49ers had plan for Panthers pass-rush, executed it


When the Panthers beat the 49ers in the regular season, they collected six sacks, and held the 49ers to 151 total yards. It was a dominant effort for the Panthers defensive line.

And the 49ers clearly were in no mood for a repeat.

“That game we weren’t ready for it,” 49ers guard Alex Boone said of the Panthers’ pass rush, via Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer. “We were kind of sick of hearing about it.”

Bur rather than talk about it or fight, the 49ers dissected the Panthers pass-rushers on tape, and neutralized them throughout the game.

Pro Bowl defensive end Greg Hardy, who had 15.0 sacks in the regular season, had none Sunday, and neither did linemate Charles Johnson on the other side.

“I studied every single game he played this season, every single pass rush he had, to figure out what kind of counter-moves he had,” left tackle Joe Staley said of Hardy. “It wasn’t like I pitched a shutout – he got around me and got some hits on our quarterback. But overall I felt like we did a good job on him. . . .

“I wanted to get my hands on him quick to see how he would counter because I felt like I had a bead on him. There were a couple of times he tricked me, but this was about coming with a game plan.”

By giving Colin Kaepernick time, the 49ers were eventually able to get something going in the air, and without the pressure up front, the weaknesses in the Panthers secondary were finally exposed.

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  1. Was that plan to have the refs on the take? It sure looked like it.

    It’s one thing to blow a number of calls. It’s another thing entirely – when ALL of the calls go against one team the whole game, and are inconsistently applied — to the benefit of the other team.

  2. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says:
    Was that plan to have the refs on the take? It sure looked like it.

    It’s one thing to blow a number of calls. It’s another thing entirely – when ALL of the calls go against one team the whole game, and are inconsistently applied — to the benefit of the other team.

    What about the personal foul call when Cam turned into the pass rush on 3rd down?

    Or all of the bad calls in the Super Bowl that went against the 49ers?

    Panthers weren’t ready for the big stage yet. they will only get better in the future, they have a young core of good players. They need to get more WRs to help out Cam.

  3. The same hawks team that got 4 picks against the cards and lost, at home? The hawks O has been abysmal and the saints defense beat them up. Golden rate didn’t catch another ball and stopped running his mouth after getting blown up on that slant, and we all know about percy.

  4. At cmoney:

    That late “make-up call” came after the level playing field had already been irreparably destroyed.

    As any group not populated with a clear majority of 49’er fans would realize – that game was poorly officiated.

    Not only that — all the bad calls that were made at a meaningful point in the game worked to help the ‘Niners/hurt the Panthers.

    And I am not a Panther fan — it is what it is.

  5. True, not ALL of the bad calls went the 49er way. All but one. It’s a shame because SF outplayed the Panthers in the 2nd half and deserved to win. But the officiating puts a dark cloud over the W.

  6. Right….it was all the officials fault Carolina couldn’t pound it in from the 1 yard line not once but twice. All their fault they had no answer for Boldin. All their fault the Panthers have no run game at all which is critical to win in the post season.
    Give it a rest. Carolina came out too jacked up and took stupid undiciplined penalties early. Yes, Boldin should have been flagged for the headbutt since they called the one on the Panthers dude running his mouth earlier. I’ve never seen a team that’s accomplished so little talk so much. They got what they asked for when you come out like that and try to intimidate by being stupid physical instead of playing smart and hard. Deal with it.

  7. I thought it was really cool how the refs threw two interceptions to the 49ers defense.

    Oh, and how they got stuffed twice on the goaline. That was an impressive stuff by the refs.

    It’s funny, people talk about “Forty Whiners” non-stop, but it seems like every fan base moans about bad calls, bad sportsmanship etc.

    Bottom line is, the 49ers are playing great, and their defense cannot be discounted.

    Also, I love how the refs gave Greg Hardy a goose-egg. Looks like the Kraken never got released, huh?

  8. and the refs had a plan to throw a flag on a SACK to try and extend the game, and executed it.

    Soon QB’s will wear red and be no contact, anyone they bump into will be flagged for roughing.

  9. I am sick of this complaining about the refs. The Panthers came out trying to bend the rules to see what they could get away with and it backfired. The refs sniffed it out. That headbutt call against Carolina was a sissy @$$ call but other than that they earned ALL those calls. Had the ball INSIDE THE ONE TWICE!!! GTFOH!

  10. Panther fans: Keep making all the excuses you want about how all the calls went against Carolina and in favor of the Niners. Whatever makes you feel better while you’re watching the Niners/Seahawks in the NFC Championship game.

    Kind of like that call with 5:19 left in the 4th when Carolina was in great position to even up the game and Dan Skuta sacked Cam Newton but got a 15 yard penalty for a helmet-to-helmet hit on the QB. Then, the very next play, Newton threw the game-losing interception right to Whitner?

    You mean that penalty that clearly went in the Niners favor and won the game for the Niners?

  11. Whether its bad refs, back and forth travel across the country, freezing weather, bad refs, pass interference on every play, rain or PEDs… We’re coming for ya!

  12. The Panthers got taken off their game by the overly bad officiating in the first half, plain and simple. In the first half, the Panther defense was dominating, but you can’t let things like the bad calls affect you, and the offense has to punch it in when they are that close to the end zone, especially considering their limited weapons on offense.

  13. Panther fans are just as bad a Seahawk fans. Of course no one on your team has EVER had a bad call right? Get over it. There’s only one winner at the end.

  14. I love how everyone calls the niners 40 whiners but all I have seen from their last 2 games is their opponents fans doing nothing but crying about the refs.. cmon man!

  15. The kraken!!! Lol. Was shut down. I guess he wasn’t an angry enough player on Sunday All that talk about Kap having a long day and breaking faces and all that. That’s a joke. The better team won, get over it.

  16. Refs did not decide the game. The panthers getting 3 points after ending 3 drives inside the 5 did.

  17. Hilarious! Shehawk fans crying about cheating.

    Peter cheater -ran from USC scandals
    PED’s up the wazoo
    Phony crowd noise….


  18. What a whiney bunch in N.C. and Seatown. Why don’t you talk about the poor play calling?

    Also, these Panthers came out acting like the big bullies chipping and talking trash. Anquon decided to give it back all day, and let tell you, I didn’t see those brisk backs talking to much Schnizzle late in the game.


    Now Seattle this is what we both were hoping for. Sure I’d rather play in SF, but am psyched to play you anywhere!

    Slobber Knocker!!!

  19. “That game we weren’t ready for it,” 49ers guard Alex Boone said of the Panthers’ pass rush

    Translation: “We bought into the national hysteria that the Panthers were a fraud and we thought all we had to do was put our cleats on the right feet and we would roll the Panthers 49-0. ”

    And the refs… Did the refs decide the game? No. The 49ers made better halftime adjustments and played great D around the goal line and earned the win. But it won’t hurt you to admit there was a decided advantage – such as Boldin getting away with the same head-butt the Panthers got called for, and the refs deciding to not enforce the 12 men in the huddle penalty on the TD right before halftime.

    The Panthers were and are a good team and the 49ers lack of respect for them is disgusting. You got the win and deserved it, but it’s not too much to show a little respect to a team that beat you once and played you even the first half of the rematch.

  20. Panthers did just as much jawing as the Niners….

    Also, the 12 men non-call was correct, since the ball had not been spotted yet. When it was spotted, there were only 11 men in. It’s a non-story so stop whining about it already

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