Peyton gets first postseason win with Broncos


While one game won’t reverse a legacy of postseason futility, the narrative has at least been suspended for a week.

Quarterback Peyton Manning has won his first playoff game since joining the Broncos in 2012, beating the Chargers 24-17 in Denver one month to the day after losing there on a Thursday night to San Diego — and one year to the day after an epic late-game collapse against the Ravens in the 2012 divisional round.

And so Manning will welcome Tom Brady and the Patriots to Denver, site of a postseason loss in 2005 that ended New England’s quest for a third straight Super Bowl win.  Manning and Brady have met three times before in the playoffs, with Brady leading 2-1.

A win by the Broncos would pull Peyton and Brady even at 2-2; a victory by New England would square Brady at 3-3 in the postseason against the Manning brothers, thanks to a pair of Super Bowl losses to Eli.

Peyton helped the Broncos qualify for the AFC title game by holding the ball for the final 3:53 after the Chargers had narrowed the gap to seven with a field goal following the recovery of an onside kick.  San Diego opted to kick away, and the strategy nearly worked.  But Manning delivered on third and 17 with a 21-yard sideline throw to tight end Julius Thomas, who had found an empty spot in a Chargers secondary depleted by suspected concussions to Marcus Gilchrist and Jahleel Addae.

Manning converted another third and six with a throw to Thomas, and one more conversion on third and one via a Knowshown Moreno run allowed the Broncos to cement the victory.

Much like the Saints a day before in Seattle, who trailed 16-0 before waking up, the Chargers snapped out of a 17-0 funk to make the game interesting in the fourth quarter.  In the end, Manning and company held off a team that wasn’t intimidated by playing the No. 1 seed on its own turf.

Now, the Patriots draw that same assignment next Sunday night for a chance to chase the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the stadium where Eli plays his home games.

140 responses to “Peyton gets first postseason win with Broncos

  1. Good game by SD, even better one for Denver. With Chargers losing, this debunks the theory of them winning the SB largely because they were Philadelphia’s first road team this year.

  2. I’m glad the broncos won. A lot of things were going wrong for the broncos that peyton couldnt control, but if they would have lost is still would have fallen on peytons shoulder unfairly.

  3. Now no more stupid comparison with Tebow, cant believe some dopes brought this up. Anyhow, two BTP type throws.

    BTP- Big Time Player.

  4. Quick Takes:

    1. Hate to agree with Phil Simms, but, the Chargers simply waited to long to open up their offense. Their D isn’t exactly the ’85 Bears, so they couldn’t count on holding the score down too low.

    2. Like yesterday, again why do receiving teams panic on onsides kicks?! Way too often, a fumbled attempt at catching the ball BEFORE it travels the 10 yards causes a successful onside kick. More often than those that DO go the full ten yards. Not to mention that the kicking team will touch the ball before ten yards themselves in their eagerness.

  5. Well the broncos D and special teams sure tried to ruin Mannings legacy with another 1and done choke job. Manning put the whole team on his shoulders and wouldn’t allow what happened last year to happen again. Clutch play after clutch play in crunch time. Good to see that the pats have to travel for an AFC Champ away from Foxboro for once. Home record 9-0 road record 3-4. Even with history of Pats vs Manning, I’m happier that my broncos are playing the Pats vice the Colts because I believe they were going to be the tuffer offence to stop and better over all team. So thank you Pats for winning against the better team at home as per usual. This is manning best shot to cement his legacy as the best QB of all time. Pats fans are going to have to put away their pens this week about manning being a choker because if you look back at this weekend, NE won by taking the ball out of the hands of Brady. DEN won putting it in the hands of Manning. Should make for an exciting game!

  6. Cue Caseyanthonymunoz saying “yeah but he’s only 10-11 in the playoffs” thankfully we won’t have to read the “one and done” comments or “Tebow won more playoff games” comments for at least another year.

  7. That was a much better game for Peyton than the stats indicate. Everyone talks about his “playmakers”, but 7 out of his 11 incompletions were drops, and throw in the Thomas fumble and it made it a much closer game than it should have been.

    Kudos to the defense for stepping up for 3 1/2 quarters. This was a gritty win, but no doubt showed up “when it mattered most” on 3rd and 17 and 3rd and 6 on that last drive.

  8. Florio can’t hide his anti-patriot bias. What does the 2005 divisional loss have to do with this game and what does the two losses to Eli have to do with this game. I’m sure Brady just wants to get to the SuperBowl and isn’t concerned with his record against both mannings.

  9. Are we lined up for a great Championship weekend, or what?

    Broncos/Patriots. Manning/Brady. And both teams bringing a strong running game. Congrats to both the Broncos and Patriots–a team I never imagined early in the season would be vying for a chance to play in the Super Bowl. But they looked awesome yesterday. Hope next week’s game lives up to the hype. And congrats to the Chargers for a scrappy playoff performance. They earned the right to be there–this from a Steelers fan.

    Also looking forward to the divisional rematch between the Seahawks and 49ers. Should be another exciting game between those two. Can’t wait for next weekend!

  10. Peyton was masterful. To all the haters, there were many dropped balls, penalties, and mistakes; none of which made by 18. Looking forward to greeting Giselle, Tom, the uggs, and McDaniels next week. Much to work on in regard to our D but, Manning looked good. #Patriots coming to Mile High next week!

  11. mariorat says:
    Jan 12, 2014 8:08 PM
    NE @ DEN will be the real Super Bowl


    totally agree!!!

  12. Think it’s fair to say these are the best 4 teams left in both conferences. Should be a great Championship Sunday next week.

  13. Still a losing record in the playoffs. And he’s just gonna choke it away next week or in three weeks. Everybody knows it. Sorry, truth hurts.

  14. I got new england Losing 24-20 to the broncos. Peytons receivers will decide the super bowl, we saw how physical secondary play has dictated how his offense does in the playoffs. (New england in new England’s defensive prime). Seattle will be a tough opponent for Peyton.

  15. matterson20 says: Jan 12, 2014 8:16 PM

    Manning will choke it off like always. Only thing he’s done in the post season is beat Rex Grossman….Rex Grossman!!!!!!
    I guess your team choked first though, eh?

  16. Can you believe cannabis is legal in CO? Chargers have access to a lot better west of I-5.
    Looking forward to some great football next weekend. I don’t think the refs have anything to do with who is playing for the conference championships.

  17. Pony fans musta been nervous when it was 3rd & 17 and SD had all the momentum. Its too bad the defense lapsed & gave that up, truly believe we woulda been heading for OT if Bolts got the ball back. Then all bets would of been off.

  18. Peyton figured out that he couldn’t count on Wes Welker any more than Tom Brady (and Giselle) did in the post season!

  19. matterson20 says: Jan 12, 2014 8:16 PM

    Manning will choke it off like always. Only thing he’s done in the post season is beat Rex Grossman….Rex Grossman!!!!!!

    Manning and company beat the patriots to get to the Super Bowl (and Tom Brady….Tom Brady!!!!)

  20. wow this is great….we got the Brady haters and the Manning haters out in full force now and yet the haters would kill to have either QB on their team…..I love it!!!!!

    and I’m a Steelers fan btw……chargers I made room for you on the sofa right next to the Steelers….seems about right:)

  21. Don’t really care about either team, although I enjoyed the game. But, I’m not sure the officials called the hard counts correctly. On at least one of the “encroachments,” the San Diego player did not enter the neutral zone at all, and on the others, from the NFL rulebook, it is encroachment when “a defender enters the neutral zone prior to the snap, causing the offensive player(s) in close proximity (including a quarterback who is under center) to react (move) immediately to protect himself (themselves) against impending contact; officials are to blow their whistles immediately.” The Denver lineman weren’t reacting in order to protect themselves, they were immediately pointing at the defender before the defender could get back onside before the whistle blew. Pretty sure that’s not what the intent of the rule is.

  22. After being given some truth serum after the game, Philip Rivers said, “oh well, we had no business being in the playoffs in the first place. That, and my bolo tie is actually pretty fruity looking.”

  23. Good game chargers.. You guys played a tough game, great to see 3 teams represent the afc west.

    Bring on the patriots, should be a great game.. My only concern is the injury to Chris Harris. Hopefully he is ready to go next week because we need him. When we lost to the past earlier in the year we shut down their offense for the entire first half. Then several key injuries later to defensive starters, drc and Harris the main ones, Brady torched our secondary in the second half.

  24. jbaxt: I’m pretty sure your Chefs would pay $75 million for a playoff win, hasn’t it been two decades now?

  25. caseyanthonymunoz says: Jan 12, 2014 8:22 PM

    Still a losing record in the playoffs. And he’s just gonna choke it away next week or in three weeks. Everybody knows it. Sorry, truth hurts.
    But I thought everybody knew he was going to choke it away this week?

    BTW, way to give yourself 2 more chances to be right. That’s some great insight.

  26. The Patriots at the Broncos should be an excellent game. Also, those of you trying (in vain) to denigrate Peyton Manning come off looking like morons. He’s obviously one of the greatest players of all time.

  27. This weekend is going to be epic. It has been a long time since the final 2 games have looked this good. Couple of points. Pats broncos is gonna be another legendary tale in the story of Peyton vs Brady. I don’t understand the clowns saying the pats won because they took the ball out if Brady’s hands. I would argue they won in spite of that. Next week can’t come soon enough. The broncos do is not up to the challenge of game planning for the ground and aerial assaults coming their way.

  28. “only thing that’s weighing on my mind is how soon I can get a Bud Light.” Peyton Manning when asked some more silly stuff. Great game, great outcome.

  29. Of course Florio you have to put the ‘Brothers’ as a comparison, rather than just Peyton.
    It’s his first playoff win since 2009. And since we’re doing comparisons, he has as many wins as tebow before facing Brady with Denver.
    It’s Gojng to be a long week hearing about things like this and even longer if (when) New England advances.

  30. The defense really surprised me. They played a great game for 3 quarters until Quentin Jammer began channeling his inner Rahim Moore. He and Decker would’ve been Public Enemies Nos. 1 and 2 had the Broncos lost.

  31. I keep coming back to WHY Eli manning was mentioned in the article, by a professional NBc sports site, that associates itself with the likes of the Olympics and Bob costas

  32. A win by the Broncos would pull Peyton and Brady even at 2-2; a victory by New England would square Brady at 3-3 in the postseason against the Manning brothers, thanks to a pair of Super Bowl losses to Eli.
    Why are you combining two different quarterbacks to compare with Tom Brady, unless it’s because Peyton vs. Brady’s numbers aren’t good enough alone to make your point?

  33. Good points on all the encroachment penalties, sparky900.

    With all the “Omaha!” shouts, hand movements and head bobs, Manning is often going above and beyond the spirit of the rule. And, like sparky900 noted, Defensive linemen are allowed to get back on their side of the line. It should be noted than on NONE of the 5 penalties, the ball was snapped (or even looked like it was about to be).

    And to think that 10-15 years ago, a simple head move by the QB could trigger a penalty!

  34. Man, you Manning-sycophants really drank the Koolaid! The fact is, when it comes to the post-season, Peyton is more like Tony Romo than Tim Tebow. Hate all you want, but the truth will set you free…

  35. On the encroachment penalties, obviously the Bronco’s have coached the line to take advantage of the rule. But after the first couple, it’s on the Chargers. Figure it out guys.

  36. lesterclan says: Jan 12, 2014 9:24 PM

    Man, you Manning-sycophants really drank the Koolaid! The fact is, when it comes to the post-season, Peyton is more like Tony Romo than Tim Tebow. Hate all you want, but the truth will set you free…
    When did Tony Romo win a SB?
    Oh, that’s right, never.

  37. Last season, the Broncos lost to the Ravens, 38-35. To those who truly believe Manning was responsible for that loss, here’s a suggestion: Take up a new sport to watch. Football is obviously too complicated for you to grasp.

  38. As for the encroachment penalties, Peyton is just working the rules in his favor as any competitor should. And doing a great job of it.

    It is funny to hear about the “spirit” of the encroachment rule, as if it is unfair not to allow defenders to get back out of the neutral zone. All they have to do is stay out of there in the first place. They are trying to gain advantage by timing the snap. A good quarterback uses that against them until they learn better discipline.

    The rule is, if a nearby offensive lineman moves in response to a defensive player crossing the line, the flag is thrown. End of story.

  39. raiderapologist says:

    How does Phil Simms not get fired?


    And how does Jim Nantz not get fired with him?

  40. bobzilla1001 says:
    Jan 12, 2014 9:36 PM
    Last season, the Broncos lost to the Ravens, 38-35. To those who truly believe Manning was responsible for that loss, here’s a suggestion: Take up a new sport to watch. Football is obviously too complicated for you to grasp.


    Manning threw the pick that sealed it after going a whole 5 quarters. Rahim Moore is only half the tale and it should be remembered that way. Both players made game costing mistakes. Don’t try to rewrite history.

    That said, Manning is still one of the GOAT. No, there’s not just one either.

  41. hater:
    Manning engineered his offense to 35 points. That should’ve been more than enough to have won that game. It was a porous Denver defense that put Manning in position to throw that pick. Manning, on a personal level, played well enough to walk away the winner that day…

  42. Watched the game with the sound tired of manning jibber jabber at the line of scrimage….for just 2 ts and one pick.

  43. Im not sure why any fan of the NFL would not be ecstatic for this Brady-Manning Bowl. the 2 greatest QBs of this generation at the end of their careers with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. Other than rooting for your home team this is why you watch football!

    Patriots 34 Broncos 31

  44. Being a chargers fan I admit denver was the better team. For the chargers to finish the year like we did, it was great year. Denver is better built for a playoff run than san diego was.

  45. siknutty says: Good game chargers.. You guys played a tough game, great to see 3 teams represent the afc west.

    Bring on the patriots, should be a great game. Brady torched our secondary in the second half.


    Apparently Broncos players are so confident, they’re making posts on PFT.

    (Either that or this fan just gets a kick out of talking like he’s one of the team members)

  46. Futility? Mediocrity, maybe, but the man has made two Super Bowls and won one. He is a victim of his own greatness along with being a victim of lazy bloggers like you.

  47. Two quarterbacks have the following career postseason statistics. One is Brady, one is Manning. Tell me which is which.

    %63.2 Yds/Att 7.5 TD 34 INT 22 Rating 88
    %62.1 Yds/Att 6.7 TD 42 INT 22 Rating 87

    Perhaps Brady has the higher overall quarterback rating? Actually, it’s Manning.

    Oh, and Tom Brady’s career record in the playoffs just happens to be the same as Bill Belichick’s.

    So who gets credit for all those Patriots wins? Belichick? Brady? Maybe Bob Kraft should get credit for building a great organization. Or maybe Belichick should for having the guts to spy on other teams. Or maybe their great defenses should get some credit.

    I guess the narrative of basing a quarterback’s legacy on simple wins and losses might be a bit too simple.

  48. As a colts fan I have to say Manning would be scared to face seattle, and Brady would rather lose in the superbowl instead of not making it.. just look at 2007 vs the giants. When he threw his last pass he took his helmet off and spit on the ground lol..

  49. “While one game won’t reverse a legacy”

    How hard are rooting against Peyton, Mike? Good lord.

  50. unbridledsexy says:
    Jan 12, 2014 8:09 PM
    At least now he’s tied with Tebow.

    So, how many SB rings does Tebow have again?
    You may not like Peyton but he’s pure HOF. Tebow, HOF in his own mind. If he was so good, the Jets would’ve played him, the Pats would’ve kept him or another team would’ve picked him up.

  51. bobzilla1001 says:
    Jan 12, 2014 9:36 PM
    Last season, the Broncos lost to the Ravens, 38-35. To those who truly believe Manning was responsible for that loss, here’s a suggestion: Take up a new sport to watch. Football is obviously too complicated for you to grasp.


    Yeah, about that game, bob. A few points:

    1. Of the Broncos’ 38 points, 14 were scored by the Denver kick returner Holliday. Meaning the great Manning contributed all of 24 points to the effort. Now, imagine if Ben Roethlisberger had done such a thing, oh how you would’ve have ripped him for being such a slacker!

    2. Manning did 290 yards passing on a big fat 43 attempts, for a rather small YPA of 6.7. That’s exactly the lame kind of performance you’d rip Roethlisberger for. Again bob, you are SO exposed!

    3. Let’s see, which QB contributed the game-choking pick in overtime? Joe
    Flacco? No, I believe it was Peyton Manning. So whom SHOULD we hold accountable for the loss? The punter? Of course, if Big Ben had choked like that, you’d be all over him, and any Steeler fan who didn’t agree with your whole anti-Ben philosophy.

    4. The fact is, the great Manning got outplayed by Average Joe Flacco, in terms of total passing yardage, yards per pass, and touchdowns. If Ben had done the same, you’d have posted at least 20 times about it. But not for your boy Manning, huh?

    No, Bob, the problem isn’t that football is too complicated a game for us to grasp, it’s the fact that you should renounce your Steeler fandom, and become either a New England or Denver fan. You’d have SO much more fun that way. And besides, you’re not fit to be a Steeler fan. You’re a disgrace to the black and gold, and I demand, as a lifelong Steeler fan, that YOU, bob, stop being a Steeler fan, because you don’t deserve to be one. How about it big boy? Strap on the orange and blue, and go cheer on your hero. Just leave the rest of us real Steeler fans alone.

  52. When you’ve got a ring, you don’t suffer from “playoff futility”. Jim Kelly, Andy Dalton, Tony Romo among others suffered/suffer from “Playoff Futility”.

  53. Having watched the game here’s what I observed:

    – The SD defense definitely played above their heads and talents, and given that Denver’s defense was only 19th in the NFL (and sub-20’s against the pass), the fact that SD’s offense did their best Baltimore impression in the first half eliminated any shot they had to win a game they should have had.

    – That being said, with Ryan Mathews not 100%, the Chargers really didn’t have a guy to move the chains effectively. Woodhead is a good 3rd down back/change of pace but not a 20 carry guy.

    – If Denver blows a possession in the red zone like they did at the end of the first half, where they could have went up 21-0 and effectively ended the game right there, Tom Brady will crush Manning’s dreams. Again.

    – Denver’s got issues with injuries on defense just like New England does. Turnovers ultimately are going to decide a matchup between two of the greatest QB’s not only of this generation but of all time.

    – Prediction: No matter who wins (and I’ve got Denver 31-28), they will be the underdog no matter if they play Seattle or SF. Both of those teams have superior, physical defenses with Seattle having the better secondary of the two teams.

    -Finally, it was nice to see the referees stay out of the game unless they had to call something (i.e. like SD going offsides FIVE TIMES on defense, really guys???). Unlike in the SF/CAR game, which was called so unevenly and the non-call against Boldin for head-butting the CAR DB, while Carolina got hit with 15 years for similar taunting ON THE POSSESSION BEFORE just fuels the officiating conspiracy theories that have come from the Immaculate Reception through the Tuck Rule and so on, that damage what is the best sport on the planet.

  54. bobzilla1001 says:
    Jan 12, 2014 10:03 PM
    Manning engineered his offense to 35 points. That should’ve been more than enough to have won that game. It was a porous Denver defense that put Manning in position to throw that pick. Manning, on a personal level, played well enough to walk away the winner that day…

    No bob, as I said before, Manning “engineered” his offense to all of 21 points. The other 14 points came from Holliday, the kick returner. Now, either you didn’t watch the game, or you’re outright lying.

    You’re the real “hater” Bob, because this is exactly the kind of thing you’d rip your own supposed QB, Roethlisberger, for. If the Steelers had played that game, you know darn well you’d have broken the game down play by play, to make sure you gave everybody else credit except Ben. A game where the team scored 35, but Ben only contributed 21, would be grounds for screaming and shouting about what a FAILURE Ben is.

    That’s what makes you the true hater, bob, because you’re willing to defend some other team’s QB honor, but not your own. And why I once again DEMAND you stop being a Steeler fan. Go cheer on Denver, or better yet, New England, and your hero Tommy B., who yesterday got carried by his run game, but I bet you were singing his praises as a great franchise QB!

    Bob, the sad fact is you are a “hater” of your own QB. Give it up. You’d be better off a New England fan. Not only does Steeler Nation not want you, we DEMAND you leave immediately!

  55. On the Encroachment penalties.

    YES, it is a penalty to induce an offensive lineman to jump if you go into the neutral zone. BUT, it is also true that a defensive player used to be able to get back onside. Now, as has been pointed out, offensive lineman are taking advantage of the new enforcement by referees of the “inducement” rule. Even if they aren’t actually induced to jump, they do just to draw the penalty.

    I’m not a fan of either team here, just expressing a neutral interpretation.

    Further, it wasn’t that long ago that a QB could draw an offside penalty by just moving his head and thrusting his hands towards the center and it was called “simulating a snap”. Now, you have QB’s all over the league waving their hands like they are being attacked by a swarm of bees, stomping their legs like their feet are on fire and jerking their heads like they are at an AC/DC concert and it’s ok?

    Yet another example of how the rules have become ridiculously one-sided in favor of offensives. The ’85 Bears themselves wouldn’t be the “’85 Bears” under today’s rules.

  56. Good game for Peyton
    Colts fans can watch what could have been instead of watching all the INT’s!!
    BTW, where is Trent?
    What could have been? Had the Colts kept Manning, and his salary, even he couldn’t have helped them into the playoffs. The house of Polian cards crumbled. And it wasn’t going to be rebuilt with Manning. It was the best move for both parties…the Colts gave the Pats a pretty good game until the 4th quarter, if I recall they were only down 7. Luck is in his 2nd season and was playing without half his offense. Brady had injuries too, but he is a future HOF QB with the best coach in the NFL (yeah I had to say it), and most importantly, a solid offensive line.

  57. Congratulations to Manning and the Broncos! I do agree with Phil Simms-why didn’t S.D. take more shots down the field before the 4th quarter? Ask Whisenhunt! By the way he is up for head coaching considerations ??? I would wonder about that.

    Next Week- Patriots 34; Broncos 31

    49’ers 16 Seahawks 13

  58. Lets be honest…next weekend’s matchup will not tell us much about who is the better QB between Manning and Brady. Manning is throwing to Demaryius Thomas, Welker, Decker and Julius Thomas. Brady has Edelman and Amendola and….that’s about it.

  59. Even with the INTs, Luck still had a decent day through the air against the Pats. With one starting WR, a 3rd stringer, a PS guy (Whalen), a 3rd string RB, and a 2nd year TE. Now Manning and his much superior weapons? That Pats ground game won’t be enough to keep up. You don’t have Gronk this time around.

  60. The San Diego Chargers have nothing to be ashamed of. They got beat by a better team, straight up.

    The good news is that a Rivers is playing well, Fluker’s a beast, Allen’s a stud and we’ll be battling for the AFC West title for years to come.

  61. Man, you Manning-sycophants really drank the Koolaid! The fact is, when it comes to the post-season, Peyton is more like Tony Romo than Tim Tebow. Hate all you want, but the truth will set you free…
    When did Tony Romo win a SB?
    Oh, that’s right, never.
    I stand corrected…Peyton is more like Trent Dilfer or Jeff Hostetler.

  62. floratiotime says:
    Jan 12, 2014 8:05 PM
    “Eli Manning is polishing his two Superbowl MVP trophies and laughing.”

    Eli is also a much more accomplished businessman. His bakery, named “The Big Apple Turnover”, is a huge success in the metropolitan area.

  63. I find it very funny (and ironic) that the Manning-sycophants complain of all the “haters” yet have no problem “hating” on Tim Tebow.

    Here are some facts…
    Playoff Winning %:
    45%- Manning
    50%- Tebow

    Playoff QB Rating (avg):
    86.2- Manning
    90.0- Tebow

    Playoff Yards per Completion (avg):
    7.26- Manning
    9.62- Tebow

    Playoff Rushing Yards (avg):
    0.38- Manning
    4.2- Tebow

    Keep on “hating” Tebow…

  64. Peyton is scrutinized for always leading his team to the playoffs, being the favorite (more pressure), and only occasionally succeeding.

    Eli is celebrated for almost never leading his team to the playoffs, but having a little bit more success, albeit as a massive underdog (a lot less pressure).

    Make sense? Only in a Giant fan’s mind.

  65. This is the first time in many years where I really couldn’t care less about who gets to the Super Bowl.
    I can’t stand Jim Harbaugh, who whines and yells at the officials on every play.
    I can’t stand Pete Carroll because of what happened on his watch at USC.
    Even though I respect him, I’m honestly tired of Peyton Manning, too. The records he set this year are commendable, but I think they’re more a product of this pass-happy league than anything else. And does he really have to be in every other commercial on tv?
    He threw that record setting TD on a fairly long pass in a game where his team was up by a whole lot of points, just to set the record. I thought it was a bush move on his part, and thought he was above doing something like that. In the old days, players wouldn’t pad their stats just to set a record. But now it’s common place in this look-at-me league.
    I guess I’m going to root for the Patriots because Tom Brady really did an unbelievable job of holding that team together with all they’ve been through this year. I know a lot of people think he’s arrogant and are tired of the Pats, but I really think he should be the MVP this year for what he did with that team. And like Brady or hate him, he is a great QB.
    In any event, on Super Bowl Sunday, I might just get in my car and go for a nice long ride. The traffic should be whole lot less than at any other time, with eveyone watching the Super Bowl.

  66. Tired of hearing the postseason knocks on Manning. The guy is an all-time great with two Super Bowl appearances and one title. He is now, once again, one game away from another Super Bowl appearance. Anyone who questions his greatness, especially those in the media, are embarrassing themselves with their ignorance.

  67. @ Rejectorman well until you lace’m up and line up against me, there no real way to know how much I know about football is there?

    I’ve played any watched long enough to recognize a butt hurt fan when I see one. Instead of lame insults like ” you don’t know anything about football”. Why don’t you come up with some actual valid arguments about why you think I don’t know anything about football?

    What are you so sour about? Is it that a I think your team is a bunch of systematic cheaters and a hate TB and his Post Op tranny looking wife? Well get over it buds, you mid as well hate 95% of NFL fans dude. Get over it ok?

    It will never stop. Your team, BB and TB are the most hated Team, coach! and player of all time. My team has a chance to take you out of the show. That’s all I could of asked for. The best part about being a bronco fan is if we win we’ll get credit for it. If the Pats win, they cheated again! Must suck knowing that people will never give credit to any accomplishment that NE gets since the SPYGATE scandal.

    Know how I know you don’t know s@$t about football? you think your team is going to win the SB. Sorry to break it to you but no team from the AFC is winning the SB. Have you been watching the NFC this year?you are like ever pats fan I’ve ever met, started watching football in his middle to late 20s(probably 2001) because you weren’t man enough to play it as a kid, and you were sick of being laughed at bars when you you had to ask you buddies what an illigal procedure was! You started drinking the Koolaid the BS media pushes you have the NFL network and CBS and cheer for BB, so that makes you a football genius? Grow up, stop being so butthurt and get over it.

  68. While it is accurate to say the Pats have a 2-1 advantage over Manning in the playoffs, it is equally accurate and might be more relevant to point out that the home team is 3-0 in those contests.

    Pats were 4-4 on the road this year, Denver 8-1.

  69. So glad whinny Rivers didn’t win. The Brats(Pats) would of smashed the sparklers (Chargers).

    The Year of the Horse! Go Broncos!

    Denver Wins 41-27

  70. Not to take anything away from the 49ers and the Seahawks, but I will. The REAL Super Bowl is next Sunday in Denver.

  71. Denver used to be my team before Seattle got a franchise, but I really don’t like them at all with Peyton at the helm. He doesn’t lead, he doesn’t inspire, he doesn’t do justice to the position. I know he has the stats, but he doesn’t have the heart. I hope the Patriots destroy the Broncos.

  72. If you had been in outer space for the last 15 years and the first thing you read when you landed was this article, you would think that this was his first playoff win in his career.

    You do realize he won a Super Bowl, right?

  73. Brady’s stat lines in the 5 games PRIOR to week 16’s game against Balt:

    Comp Att Yds TD Int
    NE PIT 23 33 432 4 0
    NE CAR 29 40 296 1 1 NE DEN 34 50 344 3 0 NE HOU 29 41 371 2 1 NE CLE 32 52 418 2 1 NE MIA 34 55 364 2 1

    To suppose that NE took the ball out of Brady s hands in the last 3 games because he is inferior to Forehead is displaying a basic lack of understanding of Football strategy.

    Buffalo, NE’s week 17 opponent and Indy both rank 28th and 26th respectively in the reg season in rushing yards per game given up.
    Anyone with a clue about football, knows that over the last 2 games, NE’s plan was to attack the weakness of their competition- i.e. Rushing Defense

    Just like when Brady literally CARVED UP Denver in week 12 to complete the comeback of all comebacks in the NFL this year, they attacked the weakness of Denver’s defense, which ranked 27th in the NFL in passing yards/game surrendered and also allowed 29 Pass TD’s to rank 26th out of 32 teams.
    This is pretty basic football strategy stuff, even to the most casual NFL observer but some posters on here like to post idiotic statements like:

    ” NE won by taking the ball out of the hands of Brady. DEN won putting it in the hands of Manning “, and then act like they’re they’re smart about football.

    The rest of their post is weak attempts at humor, but not really response justified

    This is not even to mention the lack of proven quality passing targets Brady has.
    In the context of the lineup Manning has been throwing to all season, if the Donk’s don’t win this weekend, it will absolutely prove once and for all the he is inferior to Brady, stats or no stats, not that we all didn’t know that already anyway

  74. @Forsbergler, I really want to turn the other cheek with regards to your diatribes honestly but I can’t. Get over yourself. Butthurt? If anything, you sound more butthurt than anyone on this thread. How many more times can you or any other Patriot hater bring up “SPYGATE”? Considering the Pat’s have been to the playoff’s and Superbowl numerous times since the alleged “SPYGATE”. Jealous much? Instead of coming on here and putting others down unnecessarily, here is a caveat. Why don’t you worry about your team and not about the Patriot’s. Does the depletion of the Patriot’s team contribute to “SPYGATE” this year? What they’ve done with their injured core? You’re just a clown. Take your own advice. Grow up and take the dilly-doe out of your rectum. Btw, the NFC is not a lock to win the Superbowl. Any team can win on any given Sunday!

  75. If you’re still trying to compare Tebow to Manning, you are an idiot.

    Don’t use ONE game. How bout you compare career stats….

    You can start comparing when Tebow has made it to the playoffs more than 10 times, won multiple MVPs, has a superbowl ring, completes on average more than 50% of his passes, doesn’t lead the league in 3 and outs, and on average doesn’t need his defense to hold opponents to less than 17 points AND score a defensive touchdown…..

  76. @ dstroi Sorry to break it to you buds, The best outcome you have to look forward to is TB SB record being 3-3. Spygate is alive and well buds! 9-0 at home this year. 3-4 on the road. There is a reason for the big drop off.

    If you think your Patriots don’t still cheat your kidding yourself. There just not as stupid as they were in 07 to do it on the road and risk the chance of getting caught again. Hense the road record and losses against bad teams on the road.

    The bottom line is you have to win 2 games on the road to win another SB, just saying your chances aint looking to good. give your head a shake and wake up!

    But hey I know nothing about football so your in good shape

  77. Denver fans had to tolerate all the Chargers fans, and now we have to tolerate all the sour Patriots fans this week. Persevere my friends. The results will be the same. There wont be any weather to give the Patriots a handicap this time around. Not even the wind the broncos had to endure against the chargers. The best offense in NFL history will be completely unhindered.

    Going to win that ring one for the middle finger this year. Appropriate. Go Broncos

  78. @forsbergler, I guess we can agree to disagree then because if they win, they cheat. If they lose, then they suck. In your eyes, it doesn’t really matter anyway does it? Also, I never said you didn’t know anything about football, however, your hate towards one team is clearly irrational for assuming that the Pat’s still cheat. That’s absurd and only people that believe in bigfoot and the lockness monster would agree with you. Do you live at area 51 as well? Why don’t you just man up and say that you dislike the Pat’s because the team you cheer for is not as consistent as the Pat’s even after the so called “Spygate”? Either way, I don’t care what you think. @denverfandownsouth, weather being a handicap? Both teams had to play in the same weather and one team outplayed the other for 60+ minutes. Whether you like it or not, for that one game, Belichick won the chess game. Unfortunately for Denver, it came down to Wes Welker botching a catch after the punt. It’s great to be a fan of either team and it will be a great game either way, however, you’re crazy to say anything with regards to “sour Patriots fans” when in fact, everyone on here talks the most garbage about them and their team then any other team in the league. I say, goodluck to all four teams left.

  79. If you count all of the Super Bowls (48? 49?) and all of the QBs who made it to the Super Bowl (96? 98?) those are pretty small numbers. The number of guys who made it more than once is a smaller number still. Making it twice puts Manning into a pretty small group, even if he won one and lost one. Pretty much every QB who isn’t on that list has a poor playoff record, so quoting the playoff record IN THE PAST doesn’t really mean much. What means something, however, is what happens next week, and again in three weeks. Next week, two QBs will lead a winning team, and two will lead a losing team (notice i didn’t say the QBs will win or lose – there are a few other guys playin’ doncha know) and then those two QBs will meet in three weeks and one will lead a winning team and one will lead a losing team. Which two (then one) will lead the winners? If we knew that, there’d be no reason to play the games. I know who i HOPE wins, but we all have to wait. All four teams (and QBs) have demonstrated they have the chops to do it, they just have to do it, and i think all three games are gonna be well worth watching.

    That said, if the Seahawks make it, i’m gonna be PISSED!!

  80. Honestly, as a Broncos fan, I must say this. The game yesterday should have been a blowout. The D’s performance in the 4th quarter has to worry us regarding NE coming to town.

    I feel less confident this morning after learning of Chris Harris’ injury. While he is no Deion “Primetime” Sanders, he was arguably their most consistent DB this year. DRC and CB better have good games playing “man” or it could be a long afternoon.

    Here’s hoping for a good game…

    Denver 31 New England 28

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