Report: Ryan Allen having MRI on shoulder on Sunday


The Patriots are moving on to the AFC Championship Game, but their punter will have to wait for the results of an MRI before he’ll know whether or not he’ll be joining them on the field next Sunday.

Allen injured his shoulder while trying to chase down a botched snap on a punt in the second quarter of Saturday night’s 43-22 victory over the Colts. The play resulted in a safety for Indianapolis and Allen handled the ensuing free kick before leaving the game with a shoulder injury.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Allen will have an MRI on the shoulder on Sunday to determine the extent of the damage. Per Rapoport, there doesn’t appear to be anything broken although that doesn’t rule out an injury that would impact Allen’s ability to play next weekend.

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski filled in for Allen on punts while Tom Brady took over as the holder on a pair of extra points in the second half.

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  1. If nothing is broken, pain killer injections should allow him to play as long as his arm nerves and muscles are not affected and he can catch the snap. Obviously it affects his practice though. Hopefully he’s OK as field position is important. Gostkowski filled in nicely, but I don’t want to see Gostkowski participating in punt returns as I’m pretty sure some idiot would target him for injury thinking he’s helping his team. I’d hate to think the team would assign their 53rd player to do something like that, assuming he’s be ejected. Then again they are restricting ticket sales in order to gain an advantage so anything is possible when you have warped thinking like that.

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