Michael Bennett: Jimmy Graham is overrated


Before the Saints and Seahawks squared off on Sunday afternoon, Saints tight end Jimmy Graham squared off with members of the Seahawks defense during pregame warmups.

According to Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin, the skirmish began when he asked Graham to get out of the area where the Seahawks were warming up.

“He said, I’m Jimmy,” Irvin said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “I said, who’s Jimmy?”

The game didn’t provide the answer that Graham would have preferred. After 86 catches for 1,215 yards and 16 touchdowns in the regular season, Graham caught just one pass for eight yards in the 23-15 Seattle victory. Defensive end Michael Bennett didn’t pull any punches when asked after the contest why Graham was a non-factor in the proceedings.

“Because he’s overrated,” Bennett said, via Q13 FOX. “If he doesn’t get a chance to get the ball, that’s all he can really do — he doesn’t help in the blocking game — so I think he’s overrated and I’m not scared to say that on TV.”

The two teams will not play in the regular season next year, so a playoff rematch in 2015 would be Graham’s earliest chance to respond to Bennett on the field.

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  1. Over rated!? No, if that was the case Seattle wouldn’t have used the best corner/ safety duo in the league covering the guy. Well done Seattle, but give credit where credit is due…jimmy is a freak

  2. it’s true, as a saints fan i dont want him back if it means giving him big money. colston does his thing and put his body on the line, jimmy wants no part of blocking or catches in traffic. so if thats the case, cya, josh hill made a big catch on a route that jimmy graham is supposed to run. jimmy made one catch with defenders closing in, and he curled up on the ground.

  3. As a tight end he’s over rated. He’s a great pass catcher who happens to line up at TE some of the time, but he can’t block at all. He needs to get tougher and learn how to block and not get taken out of games when they face a physical defense.

  4. Graham is an awesome player but he is more like a big receiver than a Tight end. He is not a good blocker, Gronk when healthy is the best blocking tight end. He destroys DE and LBs. Graham just gets in the way.

    Fantasy owners dont care about blocking though so people think Graham/Gronk are even a conversation of who the beat TE is.

  5. Graham really played an uninspired game yesterday. He was just. Standing there waiting for the ball afterr he ran his routes. He has to move to the ball. Also the whole saints team wete slow getting to the line when they still had a chance. If they left 50 seconds instead of 20 they might have scored on the last play. Really defeatest mentality in that game for the Saints.

  6. Seattle barely beat the 4th best team in the NFC at Home. I think its way too early for them to be talking smack. Oh wait,,,,,they do that all the time.

  7. I watched the game yesterday and I still have no idea who Michael Bennett is. I thought he was a running back for Green Bay back in the day.

  8. Dan Quinn made be an excellent X and Os strategic defensive coordinator, but if I ran a team, I would be very wary of the climate in my locker room if I made him my head coach.

    You don’t hear a lot of yapping from Seahawks offensive players, but there doesn’t seem to be a single player on the defensive side of the ball with any concept of how to win with class.

  9. Gronk isn’t best blocking tight end that goes to Davis….. Gronk can’t stay healthy long enough to block people. He’s good just injury prone and probably doesn’t have many years left now that his back is messed up

  10. The Saints would be better off spending the money on a traditional blocking TE to help out their running game and provide protection for Drew Brees. Graham is just a big bodied slot receiver.

  11. boknowsvt says:
    Jan 12, 2014 11:54 AM
    I watched the game yesterday and I still have no idea who Michael Bennett is. I thought he was a running back for Green Bay back in the day.

    The guy who had 6 tackles, a half sack, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery? What game were you watching?

  12. Pats fan here. I just gotta say it doesn’t matter what you can do or actually do if you are never on the field. So in that regard of the big 3 I would take Vernon Davis. He is every bit the elite playmaker. Great blocker and he hardly ever misses time on top of it.

  13. First of all–I believe Bennett is about correct about Graham. I can’t remember the last time I saw Graham make a great block to spring a RB or help a receiver plus Ive seen CB’s take him out of the game. Is he hurt? Probably BUT the problem with the Saints is not just Graham. The bigger problem is that Brees is not the same QB outdoors in bad weather. So instead of overpaying for a pure pass catching TE they should be putting their money into their O-line so they can run the ball better when they have to play outside the Superdome. If they don’t focus more on the power running game–unless they have the best record in the NFC & get home field advantage all the way to the SB–Brees will not win another ring.

    As for Michael Bennett…He was a heck of a signing for the Seahawks & he was all over the place making plays last night.

  14. @joey49er Yea your right, when I first saw that commercial I just about puked. Talk about ego, he seems more like a young man at best. Time always takes care of issues like these.

  15. Only had 3 meaningless catches for 44 yards against the Eagles (and their awful secondary) too. Maybe Bennett is onto something

    Not so easy as against the Atlanta’s and Tampa’s of the world

  16. In the event that the Hawks advance to the SB, their fate will remain the same as the last trip to the big game. Nice win yesterday against a team that beat itself. Denver/New England won’t be so accommodating.

  17. Bennett’s right. Graham was a ghost yesterday. Big mouth punk that had no game to back it up once the whistle blew. He should be fined for the garbage he tried to pull in pre-game warm ups, but he wonmt because the Saints are the #2 darlings of the leaguec behind the Patsys. The Saints as a team, & Graham specifically, have always been overrated. Can’t win squat outside of their home stadium. Bunch of punks.

  18. I hate when people add “…and I’m not scared to say it” – nobody asked you if you we’re scared. Quit assuming everyone thinks you’re a badass by “Not being scared”. Just say it and shut up.

  19. Funny, he didn’t say anything when he was getting his hurt kicked by graham and saints while he was w the bucs. Even more funny how his mouth got so big after going to a def where rest of def carries his sorry one dimensional self

  20. Right, cuz all 32 teams need a TE that constantly runs his mouth yet completely disappears and is a total non-factor in his team’s biggest games.

  21. If you don’t know who Michael Bennett is, perhaps you should try to learn more about the league than keyshon can teach you on Sunday morning.

  22. Lets clear up a few things… Jimmy probably never said such a thing, but go ahead and believe it. Gronk is a great TE, but has injury issues so I would take Graham at whatever position we want to call him, he is A TD machine. If this game in the Dome it would be a different story, but that is why Seattle earned the seed and home field. Now on to my opinion… Pure blockimg TE is easily Anthony Fasano. Best all around TE skills goes to Jason Whitten, TE end I want on my Team for performance is Vernon Davis.

  23. This is offtopic, but does someone actually have the user name “The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues”

    What the what. The Steelers won a superbowl in a game reffed like it was rigged. I’m sure Seahawk fans remember. Their disgusting quarterback was suspended for less than a year for some pretty nasty acts against society. Where is the crusade? The NFL loves the Steelers. They have one of the biggest fan bases. It’s not to the NFL’s advantage to have the Steelers struggle.

  24. xxwhodatxx says:
    Jan 12, 2014 10:54 AM
    Playing on an injured foot that needs surgery for most of the season might have had a little to do with that.

    167 216
    When you step on the field, you are saying you are ready to play, you can’t play the game and then say I’m hurt, only losers do that

  25. Jimmy Graham has been hurt since mid-year. Foot injury. Plantar fasciitis. Ever had it? Most people can’t even walk with it, much less play football.

    Kinda hard to run when you can barely walk.

    When the dude is healthy, he can’t be touched for the most part. Not by one guy anyway.

  26. Well, I would say he has a point. Never saw Gonzo, Witten, Gates, Gronk get shut down like that… and it was the playoffs!

  27. Plantar fasciitis? Too bad it didn’t affect his mouth the same way it affected his ability to impact a game. Interesting how he was able to put up numbers and be a factor against other teams yet, i 2 games vs. Seattle he was essentially a non-factor.

  28. He owes a lot to playing with Drew Brees, but is still a top 3 TE no matter who’s throwing it to him.

  29. This is ridiculous. You have a tight end in the Hall of Fame in Shannon Sharpe, one guy due there five years after he retires in Tony Gonzalez, and other guys in the league like Rob Gronkowski who are not blocking tight ends and one specifically; the Hall of Famer, that was notoriously bad as a blocker.

    The NFL has become more pass happy and a pass catching mismatch TE is what makes the difference in a lot of offenses.

    This would be like saying Peyton Manning is overrated because all the can do is throw. He can’t run like Vick or Kaepernick.

  30. Jimmy who? The guy that was doubled teamed and interfered with on every play…. Yeahhh that guy.

  31. Ed Bandell says: Jan 12, 2014 4:25 PM

    This is ridiculous. You have a tight end in the Hall of Fame in Shannon Sharpe, one guy due there five years after he retires in Tony Gonzalez, and other guys in the league like Rob Gronkowski who are not blocking tight ends and one specifically; the Hall of Famer, that was notoriously bad as a blocker.

    You are blind or don’t know football if you don’t think Gronk is a great blocker. And I hate the Patriots.

  32. Kind of reminds me when warren sapp used to walk through other teams warm ups. It’s a complete sign of disrespect. Back in 2002 and the steelers were playing in Tampa, the bucs were undefeated, and sapp decided to walk through the steelers warm ups on. Only he didn’t count on Jerome bettis confronting him and a fight almost broke out. Steelers won that game though the bucs won the SB that year. To this day sapp is butt hurt over it, because every chance he gets to take a shot at the steelers he does. Some players just lack class.

  33. I can agree that he is not the best blocker on the planet, but who the F cares? He is a gifted TE that makes plenty of insane catches. When you look at his total # of snaps played, then figure how many snaps he ran routes, I bet the # he was out there to block are very few. Use some common sense before spouting off. Wouldn’t you rather have a beast TE catching passes instead of being wasted to block. Block for who? Sproles, one of the other terrible RB’s you have? Settle down. Oh, and he is not overrated. Like a few other pointed out already, Seattle used a tough double coverage on him and Brees is notorious for abandoning Graham when he knows he is covered. People love on Brees, but he takes very few chances, always sticks with the designed plays. Graham should get the WR franchise tag

  34. There are not a whole lot of 6’7″ Jimmys running around on the NFL field.

    I probably would have been P.O’d as well when they pretended they didn’t know who I was.

    Of course, the Seahawks players are so self-centered, it’s a wonder they know their *own* teammates names.

  35. mypercyhurts2 says:
    Jan 12, 2014 1:40 PM
    32 teams would take Graham over Bennett, including his own, so that statement sounded rather petty after a win.


    Michael Bennett has been a beast this season, and a huge factor in Seattle’s defense. Saints fans probably remember his INT return for a TD the last sorry time they came to Seattle and got destroyed. He’s gotten sacks and turnovers when they were needed, and played lights-out excellent football all year. The man plays like Godzilla.

    Bennett’s a big reason why Seattle has the #1 defense in the NFL. He’s going to get a nice contract offer from the ‘Hawks, in large part because he made Drew Brees look like Drew Bledsoe.

    What’s even more funny is that Bennett has more points against the Saints than Graham does for the year. Wooops!

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