Offseason neck exam coming for Peyton


We’ve heard much more about Peyton Manning’s ankle than his neck this season.  But we could be hearing plenty about his neck in the coming offseason.

As explained by Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Manning will have an offseason examination of his neck to check its stability following two years of football.  Which followed a quartet of neck surgeries.

Per Mortensen, if there’s an increased risk of injury, Manning will be forced to decide whether to retire.

The exam undoubtedly flows from the guaranteed money Manning is due to receive in 2014.  Under his contract, he gets $20 million next year unless he can’t play due to a neck injury.  If Manning can’t play due to any other injury, he gets the $20 million — and the Broncos get $10 million in insurance proceeds.

The possible donut hole comes from a neck injury that keeps Peyton from playing in 2014, but that isn’t related to the neck condition for which he previously had four surgeries.  That could lead to a disagreement over whether Manning gets the $20 million.

Regardless, the examination shouldn’t be regarded as anything ominous.  This is more about the Broncos protecting their $20 million investment than it is about Peyton assessing whether he should retire.

But if he has to retire due to a recurrence of the neck problems that wiped out his 2011 season, the Broncos will owe him nothing in 2014.

11 responses to “Offseason neck exam coming for Peyton

  1. Uh-Oh, hope the best. Who do y’all have Chargers or Broncos? For some strange unknown reason I believe Chargers will win.

  2. Peyton will also have his cholesterol checked and his blood pressure. Routine exams are like that. They’re only news here.

  3. The only way the Broncos aren’t paying Manning is if Peyton retires. $20M/year is hardly a burden if you’re giving to the guy who just had the best season a quarterback has ever had.

  4. I doubt he’d retire if they win it all. Definitely won’t if they come up short.

    Only way he becomes the undisputed best of all time is with 3 rings and they have the team that can do just that.

  5. Either way, I don’t think we will EVER be holding charity events for Mr. Manning. He has earned millions from football, to say NOTHING of his off-the-field endeavors, which will more than likely continue post-retirement. He also has his head screwed on tightly ( regardless of the multiple neck surgeries). Has no entourage, bling, baby mommas or any of the other unfortunate trappings of the profession. As a matter of fact, he could found a VERY profitable cottage industry organizing a company designed to assist players in wealth accumulation and, most crucially wealth RETENTION and BUILDING. He could use DeSean as exhibit A in the NON-retention and building of wealth in his opening remarks to his audience.

  6. No QB has ever won a SB ring with more than one team. Peyton is probably the only one good enough to do it, but I still don’t think it will happen.

  7. And don’t forget his blood pressure, reflexes and check for skin lesions. Get a sperm count too; those proto-Peyton are worth millions.

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