Mild weather forecast for Conference Championship Sunday

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Weather has been an issue for plenty of NFL games over the last several weeks.  Some fear (hope) it will be an issue for the game to be played in three weeks in New Jersey.

Next Sunday, weather won’t be a factor for the two games that will determine the representatives in Super Bowl XLVIII.

According to, the high temperature in Seattle for the 49ers-Seahawks game will be 50 degrees, with light winds and a 30-percent chance of rain.  In Denver, the Pats and Broncos will play with no chance of rain, light winds, and a high of 55 — and a low of 33.

And so the “Peyton can’t win in the cold” narrative will be irrelevant.  The “Peyton can’t win big games” narrative could be relevant.

47 responses to “Mild weather forecast for Conference Championship Sunday

  1. I guess Brady won’t have a chance to break out his UGGS in D-town….

    Denver 31 Pats 13

  2. Anyone who lives in Colorado knows a 7 day forecast is way too premature to predict weather here.

  3. It’s funny that 2 awesome running backs in Marshall Faulk & Ladainian Tomlinson (LT) both picked the Saints in the upset. I thought they would have respected Lynch & our D more than that. It will be tough, but the seahawks will pull it off against the 49ers & their trash talking fan base. Where is the post of LT & Faulk, even Terry Bradshaw saying they were wrong to pick the saints

  4. Today’s game was cold (32 degrees) AND windy (20+ mph winds). There won’t be a “Manning can’t win in the cold” narrative because the narrative is dead.

  5. I’m sure Elway is after Peyton to have a higher passer rating. He’s desperate to get Tebow’s name out of the franchise record book.

  6. This should be one of the best Conference Championship Sundays we’ve had in a while. The SF-Seattle rivalry will be great to watch with both teams peaking, and who can complain about Manning vs. Brady.

    I think the two NFC teams have a little more spring in their step right now than the AFC teams. I am going to say the winner of the NFC game probably wins the whole thing.

  7. The wind affected the passing game for Seattle and New Orleans. I hate the Niners. The anger. Of the coach and Mr bicep kisser makes me want to puke. If they win a third playoff game on the road, they deserve to go to the Superbowl.

  8. It’s just lazy reporting whenever a reputable media outlet references Peyton’s “struggles” in the cold or his win/loss record. Half of his losses were in games where he started for the first drive and the backups played in meaningless games.

    Lazy reporting to fullfill a narrative that gets people talking.

  9. How many qbs have more rings than Peyton Manning that were/are better than Manning? Zero! I’m tired of hearing Brady is better because he has more rings. If that’s the argument, people are saying Trent dildo Dilfer is just has good as Manning or that Big Ben is better than Manning. I think not! Go Denver chumps.

  10. Peyton won a Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP, the “can’t win big games narrative” is not only irrelevant, it’s idiotic and anyone bringing it up is also the same.

  11. The Bronco’s biggest issue isn’t Peyton’s ability to win… it will be the Bronco’s D ability to stop!

    The Bronco D got all soft and spongy in the 4th and allowed SD back into the game.

    FINISH the game strong gentlemen… finish strong.

    Hoping for a Denver V Seattle Super Bowl!

  12. The only thing mild has been Tom Brady’s passing performances this season. But that won’t stop bobzilla from worshipping his royal elite-ness!

    Why is it, bobzilla, that when Ben throws for 198 yards it’s proof of what a scrub he is, but when Brady does it, it shows the coaching genius of Bill Belichick adapting to the run game?

    It’s time to turn in your Steeler fan card, bob. Put on that Patriot blue and be your real self! Or maybe that Bronco orange, so you can tell more tales about Manning being responsible for putting up 35 points vs. Baltimore last playoffs, when in fact he only did 21.

    Or go be a Bills fan. Just stop disgracing Steeler Nation with your bias against one of the best players it’s ever had.


  13. Elway was 36 years old and 7-10 in the playoffs with no super bowls
    Peyton is 36 years old and 10-11 in the playoffs with 1 super bowl
    Peyton will go out with two in a row like Elway and be the greatest ever…

  14. It’s funny. If the Broncos had lost last night, it would have been used as further proof that Peyton can’t win big games, yet the fact that they did win isn’t used as evidence that he can.

    It seems a big game is defined as “one that Peyton doesn’t win”.

  15. “The ‘Peyton can’t win big games’ narrative could be relevant.”

    Except for, you know, the ones he has?

    Why are you propagating this mindset as if Peyton still hasn’t won a Super Bowl?

    I swear, Mike. It’s as if you pander to the cynical, angsty trolls here.

  16. Give me a break with this Peyton can’t win big games. The last time I checked he already won a Super Bowl. We should just enjoy the two greatest QBs playing against each other one more time.

  17. funny how everyone says football is a team game..except when it comes to Peyton Manning..and it is almost always Peyton chokes in big games…

  18. I agree with some posters here….Brady and Manning will hopefully bring us fans another epic matchup. Both are 1st ballot HOF QBs and we are all damn lucky to be watching them for 10+ years.

    Win or lose for my Pats, I’ll enjoy it. Some people get complacent when your team is good for over a decade and always “in it” but I sure remember the pre TB/BB years when we sucked. Let all these games soak in folks, they’ll be gone before you know it.

  19. Yes he has won and lost a superbowl but you just can’t ignore the stats.

    1999 one and done
    2000 one and done
    2002 one and done
    2003 lost to NE in conference final
    2004 lost to NE in divisional
    2005 one and done
    2007 one and done
    2008 one and done
    2010 one and done
    2012 one and done

  20. Niners hawks for all the marbles. How cool is that??? As a football fan, you can’t ask for much better. It will be a heavyweight slug fest. Go hawks!!

  21. After Sunday, one fan base, either the 9ers or Seahawks will have bragging rights for the next year and the other will need to give props where it belongs, with the team that represented our division in the Super Bowl. Good luck and may the best team win!!

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