Jay Gruden on RG3: I expect him to prepare and work hard


At new Washington coach Jay Gruden’s introductory press conference, he stressed the importance of Robert Griffin III putting in the necessary amount of work for a franchise quarterback.

“I expect a lot from the starting quarterback,” Gruden said. “I expect him to come in and prepare and work hard and I expect him to take the blame on some throws. I expect him to be a great leader. I expect him to do extra things to be great. As long as he’s working his butt off, I will provide him with everything he needs to be successful.”

Chris Mortensen reported on ESPN’s NFL Insiders on Friday that preparation and work ethic are the parts of the game that some have questioned whether Griffin fully grasps.

“He said he expects him to come in and prepare and do the work — that’s the one little question mark you heard behind the scenes. That’s something Gruden’s going to try to demand out of RG3,” Mortensen said.

Most of the hard work in the offseason for Griffin in 2013 was about rehabilitating his surgically repaired knee. In 2014, Griffin can work hard at improving as a quarterback. After a disappointing second season, he needs to improve. And Gruden is saying he’ll demand that Griffin does the work necessary to improve.

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  1. sorry jay, but what the redskins already got out of IRG3 is all hes gonna be, rg3firstroundpickmistake

  2. I don’t think you have heard or will hear from any Redskin players criticism of Griffin’s work ethic.

  3. Bob will be working hard, trust me. Shooting Subway commercials is no joke.

    Oh wait, you mean working on football ? You got the wrong guy but the good thing is Cousins will have your back Jay.

    Bob will be benched by week 3.

  4. Unfortunately the new coach thinks he has clout to last longer then the qb. But we’ve all seen who the owner sides with. This will be a 2 year experiment, that ends badly

  5. I think working back from having his knee blow out means he’s earned the benefitof the doubt when it comes to work ethic…

  6. But he’s RG3 Jay. Didn’t you know he gets treated different than other players? He will let you know that soon.

  7. How will this effect the Snyder and Griffin bromance? Tune in on black Monday two years from now. What a joke of a franchise.

  8. RGIII is the first person in the building & the last person to leave everyday. Don’t know where you get your info from Chris but work ethic and determination are two of the biggest reasons he was drafted 2nd overall (Not to mention deadly accurate with a laser for an arm and runs under a 4.3). There are 5 stories on here everyday about Robert or the Redskins. This site is like the TMZ of professional football.

  9. It won’t matter if Jay is calling the plays.

    Did the Redskins brain trust even look at last Sunday’s loss to SD? OC Gruden led his offense off the cliff, never adjusted to what he saw happening on the field, made Dalton a tackling dummy for a defense that had no fear of what they we’re seeing.

    The 2 previous one and done Cincy playoff loses were much the same. Redskins fans are gonna hate this guy.

  10. no, no one on the team has questioned his work ethic. in fact his team mates claimed that the bad tape rumor was made up by the previous regime.

    yesterday Pierre Garcon stood by Robert on nfl am.

    And yea… playing on a bum knee all season = hard worker. Good luck getting that out of your crappie qb

  11. Personally as a cowboys fan I love this hire. Jay was a lower tier OC he will be gone in two years and RGIII will be the next Vince young

  12. Isn’t that what EVERY Head Coach tells ALL their players? Isn’t that what they as players are SUPPOSED to do? What about the Coaches? Preparation and hard work is the NFL Mantra. But, because Gruden said it, its news? Way to go Gruden you trend setter you..

  13. I wonder who leaked this info. Same guy that led the Skins to a 24 – 40 record. Same guy that sabotaged his team with leaks to the media when it was cleared that he would be fired. Same guy that had his tail saved by this same rookie QB who put the team on his back after his coach basically quit on his team after the Carolina game in ’12.

    Yeah, a valedictorian that graduated in 3 years doesn’t work hard. A guy that comes back from ACL and LCL in 8 months doesn’t work hard. A kid that is 23 and set the league on fire only a year ago, now has to deal with allegations that he doesn’t work hard. C’mon, consider the source.

    RG3 is not without blame in his stunning fall from grace. It was more RGme than RG3 this past year. But the kid is only 23. Cut him some slack. His backstabbing, double- crossing, two faced former head coach surely did not.

  14. Mortenson spreading rumors about RGIII’s work ethic without naming a source. Forget that he worked his arse off to come back from total knee reconstruction. Yes, let’s pretend that Griffin is lazy. Aren’t all black QB”S after all? Oh, and although he graduated early and worked on a post-grad degree, he’s not smart either. And although he had the highest passer rating ever for a rookie, let’s say he is only a running QB. Every single stereotype is being played out by the spineless media.

    Absolutely gutless reporting. Yet another “journalist” spreading negativity from “anonymous”. No repercussions, just keep smearing him.

    Gotta love how the media has used “anonymous” to tear this young man to pieces. What a pathetic group of wanabees…

  15. Diehard Redskins fan here. I’m sure Gruden’s comments were meant to say that Griffin needs to work hard just like all the others, and maybe a bit more because he’s the quarterback. Unfortunately what he said will get twisted and we’ll have the start of another QB vs Coach debacle waiting in the wings. Jay needs to learn, and I wish we could have, a cone of silence covering Redskins Park!

  16. Ha. Proof positive that jay is already Danny’s little puppet boy. If Danny didn’t make jay commit to rg being the starter as a condition to getting hired, jay would have said that it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that rg is the starter.

  17. Coach gruden answered the question very generically, isn’t what he said what any coach would expect?

    I think it’s a good hire and RG3 will get much better under gruden.

  18. People seem to forget his rookie season. Yes he blew his knee out we all know which sucked. Now that he has a full offseason of being healthy he should get better, at least us fans hope. Also, How come people can’t remember we didn’t give up “3” first rounders. We swapped 1st (still had a first #2 RGIII) then gave away two (1st round picks). The hate for this franchise is crazy to me. We’ve been bottom dwellers for decades, not much to hate on unless you’re an actual fan of this team. Oh, and I’ll take the wait and see approach on Jay.

  19. I don’t understand how he even has time to coach the Redskins when he should be helping Frodo get the ring to Mt. Doom.

  20. It’s comical that someone above compares Luck to RG3. Anyone that watches football and has any knowledge of the game knows Luck is by far the superior QB. RG3s numbers are inflated. Most passes thrown by RG3 are bubble screens and slants. I bet 80% of the passes he threw this year only travel 10 yards from the line. Luck is attacking all parts of the field with one WR TY Hylton.

  21. Funny, I’ve always heard how RG3 is one of the hardest workers on the team since he’s been in Washington. I think RG3’s work ethic is the least of his problems.

    I can’t wait to sit back and watch Robert light it up next season.

  22. RG3 had above 65% pass completion at Baylor and in his first year as a Redskin. He was efficient with the ball and his turnovers were very limited. The media makes him out to be a diva and talks about his work ethic? The only thing i have seen is a dedicated hard working man trying to overcome an unfortunate injury situation. When the season comes around he will be the talk of the NFL and all the media will be all over his gonads again praising him.

  23. I read a lot of garbage on this site within the comments section. I just chalk it up to fans will be fans, and take it with a grain of salt. But the one thing that plucks my nerves are Dallas fans attempting to belittle our franchise. When in fact Dallas has one of the highest paid rosters in the NFL every year, and can’t win a win or go home to save jerry Jones skin from looking like a cheetah print blanket. You guys are the definition of mediocre. Perennial “superbowl contenders” that almost always miss the playoffs. Look in the mirror and worry about your defense that was a bottom 3 defense. And btw your coach looks like Louise griffins brother from family guy.

  24. If you look at RGIII’s numbers in ’13…for a 2nd yr NFL QB in his first year back off a serious knee injury…and in a less than ideal situation…they were pretty decent. I mean, what might you expect?
    There is every reason to believe that he will continue to improve and be better still next season.

  25. RG3 is smarter than your average coach. When they get a coach with a higher IQ then they might make a little progress convincing RG to work harder.

  26. Lol yeah good luck with that Gruden. This is the guy who asked Shanahan not to show his bad plays in front of the rest of the team during film review. RGFragileEgo bought too much into the hype that he was “Superman” and doesn’t believe he has to work hard.

    And can anyone imagine Brady, Manning, Brees or any of the other top tier QBs trying to get the coach to not include their bad plays in weekly film review ? Brady has made it clear many times he gets his fair share of humble pie just like anyone else on the Pats who screws up.

  27. So he doesn’t work hard this site and many others reported his work ethic being the reason for his success. 2 degrees in 3 years of college is not the traits of a lazy person. This story is false and if you don’t believe me google Mortenson article praising the work ethic reporters these days I tell you!!!!

  28. That’s funny because he sure didn’t do that to Dalton. He coddled Dalton most of the time and didn’t make him take responsibility for his screw ups. As you can see, Dalton didn’t own up to his mistakes after that playoff game. Kept saying “we”. But when the Packers lost, Aaron took sole blame on his shoulders and promised to fix it next year. Even though it wasn’t all Aaron’s fault. Good luck with this guy Washington. All bark, no bite.

  29. Anyone saying gruden is a puppet because he’s committing to rg3- did you watch cousins play? He was average to below average in those 3 games. Made some good plays but threw some awful picks and worse misses.

  30. I think this sheds some clarity on the this past season with the Skins. I think it is obvious some of the leaks were legit but others were blown out of proportion.

    32 head coaches would say in a press conference about their team that they want their franchise qb’s to study and work hard. That is a non-story. All during the first season everyone clamored about how much film he watched and how incredible his work ethic was. Then this last summer he busted his tail to get back on to the field. Although it may have been premature to let him play HE GOT HIMSELF back on tot he field through his work ethic.

    The one knock the media hasn’t decided to ever use with Griffin is that he has poor work ethic. Now tey get a sound bite from Gruden it is an issue. That is typical of the media stirring the pot.

    I also like how in the press conf. someone told Gruden there were reports the TE coach was now the OC. His response, “Oh wow, that’s good to hear. I’ll have to congratulate him when I see him.” When does the media get held accountable for jumping the gun and creating false reports?

  31. All this talk is ridiculous. RG3 will be fine. He had one if the best rookie seasons of any QB that has ever played. Period. Look up the numbers. He had major offseason surgery and came back too early because I am sure he felt obligated because of what the skins gave up to get him. Anyone that questions his work ethic just does not know what they are talking about. Not one player has ever questioned his work ethic or leadership. Again, he worked his tail off to get back on the field this year. Hell, he worked out at UNLV the week of his bachelor party in Vegas. Let’s put his dedication and work ethic to bed. He now has a year to work on his craft and not just rehab. The skins finally have money to get free agents after two years of not being able to get quality free agents and they will recoup a 2nd or 3rd pick for Cousins after they trade him to the Vikes or Titans. Let’s just remember that this team is one year removed from winning the NFC East. Their O-line will be addresses and I am sure the secondary will be addresses in free agency. The media just loves to run with stories or anonymous sources. The skins will be fine next year.

  32. This is a good approach for gruden, his mindset is to only bring out the best in RG3. With a new coach and both shannys gone, RG3 now has no excuses to not work hard and improve from last year.

  33. Skins fans want to hide behind year as it was the norm, when in fact year 2 and his struggles as a true QB are more then likely the norm the next few years. The read option caught the league off guard. Year 2 every zone read QB struggled and by years end you don’t even see it as go to in offenses outside of misdirection change of pace. Why? Because it kills your QB mentally and physically.

  34. Realistically, how can anyone expect RGIII to have a great work ethic? It has been incredibly easy for him. He has some gifts other players don’t have. He struggled this year for a variety of reasons but if he can accept some of the responsibility for his lack of success and not rationalize it by blaming others he will be a great QB. I coached high school basketball for 30 years and discovered that big players don’t work as hard as little players, because they don’t have to. RGIII is no different so Gruden needs to sell him on work ethic. Let’s see what happens and reserve judgment on RGIII and Jay Gruden till this time next year.

  35. Robert Griffin’s work ethic has never been suspect of being anything short intense. this guy is a military brat whose mother and father were enlisted. my dad was army airborne and I remember him bouncing quarters off my bed, imagine both parents. plus he was a world class hurdler. this is just the media dangling carrots out there for you haters to have a reason to read their junk. I don’t know who’s more of a tool, the people who print this or the haters that buy into it. HTTR!!!

  36. I love how everybody on here follows the same line as the post before theirs in what they say. If half u guys truly knew as much as u think u do then u would b evaluating athletes for an organization instead of hating on them since apparently that’s the cool thing to do on this site. Get a life losers and lay off the hatorade

  37. Same slander, different player. Doesn’t this one get old? I’ve had my criticisms of Griffin, even before the media decided to start taking some Mike Shanahan lackeys’ word for gospel, but his work ethic has never been one of them. But I suppose if you believe nonsense like a player who put himself back into harm’s way and ran the plays anyway that his coaches gave him when his knee was clearly about to blow out is capable of openly laughing at what he can get Snyder to do and doesn’t like his “bad plays” pointed out, I suppose you will believe anything. Remember those ridiculous Patriot rumors of Randy Moss pulling Tom Brady’s hair right before he was traded? Yes, and this sounds just as ridiculous.

  38. You haters are tools if you think RGIII doesn’t work hard, graduated early from H.S. With a 4.0 and honors, a thesis away from his masters already, world class Olympic hurdler at once.
    Yep, he’s real lazy.

  39. Give Mr. Egotistical a whole large humble pie first before giving him expectations. Gruden’s attempt is like expecting a civilian to hold down an advancing enemy troop in which the expectation is to not fail. Well, you need to instill discipline in the mind first to expect that. Just what the child RG3 needs

  40. Gotta love all the Skins fans reminding us that rg3 did well in 2012 and forgetting how much they hyped him off coming back from surgery guaranteeing another solid bounce back season.
    Now we are all idiots for observing that didn’t happen and skins fans are again pointing to next season?
    Sorry to inform you but the OC for this team doesn’t matter. The kid will simply never be the same on the field. That season can’t be replicated bc everyone knows he is only accurate with screens, quick slants, and the occasional deep PA plays when his ruining abilities created a realistic threat for the read option.
    If you want that brought back after a full season of training with a healthy knee, have fun watching him go down again. He already got tossed around like a rag doll last year while trying to avoid contact.

    Sometines I actually feel bad for you sad, delusional fans.

  41. echo about the comments on dalton taking the blame after many interceptions costly games he gave away – waiting for 3 years and never did happen – halarious comment gruden!

  42. RG ruined his own career, too bad to dude had a shot, when you are injured like that unless its your last game of your career get out,

    step off to the siedlines and call it a day, a week a year whatever, first year?

    dude really did have a superman complex, get over it, you’re normal, so what you played against no bodies in college look at you now, all hobbled up..

    in life you have to use your brains or you will get ran over like a freight train..

    I am going to say that injury took 20% off RG, do they have the brains and the skill to put hiumpty dunpty back together again?

    heres a clue;

    pocket passer

  43. There must be an issue, or at least a perception, that RG3 doesn’t work hard enough. I’m surprised he called him out like that, but apparently he feels he must.
    When YOU earn a head coaching spot – then you can do it differently!

  44. Rg will never be the same again, he’s an over rated running qb and I still CTFU every time I think about that trade, 3-1st rd picks and a 2nd for him, hahahahahahahahahaha year after year that sh!tty team ends up in the basement and every year they say this is the year we come back, only to fall flat on their faces again, hahahahahahahahahahaaa they might get 5 wins this season, maybe, and it will be Cousins who finishes the season as their starting qb. The knee is over rated.

  45. skinsnation703 says: Jan 11, 2014 9:25 AM
    People seem to forget his rookie season. Yes he blew his knee out we all know which sucked. Now that he has a full offseason of being healthy he should get better, at least us fans hope. Also, How come people can’t remember we didn’t give up “3″ first rounders. We swapped 1st (still had a first #2 RGIII) then gave away two (1st round picks). The hate for this franchise is crazy to me. We’ve been bottom dwellers for decades, not much to hate on unless you’re an actual fan of this team. Oh, and I’ll take the wait and see approach on Jay.
    I agree with that statement, I amazes me also what sort of turmoil was started for hiring a HC . Even if we hired Vince Lombardi there would have been complaints! I wonder why that is? I can understand our fans disappointment, but why not give the new hiring a benefit of a doubt? Are they suddenly jumping off of the bandwagon? It will not surprise me if those same fans will jump back on once we start winning again!

  46. Robert comes from a great pedigree, his dad. Growing up as a dependent, he has learned what hard work (10 plus hour days no weekends most of the time), loyalty to ones unit-those in the foxhole with him, honor, taking responsibility and dedication is all about thru his dad and the units his dad has served in . That’s what the military is all about and from what I know his dad was a leader and successful in the military. Last year was a a bad year, coming back from a severe injury and his not performing at the levels he is used to.

  47. It’s funny how people are making it sound like RG3 sucks. Before he got injured last year, he had the best rookie season for a QB in the past 20 seasons and took his team to the playoffs and had a 14 point lead over the Seahawks until he finally tore his ACL. He spent his entire offseason rehabilitating his injured knee and got no full speed action until Week 1 of the regular season. I don’t know too many QBs who could tear an ACL and PCL, spend their entire offseason working on their knee, have no game-type action until the first week of the regular season and still have an amazing season. His numbers weren’t that bad when you compare them to his rookie year stats. He had a 60% completion percentage and threw for 3,203 yards and 16 TDs. Yeah, he threw 12 picks but look at the line that was “protecting” him. He definitely doesn’t have the same caliber O-Line that Kaepernick had this year. If the Redskins get a few offensive weapons (and maybe some linemen that can actually protect him) through free agency/draft this year, RG3 will have an even better year than his rookie year. There’s a reason why he won the ROY over Luck and Wilson!

  48. You RGMe lover using his stats to this year to justify his passing rating are Crazy. His numbers were high only because he was playing soft Defenses all year because the were losing by 20-30 point in most games so team say back and let them throw the short balls all day. Some games got close then the D stiffened again and RGMe couldn’t come threw. So don’t use his great passing Rating just look at his win lose.

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