Anquan Boldin got on Jim Harbaugh’s case about 15-yard penalty


Jim Harbaugh was called for a 15-yard penalty for running on the field on Sunday’s win over the Panthers, and Harbaugh got an earful from his players about it.

Harbaugh said afterward that some of the 49ers, including receiver Anquan Boldin, told Harbaugh that he needs to control his emotions and not get called for penalties.

Anquan was telling me to stay off the field,” Harbaugh said. “He said, ‘Coach, we can’t have that. Get off the field.’ And he was right.”

It’s usually the other way around — the coach is usually telling the players to avoid penalties — but if a lecture from one of his players keeps Harbaugh from doing it again, then Boldin was smart to tell Harbaugh to knock it off.

Harbaugh said he has never had a penalty before, and he was glad that the 15 yards ended up not meaning anything at the end of the first half.

“It didn’t cost us. I’m pleased about that. I will try to do better,” Harbaugh said.

At a time when the coach is losing his mind on the sideline, it’s good for the 49ers that they have a veteran leader trying to settle him down.

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  1. Meanwhile, Boldin was a complete tool on the field and should have been penalized for the head butt as Munnerlyn was.

    I don’t care for either team but the Refs sure seemed like they did…

  2. While its not excusable, Harbaugh explained why why he ran on the the field.

    The game clock continues to ran after that play. Even if it was an incomplete pass, Niners would have had chance to kick a field goal. The clock should not be running on incomplete pass. You can see that Harbaugh was pointing at the clock to the official. He was also seen explaining the same to Boldin.

  3. I’m not much an an Anquan Boldin fan, but I saw what he did during the game and I was impressed by his efforts to be a calming leader when his coach was going nuts.

    I tip my cap to you Anquan.

  4. I know a lot of folks can’t stand Harbaugh, but I like a coach who is so emotional. What’s wrong with that? The league is full of the stoic stone faced statues that grace the sidelines. I like the coaches who love the game, who show their emotions, who are not afraid to let it hang out. They are hated by some, loved by some, but over all add anothge dimension to a league that is turning into a No Fun League.

  5. I love Boldins game but the constant jawing at defenders is tiresome. I was glad to hear Aikman comment on it after he drew the PI call and Boldin tried like hell to talk himself into a penalty.

  6. Read Harbaugh’s lips when talking to Boldin. He say something like…”I know but look..”. The biggest problem on that play was that the clock ran from 9 to 4 sec, after the play had ended and it appeared to be what Harbaugh complained about. When I watched it live I couldn’t figure out how the play took 9 secs. I love Harbaugh because I’m a 49er fan. If he coached for another team I’m sure he would drive me nuts as well.

  7. I enjoy coaches standing up for players but this time harbaugh could’ve put us in a hole if it was overturned. Boldin did get lucky for not getting called on the head butt. Normally I do see that called as a penalty but when the other team gets one early you gotta expect refs to call it even.

  8. I am not a 49ers fan, but kinda liked that team till yesterday. They just seem really classless. I hate Seattle, but I hope Seattle destroys 49ers next sunday. Get your BOOM ready Seattle fans!!!

  9. The drama all played out as you would expect when dealing with normal reactions. The TD was ruled out of bounds, a call that 6 of 10 impartial individuals would make when instantly viewing with the naked eye. 85 of SF made amazing play dragging back foot while deemed to be in possession of ball all along, the system worked as ‘review’ corrected a very difficult human erroneous call. Coach can’t enter field, did so (and pointing at scoreboard, not clock), was appropriately flagged. Well thought out rule deems the infraction after the overturned call, Carolina given 15 yds for kickoff.

    Only issue left open is whether Harbaugh will be fined. IMO, he absolutely should receive a fine, especially as his infraction had no impact–either a touchdown or a chip shot field goal as next play would be half’s final play.

    As to a veteran player getting in Coach’s face, it happens often and we wouldn’t even be discussing it had the post game conference not provided the question due only to the reality that a sharp producer ran that footage to entertain the TV audience.

  10. Boldin acting like the “calming” presence and chastising his coach for drawing a penalty? That’s funny, because Boldin was practically begging for unsportsmanlike penalties after nearly every play.

    That said, hopefully he craps all over that jackass Sherman on Sunday.

  11. I am of the belief that the coach has to be the calming factor on the sideline. How can Harbaugh tell his team to remain calm in key moments when he acts like his hair is on fire all day? True leaders are not the guys who act like he does on Sundays.

  12. A lot of haterz on the internet. hahaha

    1. Boldon made a mockery of that secondary.
    2. The person that said that the niners were classless in that game must have missed the first quarter.
    3. The officiating in this game was horrendous. For both teams! The no call on Boldin’s headbutt was nothing compared to the roughing the passer on Skuta!!!

    I will live and die with the Niners and I hope this game doesn’t dissapoint.


    PS – limiting what states can buy tickets to the NFC Championship!? REALLY?? hahahaha

  13. I saw that when the cameras panned the sidelines after the flag was thrown and I smiled. Sometimes Coach Harbaugh forgets that he isn’t playing anymore. He is very easily excitable, kinda like Ditka was with the Bears, and that’s one of the reasons his players love him so much, like Ditka’s Bears players loved him. However, you’ve got to calm it down a little and it’s great that a veteran got in his ear to settle him down. It’ll happen again, I’m sure, but it won’t be often.

  14. Say what you want about Harbaugh… I’d probably hate him too if he wasn’t the coach of my favorite team. That said, at least he isn’t a cheater like Pete Carroll. Carroll cheated at USC before running to Seattle after the school and his program gets busted, Not to mention his “they can’t call a penalty every play” defense. I’m not going to mention any of the other questionable abuses, that’s for Hawks fans to complain about. Good luck 12th man, your the best player on the team apparently.

  15. Harbaugh’s behavior really is very Schwartz-like. Key differences are that his players generally play within the rules, and he wins close games instead of losing them.

    Now Boldin, that’s another story. I thought it was lauhable the way he acted during that game, then had the nerve to call out Harbaugh about acting similarly. Some people simply cannot see themselves clearly.

  16. That team would be better served if ‘Quan immediately took over as head coach.

    Send the emotional basket case up into the booth where he belongs. Make no mistake, Harbaugh calls a good game.. But his attitude is going to cost SF.

  17. Harbaugh is the reason I no longer root for the 49ers..

    What sticks out in my mind is the game last year against the Vikings (49ers lost) where he purposely tried to take a non-existent timeout to stop the play.

    SF: Great city, good team, duchebag coach.

  18. I like boldin toughness. But after every catch u need to yap it up in sumone face dude why dont u relax u are happy that u catch it U suppose to catch the ball

    I disliked the nfl for taking away touchdown celebrations

    But I would like to see nfl throw player out of game after 1st warning and a flag for taunting its disgraceful honestly. It takes away from the great catch or play sumone made

    I can get hyped about making a play with my teammate but I don’t need to jaw at opposing players to get my team hyped.
    They should be hyped for the millions they make for playing a game I play for free

  19. I hate to sound like Troy Aikman, but I have lost a lot of respect for Boldin after watching his antics the past few games. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall him being such a jackass on the field.

    I expect it from morons like DeSean Jackson, but I always thought Boldin was better than that.

  20. Hey, the guy’s human. Nice to see a coach so passionate about the game.

    Whatever to this silliness…

  21. If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black then I dunno what is. Boldin could have had 5x that amount of yards in penalties had the refs done their job yesterday. I saw on multiple plays Boldin pushing and shoving after the play. Getting in guys’ faces and running his mouth. Of all people to tell the coach to chill out.

  22. There is a difference between talking smack (which happens from both sides at the end of every play) and losing your cool. Boldin talks a lot of smack and really gets under the skin of defenders (strategy that’s proven to work), but seldom loses his cool. Harbaugh loses his cool. Props to Boldin for keeping him in line. All you talking about there should of been a headbutt penalty, get outta here. That happens all the time. Case could be made that the initial headbutt penalty against Carolina was bs, looked like some acting from Crabtree. My point is, all you ripping Boldin need to stop. The guy is the definition of a true pro and a main reason Ravens won the SB. He just may get another one in SF. Guy is a beast.

  23. As the immortal sage, Foghorn Leghorn would say, referring to coach Harbaugh.: “That boy ain’t right.”

  24. Agree with the majority here. Good message, bad messenger. Boldin was so out of control yesterday Aikman even said during the broadcast ‘I’m kinda getting sick of watching it’.

  25. Harbaugh,Carroll,Sherman,Boldin,Kaepernick etc.This might be a record for a conference championship game for most clowns. This is going to be a ratings blockbuster.

  26. This discussion is about a penalty that was called RIGHT. The problem was all the penalties that were called WRONG. The head butt penalty was ridiculous! The roughing the passer penalty was stupid! The Boldin headbutt non-call was the only one of the three that the refs got right, and these are the best refs that the NFL could find for a game?? Ridiculous!!

  27. All the clowns knocking Harbaugh in here are hilarious. The guy has taken the Niners to 3 straight NFC Championship games in a league where it’s tough as hell to stay at the top. The guy is an emotional wreck…no doubt about it. But the guy can coach football. He’s proven it wherever he’s been. And he doesn’t need to cheat his ass off to do it unlike some other guy that coaches on the west coast.

  28. Let me make one thing clear: Boldin is a good player still and a credit to any team. Baltimore could have found a way to retain Boldin. It would have been hard and probably would have meant not resigning Leach but Boldin’s antics are one of the reason John Harbaugh didnt lobby Baltimore’s to retain Boldin. All the vocal players were kicked to the curb: Reed, Pollard, Boldin.

  29. 7to85 says:
    Jan 13, 2014 9:17 AM

    A lot of haterz on the internet. hahaha

    1. Boldon made a mockery of that secondary.
    2. The person that said that the niners were classless in that game must have missed the first quarter.
    3. The officiating in this game was horrendous. For both teams! The no call on Boldin’s headbutt was nothing compared to the roughing the passer on Skuta!!!

    I will live and die with the Niners and I hope this game doesn’t dissapoint.


    PS – limiting what states can buy tickets to the NFC Championship!? REALLY?? hahahaha
    I saw on the local news this morning that the Broncos are doing the same thing.

    That would indicate it’s not unusual for teams to do this.

    Where’s the uproar about the Broncos?

  30. Someone needs to knock Aikman off his high horse. Did he forget about all the showboating and trash talk Michael Irvin did in the 90’s yet he’s going to call out Boldin.

  31. Yeah, re-signing Leach really helped the Ravens. He’s going to be sliced as soon as possible. Huff, Canty and Spears were bad moves too.

  32. WR Steve Smith goes bananas after every single catch and Troy Aikmen calls him: ” the fiery leader of that team with a lot of passion and emotion. I just love watching him compete and get jacked up”.

    Anqon Boldin does the exact same thing and Troy is just “sick of it. He needs to stop”. Hmmm. I guess that 90’s rivalry with the 49ers isn’t dead yet huh Troy?

  33. Everyone talks trash in a game, even the corners – especially the corners. They try to get in your head before the play starts… try to make you doubt yourself and distract you from recognizing soft areas when you’re running option routes. It’s part of the game! So who says a WR can’t talk a little trash back? Especially when you want to show ’em that you can’t be pushed around… get into their heads a little bit and make them realize it’s going to be a long day. As far as I’m concerned, Boldin backs up his talk consistently. Over-sensitive analysts and “whiney” types need to lay off and let those boys play.

  34. What bothers me the most about Harbaugh is that I have so much respect for him as a football fan, but his behavior just makes it all go out the window.

    Watched the game of football all my life and played in high school and college. In all of those years, I’ve never seen a coach act the way he does on the sideline. Once the winning stops, it’s not going to seem so endearing to the Niners fanbase.

    As for Boldin, I’ve watched and liked his game since his days at FSU. He plays the game extremely hard on every play. That being said, since he became a Niner, he’s began doing a lot of the extracurricular stuff that is unnecessary.

    Talking is one thing and I have no problem with it, but he’s headbutting, pushing guys down, etc. I can recall during the game between the Seahawks and Niners in December he was EXTREMELY fortunate he wasn’t ejected in that game for putting his hands on an official (while being separated by an official on the sideline, he used his fists to hit the officials forearm off of him while trying to get back at the other player).

    While I am a Seahawks fan, I am also a fan of the NFL. I’ve never liked guys that play out of control and aren’t dependable (which is why I was not upset when Brandon Browner was suspended).

    Hope the officials this Sunday let it be known and set the tone early. REALLY don’t want to see a bunch of cheap shots (like the Rams tried to do to Seattle) before they decide to start throwing flags.

  35. Sounds like a bunch of niner haters!!!
    No other coach has been to conference championship in their first three years, except one, “Harbaugh”!!!

  36. I know you are worried Seattle! Facing a team more balanced than you…..12th man an advantage, Yes but if not you lose. Seattle loses this one. 49ers 27-17 Seattle

  37. First off, not sure if any of you have played sports, but pretty much ALL players are yapping at each other from the time the game starts. Before the ball is snapped Corners are yapping at receivers trying to get in their head. Receivers should yap back at them when they make a catch. It’s all about intimidation! I have no issue with it as long as you can back it up. Q actually told the coach to stay off field and stop lying to the media about Crabtree having the best hands on the team.

  38. Tomlin is one of only seven coaches in league history to win a Super Bowl within his first two seasons as an NFL head coach. Tomlin is the only head coach in Steelers history to lead the team to two Super Bowls in his first four seasons at the helm, including an appearance against the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV. He is one of only two Steelers’ head coaches to win three division titles in his first four seasons.

  39. Can u blame him? A clear touchdown called incomplete and the clock keeps moving. Did anyone see the poor officiating in that game? Both sides. Especially the sack on amaahd brooks. That was just horrible.

  40. All you people quoting Aikman are out of your minds. You have to remember he was a Cowboy and his hatred for the 49ers is still obvious.
    Also all you Boldin haters are way off base. Carolina was in the 49ers faces from the get go. If they weren’t in Boldin’s face all the time he wouldn’t have needed to be in theirs.
    Finally as for Harbaugh’s antics you have to remember it was ruled incomplete and therefore was not automatically subject to review; plus the clock kept running when it shouldn’t have been running. So yes it was over the top; but the play was reviewed and ruled the TD it should have been.

  41. Chikiboy give us a break. Your DB’s play so far outside the rules it’s disgusting. And this is what most of the teams that have played Seattle say. As one comment said they figure the officials won’t call a penalty on every play.

  42. bunch of haters..great coach and great team you wish you had.. Niners will roll over the seasquaks. QuestforSix!

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