Report: Patriots put Spikes on IR after he was late to practice


Although Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes had been dealing with a knee injury for weeks, it came as a surprise when Spikes was placed on injured reserve last week. After all, Spikes had managed to play in all 16 games during the regular season, and there had been no reports of his knee injury getting worse.

But it appears that there was more to Spikes’s injured reserve designation than just his knee.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Spikes was late to the Patriots’ Friday bye week practice, and that was the final straw that resulted in Bill Belichick deciding to put Spikes on IR. The weather was bad on Friday, and Spikes wrote on Twitter that he was stuck in the snow, but Belichick has a history of not accepting bad weather as an excuse for being late to practice: He once sent Randy Moss, Derrick Burgess, Adalius Thomas and Gary Guyton home when they showed up late to work on a snowy day.

Placing Spikes on injured reserve serves as something of a compromise: For Spikes, it allows him to collect his playoff pay, which he wouldn’t receive if the Patriots had cut him for showing up late to work. For the Patriots, it ensured that Spikes wouldn’t get picked up right away by the Colts, Broncos or Chargers.

The 26-year-old Spikes, who has played his entire four-year career in New England, becomes a free agent in March.

71 responses to “Report: Patriots put Spikes on IR after he was late to practice

  1. Even though BB is the ultimate no nonsense coach, there has too be more to this than just being late for a meeting.

    No way Spikes comes back next year

  2. And the NFLPA is probably going to pretend this is OK because that Patriots did it…

  3. IF* this is true it is only a small portion of the story. Too bad either way. This guy played with fire and abandon and was fun to watch.

  4. “Spikes had managed to play in all 16 games during the regular season, and there had been no reports of his knee injury getting worse.”

    He left the game and did not return after re-injuring that knee against the Bills which was the last game of the season. No need for that report as it was shown on replay.

  5. Do not believe this for one second. Yes he was late for practice but he was playing on a torn knee ligament (not acl) for 6 weeks and was visibly limited. He limped off during the buffalo game and him being late for practice lead to Bill having a talk with spikes about his situation. It was a mutual decision to put him on IR and was more based on his injuries

  6. Spikes has already said earlier this season that he will NOT give a Patriots discount as he is a free agent as of March.
    The “Patriots Way” lost another good player.

  7. He sucks anyway. Decent against the run, terrible at everything else.

    But, the snow can be awful here & every other work place allows some leeway in that regard. BB just being his typical authoritarian self.

  8. Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time. Just one suggestion. STOP DRAFTING GUYS FROM FREAKING FLORIDA!

  9. What’s stopping Spikes from contacting the Colts,Chargers, or Broncos and telling everything he knows about the Patriots

  10. Because of what happened with Welker in 2010…I’m going to give this some credence but since it’s PFT…and the reporting is generally just north of TMZ and the National enquirer I wouldn’t be surprised if their source is sketchy and unreliable at best. That being said There are two things defensively that have been a part of the championship runs that New England made from 2001-2004: A player that was truly feared and a corner that could absolutely take away the other teams most significant receiving threat. Brandon Spikes is a guy who makes a huge impact, especially in the run game. and has shown that he can make the occasional play in the pass game. What he hits, STAYS HIT. He had a 1 v 1 with Marshawn Lynch last year and set him on his ass for fun. He’s a guy that is feared and that is something that our Patriots have not had for a long time (Rodney Harrison). I really like that Bill is making this move if indeed it’s a move based on a mountain of evidence, accumulated over time, that says he’s an irresponsible, non-dependable jerk and is poison in the locker room. That kind of player causes teams to lose. However, I have a VERY hard time believing that and if he’s a jerk here and there BUT is a good citizen outside of FB this is a bad move, akin to what we did with Welker. Belicheck is my guy…but he’s no saint and Pats fans have hardly, if at all blamed (I have and always will) him for the mess that was spygate. Kraft, nor the fan base didn’t scream for his dismissal even though he put a stain on the franchise that will not go away anytime soon AND cost us a 1st round draft pick in a draft where we could’ve made significant moves (imagine Mayo AND Talib in the same would’ve been possible). All I’m saying is if we are IR’ing him for disciplinary reasons…it makes no sense. He’s a FA so even if Bill hates the guy, you only have him for a max of 3 more games so if he can play…and is not a criminal…PUT UP WITH HIM and win the freakin’ game today! Hell, he bent the rules when he repeatedly said it was a marginal gain at best so WHY NOW take a sanctimonious stand?

  11. There are multiple reports saying spikes has missed multiple meetings this year, coupled with the injury he had and the playoff prep, this was a good choice by both sides. Time for spikes and the pats to move on.

  12. “Notice how this doesn’t happen to the Steelers?”

    Well, duh. You can’t put a player on IR for a playoff game you aren’t playing.

  13. So you are saying the Pats violated league rules by putting a guy on IR for discipline reasons?

    Shocking. When does Belicheat get his fine and suspension?

  14. This is an interesting story, but let’s not forget the bigger issue.
    Pats are 3-4 in their last 7 playoff games and Brady’s QBR was under 50. THATS Not going to get you a Super Bowl.

  15. you must be on time for every football related event, but when its your personal life, go ahead and freely break the law and we will welcome you back to practice with open arms… well as long as you are on time

  16. To those that say he can’t play…that is ignorant. To those that say he’s irreplaceable…that’s also ignorant. He’s no Mayo, but then again, Mayo does a lot of things decently, but nothing spectacularly. Spike hits as good or better than anyone in the league. He’s basically Ted Johnson who was a thunderous run stopper. But the timing is ridiculous. I’m all for setting a standard and upholding it. But it’s not like Bill didnt’ know he was a turd when he drafted him and didn’t know he was a turd when he was suspended for PEDS and didn’t know he was a turd for missing meetings….you all get the point. So why now is all I’m saying? He’s a playmaker….you need playmakers and toughness this time of year. At this point…you ride with what got you here and sort the rest out later UNLESS as I said he’s such a cancer he has to go. Welker in 2010 commenting about Rex’s toe fetish was not cancerous. We dumped Randy Moss…who was 5x’s the impact player Spikes will EVER BE around game 4 of 2010…it wasn’t working and we cut bait. This WAS WORKING…and we still cut bait. SMH.

  17. “Worth mentioning that it was reported to be a mutual decision.”

    Unfortunately the media is only interested in a story, not facts.

    I honestly don’t believe this report anyways. I doubt Belichick would put Spikes on IR just for being late to one practice. He hurt his knee in the Patriots’ last game and has been laboring and rapidly losing effectiveness by the week.

    Either way it’s a mutually beneficial decision. Spikes doesn’t risk hurting his knee even further before going into free agency and the Patriots get to put in a healthy player (Dane Fletcher) who gives them a better chance of winning in the playoffs.

  18. Hoping the Giants sign Spikes when he becomes a FA, they should have drafted him but Reese doesn’t believe in the LB position.

  19. Damn, I hate Belichick because of Spygate but this is pretty powerful. Imagine if all athletes were held to the same standards with no exceptions. Late is late and consequences are set in stone. No excuses. It makes the player accountable because others got there on time. Nice!

  20. I don’t believe Spikes participated in the off-season workouts either.

    I think he has been in the dog house all year, but he is hurting knee wise.

  21. Steelers should have their names changed to the Trolls, that’s apparently what every Steelers fan is.

  22. All i remember this guy is for that dirty hit he laid on fitzpatrick… And then him being called a punk.

  23. Have to enjoy all these uninformed opinions from fans who hate the Patriots and their success. There were multiple things that led to the decision as was discussed on Sportsradio 98.5 an hour ago. To begin, Spikes was hobbled by a knee injury but there have been a multitude of other issues “that broke the camels back”. Sex tape when he was a rookie, PED suspension, did not participate in off season workouts preferring to stay in Florida to train, documented late for meetings on multiple occasions. BB even gives his players driving lessons in the snow. Who the hell who lives in New England does not a their driveway plowed when it snows and Spikes gets his car stuck in the snow which we all knew was coming and instead of calling AAA he goes on twitter asking for help.
    In New England, there is no player above the team including TB who is a model leader of this franchise.
    Brandon Spikes has played his last game as a New England Patriot and is a 2 down LB at best.His play has not improved over the four years he was here and more power to him to get his big payday on another team.
    The Patriots may not be the most talented team in the league as the current roster stands(injuries) but as BB said in the Football Life it is all about the TEAM and that is why this team sits where it is today.
    In Belichick We Trust and that is why this team has the best record for over a decade !!

  24. The only thing that’s uninformed is a Patriot fan telling other people how jealous we are of the fact you haven’t been the most successful franchise for nearly 10 years now.

    Most fans do hate the Patriots but respect their way of doing business. It’s the Patriots fans that nobody respects.

  25. Not a Patriot fan but respect the hell out that team and organization. Millionaires do not get a pass for weather when trainers, equipment mgrs, stadium workers, and most any other workers can make it to work on time. You get paid millions of dollars— get your ass to work like anyone else would that wants to keep a job.

  26. The Patriots haters actually show their fear by spitting out “Spygate! Spygate!” every whipstitch. Makes me laugh.

    That being said, in the picture, is that Santa Claus kicking Spikes in the balls?

  27. > Even though BB is the ultimate no nonsense coach, there has too be more to this than just being late for a meeting.

    It was something he’d done multiple times over the season, not just one practice.

  28. They’re reporting out of Boston that it’s all BS. Plus, I don’t believe anything Mortensen reports involving Belichick. Everyone knows Mortensen hates Bill.

  29. So, Fletcher will come in and he’ll make some plays and miss some too but he and Collins will do enough to sure up the LB position.

    In spite of how I feel (bad decision if for discipline and not injury reasons) how can anyone argue he hasn’t done Spikes square? He is going to get full share for any playoff success the team has and can start right now getting his knee right for next year and his upcoming free agency. I like the guy…and I like his hitting ability but I’d love him to face us twice a year because with what we run he’d almost never see the field or be a total liability if on it. Imagine him covering Vereen? Just don’t have him meet Ridley in the hole 😉

  30. The sky was the limit for Spikes if he had his brain on straight. It’s a real feat to get yourself kicked off a team that’s missing their key front 7 guys. This makes me an angry disappointed guy.

  31. Another reason why Bill gets this team to 10 plus wins, EVERY SINGLE YEAR in the last 10. He has a clear standard, and as a player you will meet it. There are rules and you will follow them. To a point, there will be some lee-way but push it and you are done. If the freakin’ country operated like that, there would be a lot less lazy ass, welfare drawing, excuse making, whiners in this country.

  32. badmoonrison says:

    Patriots will win tonight, via cheating, like they always do.

    Lol yeah right. The most scrutinized and watched team in the league somehow manages to cheat in front of the many people who watch for any tiny infringement of the rules.

    I know, Bill will use his patented Hoodie Of Invisibility (TM) to sneak into the Colts locker room before the game. That’s it.


  33. Christ, every team cheats, the Jets trip players, the Saints had the bounty scandal, the 49ers commit salary cap violations every freaking year, half the Broncos are on illegal drugs. People are just jealous of success and the Patriots have been the gold standard in the NFL for many years now, so I can see why fans would be jealous of that. Go Pats!!

  34. harrisonhits2 says:
    Lol yeah right. The most scrutinized and watched team in the league somehow manages to cheat in front of the many people who watch for any tiny infringement of the rules.

    I know, Bill will use his patented Hoodie Of Invisibility (TM) to sneak into the Colts locker room before the game. That’s it.

    Hi uninformed friend, I suggest you read “Spygate” its a book. You might change your perspective, unless you are a closed-minded Pats fan. This is the book the NFL doesnt want you to read. The Patriots have cheated for years. How else could a team have a home record like that. The numbers dont jive.

  35. So the Patriots cut Spikes in a way that gives him full playoff pay – and they’re the bad guys here.

    Just checking.

    Is this like when the Pats paid Ballard a whole year salary (unlike the Giants) to rehab and Belichick was declared the anti-Christ?

  36. ‘You’re allowed to possess multiple firearms”
    It’s ok to entertain drug dealers and killers in your home”
    You’re allowed to be involved in multiple murders”


  37. All of you patriot haters all jealous! You have to come up with some new material. Really is pathetic! Enjoy watching pats play tonight losers!

  38. Spygate book? Really badmoon? NFL doesn’t want you to read it ? Self published with his own money by a guy that lost his license in the financial industry, because he couldn’t get a legitimate house to publish it. Cites no evidence or sources, other than a Vegas bookie and a fringe stat guy. Offers no proof of his ‘theories’. The premise of the book is statistically, the Pats are so good at home, they must still be cheating. We don’t know exactly what EAdams does, so it must be him, They go on to make the rest up, and even the author admits it’s just a theory.

    Oh, I forgot, the author is a disgruntled fan of a rival team, either Jets or Steelers, I think.

    If anyone likes those kind of books, there are a couple of other ones about the US Gov’t being behind 9/11 and Obama being born in Kenya. Check em out, they’re about as legit. A s is badmoon.

  39. thealmightybigblue says: Jan 11, 2014 2:38 PM

    The Ny giants sit back and lol at the spygate boys like usual.


    They have nothing better to do than “sit back.” On their couches watching playoff teams.

  40. While Belichick probably would have punished Spikes by sitting him for a half, BB would not have put Spikes on IR unless he were truly injured, which he is.

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