Tightrope pick from Butler helps Chargers avoid 21-point hole

Getty Images

With the Broncos trying to extend their lead to 21-0 at the half, quarterback Peyton Manning threw the ball to receiver Eric Decker.

But safety Darrell Stuckey had a hand on Decker’s chest.  The ball hit Stuckey’s arm and bounced into the air.

Enter linebacker Donald Butler, who tapped the ball to himself with his right hand, secured it with both, tapped his toes just inside the back of the end zone, cradled the pigskin as he fell, and held onto it after he hit.

The turnover gives the Chargers a bit of a lift, even though they trail by 14 and Denver gets the ball to start the second half.

For Manning, it was the first red-zone interception he has thrown all year.  And it was the second turnover of the half for Denver.