Report: Titans “very interested” in Ken Whisenhunt

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With the Chargers’ season over, the focus turns to whether San Diego offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt returns to the NFL head-coaching ranks.

Whisenhunt, the Cardinals’ head coach from 2007 through 2012, has interviewed with Detroit, Cleveland and Tennessee for their head-coaching vacancies. He’s been linked to the Lions’ job since December, but the Titans are also “very interested” in Whisenhunt, Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean reported Sunday night.

The Titans fired coach Mike Munchak eight days ago. Whisenhunt is one of three candidates who have interviewed with the Titans.

Whisenhunt, 51, led Arizona to a 49-53 mark in his tenure. The Cardinals twice won the NFC West and advanced to Super Bowl XLIII in 2008.

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  1. I just think that the Charger’s should never have let “Ken Whisenhunt” been approached by any of the teams until after the play offs. At that time “after the play offs” then he became free game and any and all teams could have been free to talk with him about any job openings . IMHO, I just think that all of that “hup-de-doo and interviews, were a distraction and took time away from what he was supposed to be doing and that was coaching his players for the up coming play off game. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that is the reason that the Chargers lost in Denver. But I am saying that all of that running around interviewing during the week just before a play off game, sure as heck did not help the players in getting their “Reps”, in. Where you agree or disagree with my comments is up to you, but I would enjoy hearing what you thought of everything.

  2. It seems that he was not focused today. On a big stage, the bright lights were too hot for him today. There was nothing inspired in his play-calling. The Chargers offense was asleep in the first half today.

  3. funny thing is his playcalling was very conservative today thru 3 qtrs.. that stupid draw play run almost has never worked all year and neither of those 3 teams has a kurt warner or philip rivers at qb! stafford is good but not the type to lead a team to the promised land.. we all saw how horrible arizona was without warner as their qb and whiz as their headcoach..he was horrible and some team is gonna overpay him to be their headcoach and set their team back 2-3 years..whiz is a good coordinator and not a great headcoach type..guy wasted larry fitzgerals peak part of career in arizona while he couldnt figure out who to play at qb!!! good luck detroit,tenn,or cleveland with another good coordinator as you re-tread headcoach!!

  4. his playcalling in the losses san diego had this year were horrible!!! the 1st n goal against the skins and couldnt punch it in to win sticks in my mind.. his redzone offesne wasnt great as well.they had to settle for alot of field goals in the redzone this year as well.. horrible 1st 3 qtr’s of playcalling by him today..its not like denvers defense scares anybody,but he called the game like he was playing the bengals last week or the as if the broncos def was the seahwaks or 49ers defense… smh

  5. As a Titans fan I hope we get him. To be honest there’s really not that much out there to get as a HC. But it will be nice if we can get whisenhunt as our HC and retain Gregg Williams as our DC. Make it happen Titans!!!

  6. Do any of these teams actually check past records? When the Cards won the West, it was derided as the worst division in the NFL, and his best record ever was 10-6. And that was an anomaly, they only finished over .500 twice in his time there, ending 5-11, 8-8, 5-11.

  7. Jake Locker…do the names Kevin Kolb or John Skelton mean anything to you?

    Run. Run for your life.

  8. The Charger fans should be fine with him leaving. Whisenhunt is not a good head coach at all.he was only good when he had Warner as his qb. After that he was terrible. He also proved today that he’s not a very good coordinator either, by not letting Rivers be in command the offense looked awful. And after he got the smarts to use Rivers itwas to late. So as a Charger fan good riddance Whisenhunt

  9. The offense wasn’t on fire that’s for sure, but is Wiz’s interviewing the reason for the key Ladarius Green drop? Was it the reason the offensive line got owned? Is that the reason the defense looked like a leaky faucet against the Denver offense? And I know he didn’t hold the cure to Mathews injury.

    It sucks but they just simply choked. They still took a huge step forward this year. Nice season; looking forward to next.

  10. It’s amazing that after Whisenhunt absolutely froze again today on the big stage, that any team is considering him for a head coach. His poor in game management should be a signal to any team that their season will never end with a SB victory, no matter how talented they are. It just goes to show that the crop of coaches available is mediocre at best.

  11. The offense wasn’t on fire, that’s for sure, but was Wiz’s interviewing the reason for that key Ladarius Green drop? Was it the reason the offensive line got owned? Is that why the defense looked like a leaky faucet against the Manning offense? And I know he didn’t hold the cure to Mathews injury.

    It sucks but they just choked. They still took a huge step forward this year. Real nice season; looking forward to the next.

  12. The gameplay was to limit the amount of time Peyton Manning had the ball just like it was the week before. It wasn’t Wisenhunts fault the San Diego defense couldn’t keep Peyton off the field. They limited the amount of possessions Manning had by running a conservative game plane. The defense got no pressure and let the Broncos control the line of scrimmage. Better team won and Chargers made it interesting.

  13. It’s easy to second-guess play-calling.

    But let me remind all of you second-guessers that the call could very well be a legitimately good one, and yet it can go to crap if it isn’t executed properly.

    I’m not trying to throw any of the Chargers under the bus… My point is that the fortune of any team’s offense is not limited to it’s Offensive Coordinator.

  14. A) Ken Whisenhunt deserves a second shot.
    B) The Lions have a decent amount of talent.
    C) I now pronounce you Coach and Team.

  15. Why the interest in this guy???

    He was good with Warner, but afterwards all he did was create his own messes.

    He didn’t do more to replace Leinart before cutting him, didn’t bench Kolb while the team went 1-7 with him in 2011, and kept playing Ryan Lindley in 2012.

    Yes he had winning records with Skelton in 2011 and Kolb in 2012, but the majority of the losses have something to do with Whiz. He’s getting hired too soon.

  16. He doesn’t deserve it. He made his own messes from 2010-2012. Yes he had winning records with Skelton in 2011 and Kolb in 2012, but he had say in personnel and contributed to many of the losses during the last 3 years there.

  17. The crummy job he produced for the Chargers today is an accurate reflection of how he was as the Cards HC. He knows enough what the right things are to do, but he cannot get his own ego out of the way to put the team first. He willingly gave up possible wins in order to show players he is the boss by benching them. He kept forcing players to play his system instead of maximizing their talents. He is a terrible evaluator and developer of QBs as proven by his track record. He refused to recognize when his draft choices were busts at the expense of his team winning. He believes that his offensive lines do not need to be very good as QBs should be able to take a bunch of punishment (that’s why Kurt Warner retired with time left on his contract for millions of dollars) and running backs have to make their own way through bad offensive line blocking.

    If he ends up as a HC, that team deserves the losing seasons he will bring them. There are so much better choices out there, but there are plenty of stupid owners.

  18. Dear Fellow Lions Fans,
    Stop being bitter fans. We need a coach that know how to win. I swear that Schwartz poisoned all our minds. Embrace the Whiz and let’s move on.


  19. It was the divisional round if the playoffs, the chargers already played 17 games. At that point of the season the players know what they are doing. McCoy is an offensive minded coach, more than capable of handling practice. IMHO, the chargers didn’t belong in the playoffs in the first place. Both AFC wildcard teams were irrelevant. I thought the chargers were going to win but the bronco defense played very well and the chargers were dropping like flies.

  20. @ ementor62 – If Stafford “throws way too many interceptions” then he also throws way too many TDs. Joe Flacco threw more INTs than Stafford, so Joe Flacc0 (last year’s Super Bowl winner) isn’t any good either, right? SMH

    As a Lions fan, if Wisenhunt is dumb enough to take the Cleveland or Tennessee job then he’s not the type of coach I want in Detroit.

  21. I’m sure he’s a fine coach, but I’d rather the Titans start fresh with one of Seattle’s coordinators. Tommy Smith loves what they’re doing in Seattle, and who wouldn’t? Let’s get that happening in Nashville.

  22. Why would Whisenhunt want Detroit crappy city and the Qb is about as unconsistent as a Qb can be! Megatron cant stay healthy plays like hes 38 not 28.

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