Andrew Luck: I’m disappointed in myself for the interceptions


In the regular season, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck threw nine interceptions in 16 games. In the postseason, Luck threw seven interceptions in two games. After his four-interception game on Saturday night in New England, Luck put the loss on himself.

“Obviously, they beat us fair and square and we didn’t deserve it,” Luck said. “I’m disappointed in myself – I can’t commit that many turnovers and have a chance to win against a good team like this. I’m proud to be a part of this team – guys never quit, guys never stop fighting. We had our chances and we just couldn’t get over that hump. The Patriots deserved to win.”

Luck credited the Patriots’ defense for stopping what the Colts’ offense was trying to do.

“They do a good job of disrupting your timing and rhythm and getting hands on guys,” Luck said.

Luck, who threw for 331 yards and two touchdowns, also made some great throws. But seven interceptions in two playoff games is way, way too much. For the Colts to become the type of team they want to be, they need Luck to play better than he did in these playoffs.

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  1. Luck is an impressive quarterback and leader. He’s for real. He can take a hit and still get the football down the field into tight coverage. He certainly can bring his team back quickly when down. He just needs to learn how to mange the game better and take more of what the defense is giving him. That said, it is hard to win when your defense is getting run over even with 8 men in the box.

  2. Luck has a very bright future in this league, the colts are young, but will continue to get better, gotta shore up the run D and get wayne back next year and Allen and shore up the o-line, we lost to the better team last night, we gotta get home court in the playoffs, its essential to the colts

  3. Great game last night. The colts impressed the heck out of me. Not so much with their play as with their tenacity. After we went up 14-0 so quickly I expected them to lay down and give up, yet after every mistake and bad play they got up and kept fighting no matter how hopeless it seemed. I guess luck just folded under the pressure these last two games but he will be a force for a long time. These guys are the future.

  4. The colts impressed the heck out of me. After 14-0 so quickly most teams would have fallen apart, and yes 4 ints could be construed as falling apart, but they kept fighting. I think luck just couldn’t handle the bright lights, but he’s young it’s only his second season I expect him to do just fine in the future. Def a ring or two coming to the colts some time soon.

  5. I’m dissapointed in you too, Luck. You are not going to win playoff game like that. Havili pass wasn’t really your fault. I’m also dissapointed that the Steelers didn’t make the playoffs too. Oh wait, I could give two sh!ts about the Steelers.

  6. Luck is an amazing talent but an even more amazing leader. Yes, turning the ball over as often as Indy did during the playoffs this year isn’t the recipe for success. Neither is allowing a 73 yard touchdown while defensively being lined up with 10 in the box!!!!!! Nor is offensively seeing the Colts offensive linemen continuously get blown back into our own backfield or standing there looking confused as a defender flies by them to make a play…this game last night in Foxboro was won in the trenches by the better team. The more disciplined, more physical team out hustled and out techniqued Indianapolis. This game will prove to be a teaching tool that Grigson & Pagano will address this off-season as Priority team needs in order to succeed collectively. Still proud of Our Indianapolis Colts! ColtsNation Congragulates you all on a VERY SUCCESSFULL SEASON!!!! Thank You!!!!! GoHorse

  7. andrew luck will be the face of nfl QB’s in a few years, hes already a top 10 Qb in this league and he will only get better with experience

  8. Luck will be one of the top 5 QB’s in the league for the next decade. It seems these great QB’s play excellent in regular season then choke in the playoff’s. Some can overcome it, some never will (see Andy Dalton).

  9. Luck is still the best young quarterback in the league. Yes he had a bad night, but remember Manning had a bad night against Baltimore last year-2 INT’s and a fumble which accounted for 17 points. It happens!

  10. Luck has a way of playing so great in garbage time, that he can actually win the game. The other teams take their foot off the break in the 2nd half because they think they have the game wrapped up, but Luck is extremely explosive in garbage time and it throws teams off. Opposing teams get too relaxed, then bam, all of a sudden the game is tied.

    The Patriots provided the blueprint for the Colts and Luck. Don’t let Luck beat you in garbage time.

  11. I guess their “Luck” ran out lol

    Did you guys get my joke? Andrew Luck plays for the Colts and they just so lost to the Pats. It also means that their streak of winning lucky games came to an end. It’s a nice play on words.

  12. atntitan: they traded their 26th-27th pick to Cleveland for Richardson.

    But why get in the way of someone who doesn’t pay attention to football.

  13. Yes, Luck needs to play better than he did in the playoffs. Most importantly though, the GM and Irsay need to obtain players who can provide better defense. That’s the biggest problem facing the Colts, not whether Luck will improve for future playoffs.

  14. While I am an Andrew Luck fan, and his ability is undeniable, the fact that he has already been enshrined in the Hall of Fame (even before he was drafted) really needs to be put on the way back burner. At this point he has shown himself to be a very good prospect but nothing more. His name shouldn’t even been breathed in the same sentence as Brady, Manning, Rodgers or Brees. Not to say that he cant develop into a QB of that caliber but enough is enough with the Andrew Luck hype machine. Let him earn it and Ill be the first to sing his praises but 7 ints in 2 playoff games….most teams would be screaming for a qb change.

  15. I’m thrilled and relieved that the pats won but I am impressed with the colts. This team is tenacious and will be a team to seriously reckon with in the future perhaps as soon as next year. Luck has all the elements to be a great qb, even Brady grade. He just needs to work out the kinks. Some of his throws are unbelievable and surely he and his teammates have no quit in them just like the pats. I don’t know… I’m thinking maybe their coaching need something to improve too. We should not be trashing Luck. He did far better than other qb like flacco, Eli etc. Luck is young and playing against the pats and other so called elite teams will just toughen him up. He already what it takes to beat them. He has strength, leadership, uncanny ability to read defenses, tenacity, mobility which most young qb has nowadays, audacity which he needs to temper at times etc .He needs to be more wily. He get intercepted because the defense can read him like a toddler’s book. Correct the interception tendencies and they are good to go … to the sb. That being said— GO PATS!!!!!

  16. atntitan says:
    Jan 12, 2014 1:00 PM

    Suck for luck! Karma catching up? Oh well enjoy your 26th-27th draft pick.

    I’m sure the browns will enjoy that pick, giving them 2 in the first round. The one thing Banner did right this season apparently. We’ll see though, somehow the browns management finds creative ways to overthink the picks and blow great opportunity to upgrade the team!

  17. deathonwings410 says:
    Jan 12, 2014 1:13 PM

    Seattle will have their hands full with either one of these teams. They won’t fold like the Saints

    Seattle has the best defense in the league. Either of these teams will have their hands full vs. Seattle.

  18. With Luck you can see the potential and the poise and leadership already. He already is making big throws, just has to get a little better with decision making as most young qbs need to. That offensive line needs to improve, couldn’t run the ball consistently and Luck didn’t have many clean pockets, and that defense just absolutely manhandled, backs were 5 yds down field before getting touched.

  19. aceakking says:
    Jan 12, 2014 2:25 PM
    Colts are cheaters for tanking the 2011 season. You will never win a SB because cheaters never win.

    its not like it benefited the head coach, GM & a decent amount of players since they were given their walking papers. Peyton is just a game changer. The defense was always terrible, Peyton just had to outscore em. When you have Painter, Collins & Orlovsky, what do you think is going to happen?
    With that being said, Luck had a rough playoff year but he’s young & will bounce back. Glad to see him develop

  20. Luck is a talented QB. But for now he has earned the stigma of too many INTs in the playoffs. His first year was horrid but the team around him made the playoffs – this year he was amazing but the team around him was horrid? I call BS. Next year, if the Colts make the playoffs (and they should), the talking heads are going to say “will Luck throw INTs? and cost his team a shot at the SB”. And if he does, then Luck will justifiably carry that ‘choke’ label for years… like Romo. But right now he gets a pass because of his age.

  21. At least he OWNED IT. This is taking personal responsibility.
    his is very rare in today’s sports/entertainment world.
    He and the Colts are bound for much better things.
    It’s a maturing process.
    But OWNING what happened is just beyond mature.
    I’m proud if him.
    He’s a breath of fresh air a world of BLAME OTHERS.

  22. aceakking says:
    Jan 12, 2014 2:25 PM
    Colts are cheaters for tanking the 2011 season. You will never win a SB because cheaters never win.
    So from here on out any team that has the first pick in the draft are considered cheaters since they “tanked” the season, essentially that is what you are saying right? Anyone care to answer that if this person will not. Here that Texan fans, your team cheated because they “tanked” the season to get the #1 pick for next year’s draft. To all of you that claim the Colts cheated to get Luck really need to get a life or better yet watch the entire 2011 season and see how really bad Painter, Orvlosky, and Collins really sucked and that’s why we had the #1 pick.

  23. Difficult to not be impressed by this young man, regardless the team someone supports during the season.

  24. Good young man. It’s a shame that when any other young qb has a bad game he is considered inferior. Luck puts on an interception clinic he is still considered great player. He’s good but definitely not great.

  25. To all who are making reference to RG3 and saying he blamed his teammates, I suggest you see the interviews for yourself, then evaluate. Don’t go by how the media interrupts his post game interviews. The reason RG3 is so blunt at times is because that’s just how people with military backgrounds speak. It’s no secret either. The same Washington Post writers wrote articles about the very subject when he first got here are now the ones talking a lot of fabricated nonsense about him. Players even when interviewed during his rookie camp said he was a straight forward, no nonsense, to the point type guy. No sugar coating, no coddling ….just plain facts. Like I said listen to the interviews yourself and the questions he’s being asked…and stopped being so soft. But still much respect to the Colts…HTTR

  26. Andrew Luck is significant for one reason. The quarterback position is the last “skill” position that is still available to the white football player. It is also the most important position. It represents intelligence and leadership. Now, that position is under attack, so to speak, by the black athlete. And millions of white, male NFL fans are in panic mode. So they come up with absurdities e.g. “Tim Tebow” is the best college football player…..ever! White males hold on to the belief that they are intellectually superior to black males. That belief compensates for their obvious physical inferiority. Any evidence that diminishes that belief in mental superiority, renders white males as inferior human beings. Enter the Andrew Lucks of the world!

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