Bills fire linebackers coach Chuck Driesbach

Linebacker Kiko Alonso’s first year in the NFL went well enough that he’s a strong contender to be named defensive rookie of the year.

Things didn’t go as smoothly for one of his position coaches. The Bills have announced via a brief release that linebackers coach Chuck Driesbach has been relieved of his duties. It was Driesbach’s first year on the Bills’ staff and his first year as an NFL assistant after spending 36 years in the college ranks.

Driesbach’s main focus was on inside linebackers and it’s hard to argue with the work he did bringing Alonso along in the second-round pick’s first professional season.

The Bills also had Jim O’Neil on the staff as a linebackers coach in 2013, which could mean that he’ll take on more responsibility with Driesbach out of the picture. O’Neil came to Buffalo after serving on the Jets’ defensive staff under defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

Driesbach is the second member of head coach Doug Marrone’s first staff to lose his job. Wide receivers coach Ike Hilliard has also been let go since the end of the regular season. That move was chalked up to a difference in philosophy, but there’s been no comment on the reason for Driesbach’s departure at this point.

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7 responses to “Bills fire linebackers coach Chuck Driesbach

  1. Tell you what… if he can get the LBs on my Bears turned around, he is more than welcome in Chicago. We’ve got a couple young guys with talent but they need serious coaching-up.

  2. There was a lack of talent on the Bills LB group. They need a true MLB and then they can move Kiko to WLB.

  3. “Bills fire linebackers coach Chuck Driesbach”

    “Linebacker Kiko Alonso’s first year in the NFL went well enough that he’s a strong contender to be named defensive rookie of the year.”

    The headline and first paragraph tells everyone why the Bills are the Washington Generals to the 31 other teams Harlem Globetrotters.

  4. @ihatethejets

    Not trying to stir up trouble here, as I assume you are either a Bills backer or at least have a soft spot for them, but Kiko belongs in the middle of that defense. However, I think the lack of LB talent caused the Bills to utilize a lot of “Heavy” 3-4 sets, which pretty much was a 4-3. I honestly have this hope that the Bills will grab CJ Mosley, even if he is a reach at 9, or trade back and get him, then the Bills could build a MLB core similar to the 9’ers. Remember, Pettines roots are in a 3-4, although it is a hybrid scheme, and they are only lacking another guy to line up next to Kiko if you think about it. You grab your other stud, and you can have Mario and Manny as your rush OLB on passing downs, then as you said, rotate either Kiko or “Insert LB name here” into the Will spot in running and early down situations while Mario puts his hand in the dirt. Again, this is all here-say at this point. The Bills need help at Tackle and another playmaker wouldn’t hurt, but it’s hard to argue pairing the QB of Nick Saban’s D, with the sheer force that is Kiko Alonso.

  5. They kept Crossman and his pathetic special teams. The lack of talent a LB was evident. I’d give most of the credit for Alonso to Petine.

  6. Kiko is great in the middle of Pettines defense. He’s great in coverage and is a sideline to sideline player. To better utilize Pettines 3-4/4-3 hybrid they need another MLB next to Kiko that can stop the run. Kiko is good in pursuit of the run but wasn’t the best when they ran right at him. Moving Kiko to the outside will diminish is play making ability all over the field. But if they were add someone like a Brandon Spikes in free agency than I can see Kiko taking some more snaps on the outside.

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