Adjustment in second half led to shutout for 49ers

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The Panthers had already been stonewalled at the goal line twice, but were still ahead just before halftime.

But their first two drives of the second half were enough to swing the balance of the game, and the 49ers defense knew it.

They forced the Panthers into a quick three-and-out, and then stopped a promising drive (the Panthers converted three third-and-1s) with a pair of sacks, leaving the Panthers in a hole they weren’t able to get out of.

They had some new things that we hadn’t seen on film,” 49ers safety Donte Whitner said, via Matt Maiocco of “Once we came in the locker room and understood what they were doing, then they went back to some of their basic stuff. That’s how we were able to come out and pitch a shutout in the second half.”

Having that 13-play drive end with a punt deflated the Panthers, and the home crowd, leaving Bank of America silent and confused.

“That was disappointing because we did such a nice job of getting the ball down into field-goal range,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. “If we can protect him a little bit better or if he can dump it a little sooner, we give ourselves the chance to score and react to that 10-point lead.”

Instead, the Panthers are reacting to their season being over.

12 responses to “Adjustment in second half led to shutout for 49ers

  1. Newton needs to make better decisions, quicker.

    That’s what it boils down to for most young quarterbacks. Some guys never get it. I think Cam Newton has a good chance to.

  2. My Panthers had a chance in the first half to take control of the game. Unfortunately, dumbass Mike Mitchell gets a penalty for a late hit, the 9ers go on to score, instead of punt.

    Sure, they only got 3 points, but it set the tone. On top of that, the DBs had 3 other senseless penalties, yet kept on talking. I fault lack of leadership in the secondary. They clearly allowed the “lack of respect” to get into their heads, coming into the game to make sure that would change.

    Nobody reigned them in and they kept jacking their jaws until the game ended. The offensive struggles were clear, but it was all setup by an undisciplined group of DBs, led by dumbass Mike Mitchell.

  3. “The Panthers had already been stonewalled at the goal line twice, but were still ahead at halftime.”

    Hmmm, reminds me of the old days when reporters reported on the games that they weren’t actually watching. 10-13 (san Frans favor) at halftime does not seem like they were ahead…

  4. cam newton needs to stop with his stupid superman celebration. hes no superman. what has he ever won? zero playoff wins. kaeprnick can celebrate.kaeprnick is 4- 1 in playoffs.

  5. We’ve had an O-line held together with duct tape and prayer with all the injuries. Hopefully we can get some depth for next year.

  6. kingcrusher

    Read the article before making such criticism. It doesnt say the Panthers led at halftime, it says JUST BEFORE halftime (which is totally correct)

    “The Panthers had already been stonewalled at the goal line twice, but were still ahead just before halftime.”

  7. Qdog is one of the few I’ve seen speak objectively. There were some ticky tack calls non calls both ways imo but the questionable ones didn’t have an impact on the score. Great game and thanks for your hospitality Charlotte. All the people there were class

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