You guys want it both ways, as always. When penalties are frequently called, its ‘the refs influencing the outcome of the game’. When they don’t, its ‘the refs aren’t doing their jobs’. Make up your minds.

  20. So if the Seahawks have no interest in following the rules (PEDs, artificial noise, blatant pass interference on every play), how come their head coach isn’t suspended for a year?

  21. Have additional officials available for video review of the behavior of all players on the field.

  22. I find it quite refreshing. The rules have been slanted for years for the offense. These wide receivers today wouldn’t last a second if there was no Mel Blount rule. Although last weeks Indy win was exciting,45-44? Come on!!!! Go DEFENSE!!!!!!

  23. I don’t have the coaches film or the desire to watch every def snap to see if they do it every play or more then other teams. I think they are one of the more physical secondarys. Even the last SF game where the network closed in on it and made it look like it was every play,they didn’t show what the other defense was doing. If enough people say it though it will cost them a game a some point.

  24. The Seahawks DBs may play a more physical style of coverage and certainly cross the line with their contact, but you have to admit, their defensive backfield is pretty damn dynamic.

    I hate Pete Carroll, I’ll admit it. I am sad that Russell Wilson will play his career with that scheming rat bastard. But I’ll give Pete a lot of credit – he has his guys ready to play.

    That being said, I suspect they have a fairly small window to win a SB. If they don’t win one this year or next, the window will close.

  25. The idea that cheating doesn’t happen league wide is naive at best and willfully ignorant at worst. Boldin holds, Crabtree pushes off, Staley holds, all them often, but somehow were supposed to feel bad that the Hawks are doing the same?

    Stop acting like the Cardinal Rule of Football is “Don’t Cheat” iit’s, don’t get caught when you do cheat. Tampa AND NY have more PHD violations than Seattle, and those violations occurred on Coughlin’s watch. The same cannot be said for the Hawks.

    Everybody cheats. From Coach Harbaugh and his relentless lobbying of the official officials to EVERY POSITION COACH teaching “technique” it’s league wide.

    Stop being naive Homers… Seriously.

  26. This is absurd. Seattle may have a lot of contact when they play, but contact does not equal pass interference. You are allowed to touch the receiver if you’re going for the ball. You can jam the receiver if you’re within 5 yards.

    Show me the tape. Then I’ll believe you, show me that there is contact without playing the ball on EVERY play, NO EXCEPTIONS, then I’ll believe you. And if you want to make a change, try and petition Roger Goodell.

  27. When there is inequities in political power, you terrorize; when you can’t control your wife, you hit her (I abore that practice or even the thought); when you can’t beat your opponent on the football field, you say they cheat. The Seahawks have truly when the propaganda wars.

  28. As a Raider fan, I’m laughing right now. You want to talk about a team that historically gets the shaft? Look no further than the East bay.

  29. Honestly would love to see a game where the refs just don’t care and call it on them every time they do it. (I just hope it’s a game I don’t have to watch cause it’d be boring.)

  30. It seems like the NFL changes the rules every year, and what passes (if you’ll pardon the pun)for PI these days is a far cry from even 20 years ago.

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s, the DB’s couldn’t lay a finger on the receivers without getting a PI called. The Oakland Raiders made a living from hucking the long ball; Fred Belitnikov either caught the ball or there was a pass interference call. Either way they gained a lot of yardage.

    Officials can throw the flag on someone on either team on virtually very play in every game. Pick one top five team that doesn’t push the envelope as far as they can. The Seahawks DB’s know they have five yards from the line of scrimmage to slow down the receiver, and disrupt the timing, and they do it very well.

    Watch SF and Carolina tomorrow, and see how much holding goes on between the two teams, and who gets flagged the most, and when.

    Now can someone please find Gilbride’s pacifier.

  31. Trophy case? How about NFC West champs 6 of the last 10 years? Go wipe away the cobwebs and blow the dust of your whiners trophy case. You’ll find that the whiners have only had 5 winning seasons this century. Get a life.

  32. As fans do we even know what pass interference is anymore?..personally I can’t stand the Seahawks but I’ll tell you right now if my team found a way to manipulate the system I’d accept it with open arms!,..

    Now on the flip side of this there better not be any Seattle fans crying the blues when they get called for a PI call at the most inopportune and it costs them a game!.. karma can can come and bite you in the ass at the worst possible moment

  33. Well if your not cheating your not trying or so the saying goes. There is no doubt that the Seahawk DBs hold on almost every play but they do so with good technique so its harder for the refs to see. Its obviously something they practice because they are so good at it.

  34. I enjoyed the wildcard weekend where basically the officials have let the WRs/DBs ‘play’ and didn’t call everything.

    The PI/OPI stuff has become too subjective and it seems when in doubt officials will call D-holding.

    I feel to ease the natural subjectivity of the DPI calls, the penalties should not be ‘spot fouls’ but should become 10 yard from previous spot just like OPI. This should level the playing field and not allow for huge gains where the probability of catching the ball is really 50/50 anyway.

  35. When there’s no integrity in Seattle’s locker room then that’s alright.
    If it comes to ‘hawks vs. Panthers, I hope the 12th man will be humbled when Steve Smith out jaw jacks Sherman…all the while pulling out dreadlocks.

  36. Kinda makes sense, but it’s not just the Seahawks. The Ref’s lost on their holdout against the NFL, and the next year the refs are missing calls, making bad calls, etc. Hell, didn’t Miller get a urine taker to cooperate? I wouldn’t put it past a player to bribe an official, they spend their money on putting someone out of a game in the past. The funny thing is that the NFL does very little about it, until it could harm their profits.

  37. Who cares, have more important things this week-end grandsons hockey and granddaughter basketball.

  38. Funny……the national media and other football experts are finally talking about what I and many other true football fans have been saying all year long. In previous years, it was basically what Packer DB’s did and for whatever reason they got away from doing it this past year. Woodson was notorious at getting away with holding. As one poster put it, it is indeed a shame that the officials are getting paid to ignore the rules. It should be no surprise to anyone who knows anything about football that after several failed attempts in the NFL and college football, that Pete Carroll figured it out, you gotta cheat to win.

  39. “As a Raider fan, I’m laughing right now. You want to talk about a team that historically gets the shaft? Look no further than the East bay.”

    It’s holdover from the Crazy Al days. He was such problem that he built up resentment from every corner of the NFL. It’ll die down in a season or 2.

  40. People will always look to invalidate the people at the top. Always. And not just in sports. Trying to make up reasons why they’re not as good as they are in attempt to justify why you or your team isn’t as good is small minded and petty ignorance.

    The truth is that the Seahawk DB’s don’t get away with any more contact than any other team out there. Take off you Seahawk hating glasses and watch the game objectively and you’ll see that. There’s incorrect and missed calls all over the field. Saying Seattle gets away with any more than any other team is nothing but whiny excuse making, a trait common in losers.

    Also, 49ers should be the last ones talking trash on something like this here. This is the same as when people say Aldon Smith only gets so many sacks because Justin Smith holds on every play.

    Also, how convenient that this “report” comes out the morning of the Seahawks 1st playoff game. I’m sure there was no intent to try and influence the refs going into the game. Just like how NBA coaches use the media to do the same thing in the playoffs. Pretty pathetic.

  41. This has been going on all year with every team. The refs have determined the outcome of 50% of games this year mainly because of pass interference they either called or didn’t call.

    Needs to be super fast replay officials that can review PI calls inside 20 seconds from the end of the play. The action is so fast on the field the refs can’t catch it.

  42. Then that is the NFL’s fault for letting them get away with it. I dislike the Hawks but by not calling PI (if it really is committed as much as stated in the article) you are encouraging them to do it more.

    NFL’s fault, not Hawks.

  43. To all those who feel that PI calls should not be a spot foul but a 10 yard penalty. There would never be a pass play over 10 yards. The players would be coached to simply tackle the receiver at or after 15 yards because the gain would be limited to a maximum of ten yards.
    There would be no opportunity for the long ball due to this. You would see nothing but 8 man boxes due to no concern about the long pass.
    I am certain the ones advocating this are those with qbs who cannot or will not throw the long ball.

  44. A Wise Man Once Said: Show me a good cheater, I’ll show you a winner.

    The same guy said: “Don’t get married, it’s hard to keep dates.”

  45. Ah, I see now…a disgruntled employee who got his ass handed to him by the ‘hawks, lost his job, and ran to the nearest East-coast biased reporters to “tell” his story.

    Sounds like somebody is butt-hurt.

  46. Oh Drat!!!

    Now you guys have tipped off Belichick and Harbaugh. Guess what their DBs are going to do from now on.

    And don’t think the rest of the league isn’t going to follow as well as they factor in the same percentages of having a penalty called. But remember, this only works if your offense can keep pace to score points to keep up with the occasional scores the penalties give the other team.

    Of course no one expects the NFL to really do anything about this as bad officiating has become the new normal, and that really hurts the crummier teams.

  47. I think this is just great it took a couple years for someone to write it. Sherman is slow has no closing speed yet he is a shut down corner? No he is a shut down mugger! The saints starting left tackle is almost as fast as that bum in the 40. His whole game is a flag and drugs!

    If you want to watch the game played the right way watch a true shut down corner Lewis from the saints. Held meshawn to not a dam catch last week. Has played great ball all season.

  48. Seattle-San Francisco game at the stick.
    The Gore run that won the game for them, Sherman was held.
    Even the San Francisco papers mentioned it.

  49. And one more thing Gilbride, Buddy Ryan is still alive and kicking and he still has a mean right hook , so u better have eyes in the back of that inflated head of yours !

  50. Takes a grown up 12 year old to come up with this happy crappy cry baby stuff…In the NFL you have winners, and you have whiners…Witch one are you?

  51. It’s not just committing the foul but being coached to hold away from the view of the ref responsible for that area of the field. The same thing happens on the offensive line on nearly every play but the continually successful teams teach their players to keep their hand inside, not reach or pull the jersey away from the opponents body, once again trying to keep it hidden from the view of the ref. It’s smart football just like attempting to learn the signals of the other team (without video taping them) but is it really in the spirit of true sportsmanship? I don’t think so, but obviously big money and salaries are on the line and many coaches, players and teams don’t believe that it damages the integrity of the game.

  52. The thing that is funny about this whole topic is funny since this is the days where you can’t breathe on a receiver without getting a defenseless receiver penalty. Also the receivers can push off on every play and I think I’ve seen maybe 4 offensive pass interferences all year in watching lots of games over the course of the season.

  53. “The Seahawks led the league with 13 pass interference penalties in 2013. They also had 10 defensive holding calls. If they’re indeed committing fouls on every passing play, that’s a small price to pay for 13 wins and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.”

    I’m not a Seattle fan, but these are my thoughts exactly.

  54. The haters crawl out of the woodwork against winning teams.

    The Saints have seen the hate, the packers, the giants, the patriots, the colts, the steelers, the.. well.. winning teams in general. Especially those with really good QBs.

    NFL fans are a jealous lot.

  55. Just part of the NFL’s letting everyone know that they intend to call everything on the seahawks, once again, and minimal stuff (other than the token false start penalty) on the Saints.

    Look for the refs to do everything they can to set up a championship match of the two NFC darlings, Sinners/Forty-Whiners

  56. NFL fans are a jealous lot.
    Not all,just fans of the perennial loser teams. The sad thing is,as much as I would like to believe they are children..they really are adults. Scary isn’t it. A lot of it isn’t even football talk. There are some sick people out there.

  57. I love watching Wilson play and am glad when he does well…

    The downside is I have to listen to Sherman chirp and talk silly and he clearly has rubbed off on their fan base, and I would like him way more if he would let his game do the talking.

    Carroll who is a decent coach but lacks discipline, as evidence by blatant rule breaking at USC, and winning with no class after the fail mary.

    The worse of them all is Harvin, and I don’t know why fans of his or Seattle try to defend the guy.

    You guys realize if any of us that post on here would need to “get motivated’ such as he did we would be fired?

  58. Talk about stats, here’s one for all of ya and hopefully it won’t get deleted like the last one was from me

    NE has had a 45-20 advantage this season in first downs acquired by penalties. I harken back to the Clev game that NE was given the victory by those competent ( ahem ) NFL officials.

    Look out Chuck Pagano, the officials like giving NE first downs by penalties when NE is far behind.

  59. Also, what is the artificial noise nonsense. Has anyone been to Husky Stadium or to the Kingdome before CenturyLink? The fans in the northwest have ALWAYS been loud.

  60. Okay, stop with all of the “I’m sure the NFL favors the Seahawks, yeah right!” stuff. No one is saying Seattle is getting preferential treatment per se. Refs are not going “It’s Seattle, do not call that penalty.”

    What is being said is that Seattle players are breaking the rules on nearly every play, knowing that the refs do not want to take over the game and throw a flag every down. Two wildly different statements that are being treated as one and the same here, for some unknown reason.

    I’m not sure if I have seen enough Seattle games this year to have a firm opinion myself, but I could see it. I have seen it in hockey before. A team goes out there gooning it up, knowing the ref is going to get tired of calling penalties on the same team constantly (plus the penalized team’s coach will be yelling in his ear about the “unfairness” of it all.) It’s just human nature of trying to be “fair” to both sides, but ends up being unfair to the team that is not breaking the rules constantly.

  61. Wait a minute, people say the Seahawks cheat because of the PIs, yet Payton making bounties for other players and getting suspended is okay? The guy paid his players to hurt people, how is that not one of the most despicable things a coach can do?

  62. It’s a shame we live in a time where we just can’t appreciate good hard physical football. Seahawks have perfected solid defense – just as the Bears did back in the day.

  63. Wow…sounds like a couple of people that are mad cause they didn’t make the playoffs. They push and shove, and smoke pot (even though it’s legal in WA), they roid, they’re mean, they curse, they taunt, they hit hard…blah blah blah.

    It’s football. They play old school physical ball, not this sissy stuff from the 21st century.

    Go Hawks!

  64. This is old news. They let certain players get away with it more than others, just like the NBA. It is also more likely to get called it if the secondary is going up against an elite QB.

  65. Gilbride shouldn’t really be saying things like these especially after his offense was shutout by Seattle. And this is coming from a Giants fan. But in the same token, if the allegations are true, and it seems as though it may very well be, Seattle and their fans can’t complain if a PI call or non-call ends up costing them a game or worse, the SB.

    It’s only cheating if you get caught or worse if your team losses a game due to it.

    Enjoy Seattle!!!

  66. I think hes right.

    But really the oficiating should be changed to encourage more teams to play this way.

    As long you dont actually grab the receiver or knock him dow it should not be pass interference.

  67. Its actually kind of a smart tactic by the PEDhawks D.

    Its like holding in the NFL, or traveling in the NBA. If the refs called DPI every time it happened, games would take 5 hours to play, and the next day, the sports media would be calling for firing refs, not cutting players.

    The PEDhawks can afford for DPI to be called 10-20% of the time, because it translates into far more 3-and-outs than extended drives.

  68. Hawks did this all year. How do you think they plugged in no name guys for injured players and didn’t miss a beat. It’s not talent, it’s tactics. Unless it starts getting called they will continue doing it, and why wouldn’t they?

  69. Lol, all these non seahawks fans disliking a seahawks post and clicking thumbs up for a negative post towards the seahawks. You guys are like teenagers, get off the Internet and watch football little boys

  70. 3 minutes left in game kick a field goal ? for what ?
    gives the ball back to seattle Saints deserve to lose..dump call 4 down territory coach…

  71. Of course they have. In the Packers game, Sidney Rice hitched a piggy back ride on the defender and it was called. And let’s not forget the infamous Golden Tate push-off.

    ESPN reporter: Did you push off?
    Tate: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Go rob a donut shop, Golden.

  72. The biggest cheats in the NFL are the Niners. Negative articles always start popping out about the Niner’s opponents before their games in order to influence the game’s outcome and public opinion. The Seahawks get the biggest brunt of it because of the anger Niner’s have over the Seahawks being an obstacle for them.

    Does anyone ever see these type of negative articles about the Niners? About Crabtree’s constant head-butting and whining? About the drunks? The brawls? the Niner criminals? About the constant whining from all of them? About their offensive holds? In every Niner game I see several cases of them shoving and pushing after the whistle. Is it ever talked about in the press? No, never, just a bunch of garbage about their opponents.

  73. Maybe , they don’t like to call them on every play because they are afraid Seahawks fans will whine about nitpicky calls for another 8 years if the refs call them on every minor infraction like they were called in SB 40.(the only really wrong call being the Hasselback trip).

  74. I smell gambling influence. So easy to throw a game with the refs these days. It happened in the NBA with full time refs, don’t think it can’t happen in the NFL with part time insurance salesmen.

  75. This is nothing new as the Pats perfected this.
    They even named it the Ty Law rule since they were able to get away with it, but everyone else was flagged.

  76. Nice to see there is a unifying issue that all the losing teams can come together on.

    Looking forward to the next groundbreaking revelation that defensive lineman believe that all of the good lines hold on every play.

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