Seahawks announce ticket sales for NFC title game, to restricted addresses


The 12th Man shall not be infiltrated.

The Seahawks have issued a press release announcing that a limited number of tickets to the NFC title game will be made available for purchase on Monday.  But folks in Charlotte or San Francisco need not apply.

“Tickets will be available to fans with a billing address in WA, OR, MT, ID, AK, HI and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta,” the Seahawks said.

While that doesn’t prevent folks who buy the tickets from selling them on the secondary market, it makes it harder for fans of the opposing team to attend the game.

Meanwhile, we didn’t realize that the Seahawks were the official NFL team of Alaska and Hawaii.  Alaska and Hawaii may not have realized that, either.

39 responses to “Seahawks announce ticket sales for NFC title game, to restricted addresses

  1. Are they allowed to do that, by law? Seems like a law suit begging to be brought. Discriminating against people by address.

  2. The Seahawks are just restricting sales to their Designated Media Area (“DMA”). This is a common home territory given to teams in the Pacific Northwest by the NFL, MLB and NBA.

  3. anything other than the U.S. is surefire socialists. The NFL Seahawks are collaborating in treason.
    Death by Panther is the sentence.

  4. Tickets for the Saints game were gone instantly, didn’t matter if you hit refresh every second right before they went on sale you weren’t going to get any. So all they’re missing out on is being frustrated for 10 minutes.

    And Alaskans are generally Seahawk fans. You’ll notice that whenever there are polls where homer Hawk fans vote for their team while the rest of the country votes for another team, Alaska and most of the time Hawaii vote for the Hawks.

  5. Well if you knew anything about the Pacific Northwest or maybe West Coast in general you would understand the strong and close ties between Washington State and Alaska. From the original territorial days, logging, fishing and mining in Washington and Alaska have been tied together. Today, many Alaskans as well as others in the PNE root for Seattle professional teams.
    As for Hawaii, interesting to note that Alaskan Airlines which is actually based in Seattle actually flies more routes to Hawaii than does Hawaiian Airlines does amongst hype islands.

  6. Locational discrimination! Should be outlawed!

    On a side note, they didn’t make tix available to the thriving market of fans in London???

  7. I live in Hawaii (transplant from Wichita) and pretty much everyone here prefers the Seahawks as the preferred pro team. I also used to be a fisherman based in Alaska and definitely everyone there is a Seahawks fan. I don’t get what’s so hard to believe about this, Seattle is the closest city to either place that has a pro football team.

  8. Damn…If I had the money, I’d buy some tickets and sell them to the highest bidder from either SF or Charlotte!

  9. Probably unneeded precaution if Carolina wins, but San Franciscans could easily avail themselves of numerous inexpensive flights between the cities and have a significant presence. Likely to be some in any case with all the Silicon Valley expats in the Seattle area tech industry.

  10. Admin says:
    Jan 12, 2014 3:13 AM
    Damn…If I had the money, I’d buy some tickets and sell them to the highest bidder from either SF or Charlotte!
    That’s what many Bronco fans did back in the playoffs with the Steerlers for the playoffs after the 2005 regular season.

    They were selling them 2-5 times the face value. Steeler fans bought them up quickly.

  11. @meetcarroll

    Seattle is closer to Hawaii than San Diego? Or San Francisco? Or Oakland? Or heck even Phoenix? Someone needs to get you an atlas!

  12. It don’t matter. There will be plenty of tickets availabe via NFL Ticket Exchange and Stubhub. A lot of fake bandwagoner 12th Man that will sell their tickets. I guara-damn-tee! LOL

  13. I like how much outrage all of you have for this. It makes me laugh. Really, it does. You all act like this is the first time this has happened. You should all look in to the past games that have had ticket sales restrictions like this because you’ll find many, many more before it. It’s pretty much regular practice at this point for title games so it really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Really seems like most of your hatred is directed at them because they are in the playoffs one game away from the Super Bowl and a lot of you aren’t. If you’re a 49ers fan, congrats on making it this far and I hope we have a good game, but part way through the season I wasn’t even sure you were going to make it to be completely honest. Luckily Crabtree and the rest made it back, and showed Carolina what’s up last week. I think it’ll be close as long as your QB doesn’t blow as much as he did in the beginning of the season.

  14. Who are the 49ers or their fans to gripe?

    Go to their website, you can’t view the forum without joining, and if you try to join and have an east coast address they deny your request to join.

    It’s all fair in football….

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