Kaepernick scores, steals Newton’s dance, leads 20-10

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First it was Ric Flair switching sides. Then Colin Kaepernick stole Cam Newton’s move.

The crowd in Charlotte has grown quiet in a hurry, after Kaepernick scored on a 4-yard run for a 20-10 lead, and promptly did Cam Newton’s Superman celebration in response. That’s the same kind of blasphemy that people howled about when Charlotte’s local celebrity wrestler gave a pep talk to the 49ers last week.

As for the game, it’s a quick change from the Panthers controlling the early momentum, as the 49ers have responded with touchdowns on the last possession of the first half and their first possession of the second.

There were no controversial calls on the latest drive, but Kaepernick hit Anquan Boldin for a 43-yard pass over the head of cornerback Captain Munnerlyn to set up the score.

The 49ers benefitted from an uncalled 12-men in the huddle penalty on their touchdown before the half, along with an unhinged Panthers defense.

The Panthers responded with a promising drive, but the 49ers sacked Cam Newton twice to drive them back out of field goal range.

54 responses to “Kaepernick scores, steals Newton’s dance, leads 20-10

  1. I thought he and Cam were boys? Roommates at the combine and everything? So he mocks his friend when he scores? Kaep is such a “me” athlete it’s pathentic. I sincerely hope he never wins a title.

  2. Don’t forget the 49ers are owned by the mafia… The NFL ousted Eddie DeBartolo (Michael Corleone), but they let Denise DeBartolo York (Connie Corleone) stay on with her son to run the team. When you see the refs calls it starts to make more sense.

  3. Lets not worry about SuperCam. Stick to making out with your arm… Lets put up another 14 and go home.

  4. Whiner

    1. Someone who makes frequent complaints especially about little things

    Source: Merriam-Webster

    How many Niner fans have posted with the said above behavior? Seems to me to be nothing but butt hurt Seahack, Panther and NFC team loser fans.

    Eat it, eat it raw. The Niners are not stopping.

    GO NINERS!!!!

  5. Looks like I will only be watching the AFC title game. The antics of Niners and Seahwks incl. their coaches is just to much to watch….

  6. Good!!! The problem with sports today is that it lacks competitive nature and everyone is so buddy buddy. No issue here, they’re competitors not teammates. And also, don’t start a story about “controversial calls” the panthers defense is lapsing. Every game has a few bad calls.

  7. braceyourselffor12 says:
    Jan 12, 2014 3:36 PM

    1. Someone who makes frequent complaints especially about little things

    Source: Merriam-Webster


    1. rhymes with 49er

    Source: everyone watching game

  8. Panthers played a good 1st half but lost it in the 2nd. Problem with that is now we have to watch Harbaugh & Carroll on the sidelines to see which one can out whine the other. Other than that, should be a good game next week.

  9. I get real tired of announcers thinking they should be ref’s during broadcasts or giving their own personal comments. Most likely it’s just Joe Buck.

  10. kingpel says:

    Welcome to the NFC west. We hope taunting and trash talk doesn’t hurt your feelings.
    Trash talking and taunting is for the immature who believe that doing so makes one a grown man. Much of that phony machismo comes from not being taught what real manhood is from a father.

  11. Behind superbowl xl this is the most brazenly one sided officiated game ever. Congrats 9ers, the ref payoff was successful. You’ll have to really empty the bank account for the NFC championship game. We all know how you well you do on your own merit in Seattle.

  12. Great game today by the 49ers! Congrats to all of you Niner fans out there. Two best teams will meet for the NFC Championship. I can’t wait!

  13. The Panthers tried to play the bully role with the talk after just about every play, not to mention the cheap shots. They got what they deserved, nothing except a short ride home.

  14. therealraider says:
    Jan 12, 2014 3:20 PM
    Kaepernick is Budweiser, Newton is Bud Light.

    No, Kaepernick is Anchor Steam!

  15. dandgoldhitman52 says: Jan 12, 2014 3:57 PM

    i called
    49ers 23
    panthers 13
    i was pretty damn close 🙂
    You OVERRATED the Panthers !!
    HA ! HA !!

    Go Niners !!

  16. Newton is a pouter and a look-at-me all the time type of guy. I can’t stand him and his needing the attention all the time (Vernon Davis is often like this too); therefore, I LOVED it when Kaepernick mocked the Superman routine.

  17. There is a reason why the best QBs in the league don’t do touchdown celebration routines.

    They are too busy preparing for actual play to bother with ritual dances.

  18. At the close of last season, Kap and RGIII were two of my favorite players. It’s amazing how different their attitudes are now. It’s like they’ve become the presidents of their own fan clubs. … SO over them both.

    Thankfully, we still have a very classy Russell Wilson to respect and appreciate.

    – Titans Fan

  19. We’ll titans fan, hope your team retains Greg Williams so you can continue rooting for a bounty hunter crime ring.

  20. It’s going to be enjoyable to watch Kaepernick and his coach go down big. Really big. In Seattle. They are so arrogant it’s a joke. Big fall coming. Just like last 2 years. Respect the game that has given you both so much. You act like fools.

  21. Anyway talking about the Seahawks and then goin on to say how arrogant the Niners are needs to just do humanity a favor.. WOW

  22. Niner Haters everywhere butthurt today that the Panthers can’t get away with pass interference and late hits on Every play.

  23. Loved the roughing the passer call on Skuta. Showed how much the refs were rooting for the Niners, right all you haters?

  24. But no really. The Panthers lost today because the refs missed a 12th man in the huddle call. Right?

    Intelligent arguments guys.

  25. Give me a break. 49ers weren’t the ones runnin their mouths all week. The teams got chippy early and when Kap scored he stuck the dagger in a litte deeper.. Was it needed? No but overall it was No big deal. Go back and count how many times the Panthers players got pushy or mouthy after a play and simply got directed to the scoreboard as the only retaliation. Two bulls went head to head. What did you expect them to do hug?

  26. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t that long ago that wonder boy Aaron Rodgers was doing a TD celebration too.

  27. Carolina fans, you’ve been a class act & thank you for making a suspenseful post season extremely entertaining. It’s great to see the 49ers, Panthers rivalry renewed & I can remember many times you guys broke my heart there & in SF.
    Just remember, sometimes you need the agony of defeat to be flame that leads you to the highest level of Victory.

  28. nflprincess says: Jan 12, 2014 3:42 PM

    Arrogant punk. I’m starting to dislike him even more than his coach.
    I agree, can’t stand his arrogance either and I don’t like him much. The problem is, he’s good, even if he knows he is.

  29. I thought he and Cam were boys? Roommates at the combine and everything? So he mocks his friend when he scores? Kaep is such a “me” athlete it’s pathentic. I sincerely hope he never wins a title.
    That’s funny because how much of Cams “TEAM ” are wearing towels on their heads thought the games. I think we know who the” ME” guy is here. And when he takes the towel off and becomes a team member, don’t count on a lot of wins in the post season. It’s a team sport.

  30. CK is a talent for sure, but he’s a punk. When I played Little League ball in the 60’s and 70’s, and my sons played in the 90’s and to the present day, we were taught to respect your opponents, win lose or draw. I barely understood his need to kiss his own bicep……but that diss of Cam Newton [who I’m not a big fan off] was just silly. Grow up.

  31. Harbaugh is mostly hated by fans of other teams but his record speaks for itself: 36 regular season wins, 5 playoff wins in 3 seasons, 3 trips to the NFC championship game…..Who wouldn’t want that? Be honest.

    Kaep: 4 0f 5 playoff games he’s been in he’s won, including 3 on the road. 4 other QB’s taken before him in `11 draft including Dalton and Newton are cleaning out their lockers and heading home.

  32. I know the niners haven’t won a super bowl in a long time but to get to the NFC championship game 3 times in your first 3 seasons is a amazing accomplishment. Not about thumbs up or thumbs down but this has never happened in nfl history. To deem this as anything other than well deserved is ridiculous.

    Great game panthers; So the road goes through Seattle. Hope we can change our fortunes up there this time around.

  33. This if NFL Football.
    Played by Pro athletes.

    We’re Fans.
    Played by amateurs or, simply admired for it’s entertainment.

    We follow our preferred teams and, cheer for their success.

    It’s entertainment people.
    Only 1 Team will prevail in the end.

    The elimination process IS the entertainment.
    May the best Team prevail.

    And now. Only 4 move on.

    Until then, enjoy the ride.

  34. Harbaugh on the field during the 12th man in the huddle TD play. No flag for either?? 12th man ran about 2 feet away from the umpire. Still no flag.

    Bolden blatantly head buts a Panther player (again 2 feet from the same umpire) and no flag. Yet they throw a flag on Captain Munnerlin for the same thing?

    Four first downs by penalty for the 49ers in the first half alone. Big penalties too. probably ONE was a legit call (the PI on Florence in the end zone).

    Not saying the game was fixed, but it was HORRIBLY officiated. Usually the home team gets those calls.

    The 49ers are a very good team. They played a good game. The Panthers left 11 points on the field in the first half by only getting a FG on two first and goal situations. 49ers did a heck of a job on the goal line defense. But they were aided to beat hell by the referees on offense.

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