Belichick: No benefit or detriment to facing either AFC West team

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick said that his team has drawn up preliminary reports on both the Broncos and Chargers ahead of Sunday’s clash between the AFC West rivals so that they can hit the ground running on a fuller game plan once they know which team they’ll be facing.

During a conference call on Sunday, Belichick predictably offered no picks or preferences for which team the Patriots will face next weekend. Belichick was asked if he thought there was any advantage or disadvantage to having played Denver during the regular season or facing the Chargers for the first time. Belichick said he doesn’t see things that way.

“I do think this: whoever we play, these are the two best teams in the AFC and in order to play next week, you have to play well this week. Whichever team that is today that plays the best will deserve to play next week. We played well enough last night to be able to play next week. So whoever we play, we’re playing the other best team in the AFC,” Belichick said. “We’re going to have to play well. We’re going to have to play better than we played last night. The competition is going to get stiffer. I think we’ve all seen in the playoffs that it’s really about that game, that matchup, that day. Whatever happened during the regular season or some other year or some other time, or whatever reference point you want to take, is really not that significant.”

Belichick didn’t say anything about playing at home as opposed to on the road, but the Patriots will host the game next week if the Chargers win. That would make three straight years with the AFC title decided in Foxboro, where the Patriots split with the Ravens the last two years.

24 responses to “Belichick: No benefit or detriment to facing either AFC West team

  1. As a Seahawks fan I like this. Is it really a bad thing that our defense is a bunch of psychopaths? Seems to be working after every play no matter who we’re playing the other team is always pushing and shoving with us. The last time we were good we were soft and now we’re tough. I like it. We don’t have to make a bunch of basement dwellers on a comment board like us we just gotta keep winning games. Win with class ?? How about just win.

  2. Very encouraging to see a running game take over a game. If they can play like that, I think they have a better shot at beating denver. Gotta keep manning off the field, and running the ball will do it. But I still think manning is lights out no matter who they play.

  3. “It is rumored that he sleeps with his hoody on.”

    And his light saber by his side at all times.

  4. Tainted Saints?? How do bounties take away from winning the SB in any way? I’m no Saints fan but that’s about the dumbest username I’ve seen. Idiotic.

  5. Its been said before but I need to say it again, bill Belichick is playing chess while other coaches are playing checkers !!!
    look what he had to field for players because of injury, rookies,undrafted, free agents and practice squad players.
    He should be coach of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pats finally have 2 headed. 3 actually monster running game… Best qb ever. Best coach ever… Diehard steelers fan says lets go patriots.. Haters quit hating. Appreciate greatness

  7. csilojohnson says:
    Jan 12, 2014 1:43 PM
    Good article.
    A lot of typos though.
    Its spelled Belicheat not Belichick.
    You get an A for consistency though.
    Along with every other sports writer.

    And you get an “A” for originality “belicheat”

  8. If you’re still calling the Patriots cheaters, you have no clue how football works.

    Teams win championships. Brady is a team player and winner. Deal with it.

    -Ravens fan

  9. amen haterade…I just hate how people hate people who are successful (mitt romney anyone )..

    Belichick is the best coach ever for any sport….period..Brady- best qb EVER…

  10. Seeing the comments from the haters puts a smile on my face. Life is great here in New England being a Patriots fan.

    Instead of hating on a great football organization better to spend their time prepping for the draft in May as the Patriots get ready to play in the AFCC for the third time in a row and the 8th time in Bill Belichick’s 14 seasons as Head Coach of NewEngland

  11. Best coach ever? Any sport? How about Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, John Wooden, Vince Lombardi, or Bear Bryant? (I don’t watch baseball or soccer, have to assume those sports have worthy candidates, too.). That said, I would definitely include Big Bad Bill in the discussion.

  12. timmons94 says:

    Belichick is the best coach ever for any sport….period..Brady- best qb EVER

    Belichick is a great coach but he’s not an innovator like Paul Brown and Tom Laundry. Laundry was his own offense and defense coordinator and had 20 straight winning seasons. A play here and a play there and he could easily have 4-5 championships instead of two. Brady? Hard to say any current QB is the best ever with the rules protecting them now.

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