Redskins say interviews with Roman and Fangio weren’t scheduled

Getty Images

The Redskins failed to cancel interviews with 49ers assistant coaches.  Unless they didn’t.

In response to a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN that the Redskins didn’t pull the plug on interviews with 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman (pictured) and 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio on Thursday, the same day Jay Gruden was hired to be the head coach, the Redskins say that’s not the case.

Redskins senior V.P. of communications Tony Wyllie tells PFT that permission was sought and received to interview Roman and Fangio, but that the sessions were never actually scheduled.

In response to the response, Schefter contends that the 49ers gave the Redskins two options for the interviews, Thursday in San Francisco or Saturday in Carolina, and that the Redskins chose Thursday.

Of course, just because the Redskins picked Thursday doesn’t mean the interviews were set in stone for a specific time.

It’s possible that there was a misunderstanding.  It’s also possible that someone who currently works for the Redskins — or who until very recently worked for the Redskins — embellished, exaggerated, and/or fabricated the snafu, out of disgruntlement.

The latter may be more likely, given that the 49ers told the Washington Post that they have no concerns about the manner in which the situation was handled.