An early lead for 49ers in the kind of physical game you expect


A physical tone has been set early in Charlotte, with three players taken off the field with injuries on the first possession.

And the 49ers started things the way you’d expect, by not getting into the end zone. They settled for a 49-yard Phil Dawson field goal to end a 13-play drive that took nearly six minutes off the clock, for a 3-0 lead on the Panthers.

There have also been a few briefs skirmishes, as both teams try to establish themselves as the more aggressive.

The Panthers wasted a third-down stop with a late hit by safety Mike Mitchell, getting the 49ers into range for the field goal and the early lead.

25 responses to “An early lead for 49ers in the kind of physical game you expect

  1. The amount of jawing and dirty plays only 10 minutes into this game by Carolina I disgusting. They’ve made it easy not to root for their classless bunch. This isn’t anything new for this team who still has won NOTHING

  2. I love the ramped up intensity, but Carolina is playing borderline stupidly with so much extra stuff. Those two playoff games yesterday didn’t even look like playoff games. I just hope I don’t have to mute sanctimonious Joe Buck.

  3. NOT SURE WHERE TO POST THIS BUT IT NEEDS TO BE SAID…..How disrespectful, so many NFL players were when they purposely failed to place their hand across their hearts at the beginning of the game during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner”…..even after the announcer instructed fans and players alike — Please stand with your hands remaining over your heart”
    Way to go NFL — you should view the tape and fine the disrespectful lot. NFL SUPPORTS THE TROOPS –RIGHT

  4. So far the Panthers look poised and confident. The Niners look intimidated, they know Carolina has their number. LOL they are letting an old man, Steve Smith, tear them up.

  5. I’m excited to learn which NFC team will eventually be turned into gravel by the Patriots run game.

  6. Niners are hard to watch due to the whining. It’s sad really, as a hawks fan, I love how the niners play, and like a lot of their players (bowman and Willis mainly) but their coach whines so much that the players can’t help but think they should too. I love that TV shows harbaugh whining a lot.

  7. I believe it’s obvious the New York City NFL monster office gives their nod for or against teams. It’s anti-trust tax-free monopolies need busting up. Call you congress person Monday. Goodell has turned football into ladies figure skating.

  8. Saw three bad calls against Panthers, and two against Niners. Nonetheless, I criticize Niner fans if they whine when the calls go against them (which, of course happens as much as it does with any team), because there are times things break your way when maybe they shouldn’t. So I’ll say the same to whining Panther fans. Over time, it all evens out. This game ended as it should have. Good as the Panthers are, the Niners are a better team at the moment.

    The Panthers had a great season and gave their fans a lot of thrills. I’ve no doubt they’ll be a force to be reckoned-with next year.

  9. For those of you who don’t follow the Niners closely, that was classic Kaepernick. He does that all the time. He’s streaky as Hell. He’ll go 2 for 12 and look like garbage and then all of a sudden connect on 10 or 12 straight and look brilliant. And he’s at his best in high pressure situations. And all the haters in the world cannot argue the fact that the Niners are playing in their third consecutive NFC Championship game. Any hater who casually writes them off as phony non-c0ntenders is blinded by his bias or just hasn’t been paying attention.

  10. So far Panther fans are the most pathetic whiners I’ve seen posting. If one of their players had pulled out a knife, shived a niner, then called for a penalty, they’d call for a congressional inquiry.

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