Lake Dawson interviewed with Dolphins on Sunday

The Titans are trying to find a replacement for the fired Mike Munchak, but one member of the front office spent his Sunday interviewing for the general manager job in Miami.

The Dolphins announced that Titans V.P. of Player Personnel Lake Dawson interviewed for the vacancy, capping a busy three days of conversations with candidates to take over after Jeff Ireland’s departure. It’s Dawson’s second year in that job and seventh year overall with the organization. Dawson was a third-round pick of the Chiefs in 1994 and had 103 catches over four seasons with Kansas City.

The man who drafted him in Kansas City was then-Chiefs General Manager Carl Peterson, who is working in an advisory role with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross during the search process.

Miami interviewed their assistant G.M. Brian Gaine, Steelers director of football and business administration Omar Khan, and Cardinals V.P. of player personnel Jason Licht on Friday and added Browns assistant G.M. Ray Farmer to the list on Saturday. Reports have installed Farmer as the frontrunner, but there’s no word on whether the Dolphins are still planning to interview more candidates for the job.

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  1. I don’t know enough about Dawson’s work to say yeah or not, but as a Fins Fan it does bother me that we are only doing the Kevin Bacon Game with 1 degree of separation from Peterson.

    My Vote is GM Farmer and OC Ben McAdoo

  2. Farmer was big part of building talent in KC, thats says a lot because he had to overcome Pioli….

  3. I thought Fritz Pollard told all minorities to not interview for the Miami job? According to Fritz Pollard, the Miami job wasn’t a real job and “their guys” deserve more.

  4. RE: gforce90

    FPA told their candidates to not interview for the position until it was publicly known what the position would actually entail.

    And they were right. And frankly, nobody of any skin color should have interviewed for this job until after Steve Ross stated what the role would actually be.

    Who would want to interview for a “General Manager” position, only to be told “No, you’ll not have any authority” or “Dawn Aponte will be able to get you in trouble”, etc.

    If a GM was not going to have authority over anyone, there’s no point wasting your time interviewing for it, if that’s what you want.

    Of course, Ross would have been better to proactively state this, rather than have people have to question it. But that’s just what we’ve had to put up with since he bought the team.

  5. Re: phinzfanjoz

    So the job is ok for everyone else but someone of color?

    The goal is to get minorities the experience of interviewing and in the cycle for jobs, even if they aren’t a good fit for them…not to pick and choose what’s a good job and what is not a good job. Leave that up to the person being interviewed. Give them the credit of being smart enough to think for themselves without the FPA telling them that.

  6. There was an informative article in the Sun Sentinel yesterday that stated that the Fritz Pollard group now supports the Miami job since Ross came out and stated the GM will have full power over player personal.
    It also went on to state how Carl Peterson has been on a league committee to identify the best GM candidates across the league so he has basically researched all of these options over the last year. I think Ross, like most good businessmen, has surrounded himself with varied and valuable opinions. Of course that doesn’t guarantee success but it don’t hurt.

  7. The Fritz Pollard Alliance is hurting their own cause by making themselves the topic instead of the potential candidates. To say you now support the job because the candidate will have full control is crazy. What if it was only partial control? That job would only be suitable for someone else? Can’t dictate and control what job is good and what job isn’t. An opportunity is an opportunity.

  8. Yall fake fans need to do yall reseach before yall open yall mouth! I hate the fans that think that if we dont go undefeated every year we need to clean house and that if our QB doesnt go 55TDs and 0 Ints every year we need a new QB. Yall fake fans need to get the heck out of here! And i say hire John Gruden as GM, he know how to evaluate players. He does it every year with the incoming rookies in his FFCA things and his Gruden camp he holds every year for the rookies. He knows how to brake down tape of every player and evaluate them down to the T!

  9. This is not your Daddys hunt for a real GM. Ross interviewed 5 candidates over the past week and weekend. But he’s only asking 5 questions, #1- Whats your DOB, 2-Where do you live, 3-Whats your SSN number, 4- How many yrs have your played football, 5-Can you kiss Dawnhoejoes ass enough for me to remain in NY?

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