Broncos will only sell tickets to Rocky Mountain region


If you’re a big enough Patriots fan that you’d be willing to travel from New England to Denver and cheer on your team in enemy territory, the Broncos would like to keep you out.

Just as the Seahawks aren’t selling NFC Championship Game tickets to fans in California in an attempt to keep 49ers fans away, the Broncos have announced that AFC Championship Game tickets won’t be sold to those in New England.

“Tickets will be available only to those with a valid billing address in the Rocky Mountain region, including Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota and Western Kansas,” the team says on its website.

Some Patriots fans will still manage to buy tickets on the secondary market, but the Broncos obviously want to have as much of a home-crowd advantage as they can. If you’re going to the AFC Championship Game in Denver, the Broncos want you to be a Denver fan.

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  1. Yes, it has been like that for years. As recently as last year and the Pittsburgh/Tebow playoff game. It also limits people from Florida who buy tickets and post them to eBay/Stubhub or Craigslist.

  2. Is that legal? Seems like it is not and then when you factor in things like blackouts, it looks like teams are asking for problems.

  3. As a Patriots fan, I don’t have a problem with that. Teams fight all regular season to get home field advantage in the playoffs. Why lose that edge by selling tickets to opposing fans?

  4. It’s a good idea, who would want to waste big money on tickets to watch your team get stomped in Denver?

    Can’t bring the video cameras , this isn’t 2006.

  5. I actually like the Pats as a team. I like the way they operate and I like the way Belichick runs business.

    But I would never root for them. Pats fans are by far the most delusional and obnoxious fans in football. It’s really not even close to be honest.

  6. They’re only accepting bids from Colorado-based firms to operate the crowd noise simulator too. Despite our excellent reputation, my company was denied because we operate out of Indianapolis.

  7. This seems like a really good way to alienate a lot of fans. I root for Dallas and have flown in to see a couple of games there. I realize it will be a long time before they host an NFC championship game, but if they did and I was denied buying a ticket to it because of where I live I would find a new team to root for.

  8. Normally I’d assume this is fairly standard practice for any team hosting a Conference Championship game, but last year’s AFC title game in New England clearly had a very large contingent of Baltimore fans. They were very audible on TV screaming “O!” during the National Anthem, and when it was clear the Ravens were pulling away, they were celebrating the entire time.

    Maybe the Patriots just opted not to block anyone from out of the region to buy tickets.

  9. Wouldn’t the Patriots, as a team, be eligible to receive a certain number of tickets to sell for the game? After all, they’re playing this game as well. I feel like the collective bargaining agreement would have something regarding a policy like this.

    Kind of a little desperate by the Broncos organization.

  10. Who cares? These teams are only playing to see who can be the first to lose five Superbowls. Good luck with that!

  11. Well, I live in Colorado and can’t stand the Donkeys and their loud-mouthed, ignorant, obnoxious fans.

    Can’t go anywhere without these morons all dressed up in that hideous orange Donkey gear. Please win Patriots…don’t think I can handle a few more weeks of this crap.

  12. I guess they don’t have to make a certain number available for the opposition like they do during the regular season. Still, sounds like Denver and Seattle are being ridiculous about the whole thing.

  13. It will be interesting to see if this has the desired effect because what they’ve also done is dramatically increase the profit potential for those in the Rocky Mountain region who would buy to re-sell.

  14. @fatcamper
    I couldn’t agree with you more. What does Denver and Seattle think that if someone is a fan of their team they only live in those areas… What a joke.

  15. And the NFL wonders why fans are turning to watching more games at home in front of their own TV’s. We have already seen wild-card rounds having trouble selling out. Not sure how the cities are not pushing to change these rules. Out of state fans bring in tourism dollars. Boycott fans during the playoffs and it won’t be long before fans return the favor during the regular season.

  16. No one is stopping people from getting tickets on the secondary market.

    Your odds of getting the few tickets that were going to be available through the box office were slim regardless.

  17. Oh cry me a river. Be the best team in your conference and you can do the same thing too. This nothing new, it has been done before. It’s a away to help insure fans in the host city get tickets first. Did you just start following football this year?

  18. Is this policy really being dictated by Denver and Seattle? Or is it being dictated by Ticketmaster?

    Ticketmaster has good reason to limit availability, since they own Stubhub and other reselling services, and stand to make a small fortune by cornering the legal scalping market.

    Like the informer said about Watergate: Follow the money.

  19. I’m a little confused by this and all of the attention surrounding it.

    Why are the Broncos selling any tickets to this game now. Shouldn’t this game be sold out already to the season ticket holders? I would imagine, at best, there are a few thousand (if that) really bad seats left that are being sold to the public that will be restricted?

    The Broncos and the Seahawks don’t have any control over stub hub. I would imagine the vast majority of traveling fans will be looking to buy from scalpers and places like stub hub. I’m not sure this blocking out by either team is going to make much of a difference.

  20. This is one way to keep opposing fans out of your stadium. I prefer the Philly method though: berate and intimidate the opposing fans. If necessary, throw cups of urine.

  21. Elway knows what he’s up against:
    A superior team.
    A superior QB
    A far Superior HC

    Don’t blame them one bit.

    John Fox is the NFL modern day equivalent of KC KC Jones with the Celtics in the 80’s.

    Half the time on the bench he was yucking it up or taking naps while Bird, McHale, Parrish, DJ and Ainge tore up the league.
    John Fox has THAT type of team this year.

    Elway has gone out of his way to make this team as Dumb-Coaching-Moves proof as possible.
    So far, so good

  22. Not sure how this can be legal if these are publicly funded stadiums.

    Its also kind of cowardly. Are they so afraid their own fans won’t buy the tix ? Or that afraid of having a few Pats fans in the stands ?


  23. So that means that only brokers in the Rockies will be able to buy tickets and resell them to Patriots fans on Stubhub.

  24. In 2005 when the Broncos lost the AFC Championship game at home to the Steelers, the single most embarrassing sight for us in Colorado was the crowd of Yinzers chanting “Watermelon, watermelon, spit, spit, spit, if you’re not a Steeler’s fan…” you know the rest, behind the Steelers bench in the closing minutes. Fortunately for us, Patriots fans rhyming-abilities aren’t as well documented, and their passion to travel with their team is not that of the fabled Steelers.

  25. I’m sure the hotels, restaurants, car rental services, museums, and other tourist attractions are ecstatic that the teams are keeping those east coast and SF dollars out of their cities. What city in this downtrodden economy has the luxury of keeping out potential 1000s of free spending adults for the sake of making a building .01 decibels louder. (sarcasm)

  26. scyankee9999 says:
    Jan 13, 2014 12:25 PM


    Yup. Well said


    to the Spartanburg Yankee: MTB rules…

  27. I guess Denver thinks if it had had more fans in the stands last year than Rahim Moore would have remembered to cover Jacoby Jones.

  28. Looks like the Denver Broncos organization is really using copious amount of the recently legalized joint. As for a Broncos fan living outside, you are not considered fan enough.

  29. Yeah……..Because there are no Pat fans in Colorado. Why not do it the old fashion way and shut the oppositions fans down by scoring early and often?

  30. thekiller678 says:
    Jan 13, 2014 12:17 PM
    I actually like the Pats as a team. I like the way they operate and I like the way Belichick runs business.

    But I would never root for them. Pats fans are by far the most delusional and obnoxious fans in football. It’s really not even close to be honest.

    -Apparently you are new to this site because seahawk fans have that title by a MILE!

  31. Wow, that would suck for a guy like me who has been a Bronco fan for 28 yrs, despite living in SC! I have John Elway to thank for that, but then again, the Carolina Panthers didn’t exist in those days. It’s not likely is ever be a le to afford it anyway. But honestly, I don’t think its fair for die hard fans like me…

  32. so what about the neutral football fan that would be willing to travel and pay for a Super Bowl berth clinching game between 2 of the games greatest? this is probably going to be the last time these 2 meet in a game with this much meaning, not that payton is “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel”, keeping fans out that just want to see a good game and have the money pay for it is pretty stupid.

  33. footballfan01 says:
    Jan 13, 2014 12:37 PM
    They should just make you pass an 8th grade spelling test to buy tickets. That’ll keep the Pats fans out.


    Right…since MA is one of the most, if not THE most, educated state.

    Good Point.

  34. There’s a real tendency here for his sort of thing to get ugly. The NFL better watch out if it wants to maintain it’s sports dominance.

  35. cont….

    I went to the 07 NFCCG (GB-NYG). I don’t think GB restricted ticket sales to Wisconsites. When we got there, they couldn’t be happier we were dumping hundred dollar bills into their towns. Poor people never seen an east coast 25% tip in their lives.

    Smart, welcoming, warm people. I would have never known about that corner of the Earth if I couldn’t get a ticket. Have kept in touch with several GB fans we met and even invited them to tailgate with us when they visited NJ. Their towns benefited, our NJ towns benefited and we connected with good fans. It’s what its all about. Not blocking people to make your stadium unnoticeably 1 tick louder. That’s just dumb.

  36. Come on, people, think about it.

    Ticketmaster makes money selling the tickets to anyone.

    But if they only sell to a limited market, that makes the tickets more valuable in the aftermarket.

    As the owners of Stubhub, Ticketmaster can then reap even more in profits as tickets are re-sold through the “official NFL reseller” channel that they exclusively own and operate.

    It’s legal racketeering. All the people pointing the fingers at the Seahawks and Broncos are doing is helping Ticketmaster make more money without any type of opposition.

  37. tndiver | Jan 13, 2014, 11:16 AM CST
    Is that legal? Seems like it is not and then when you factor in things like blackouts, it looks like teams are asking for problems.

    Why would it be illegal? Seems like a team should be able to put whatever restrictions it wants on its own ticket sales, at their own risk if it limits the potential sales base. But if you’re confident you can sell out regardless….

    And I’m almost positive this has been going on for years, since I’m pretty sure Bill Polian and the Colts also introduced some kind of regional sales restriction after so many Titans fans made the trip for that 1999 postseason divisional game, and the visiting fans made Peyton go to a silent count in his own stadium.

    IIRC, Polian was pretty ticked off about that (went off on the local fans on his radio show after the game?) and wanted to make sure it wasn’t quite so easy for visiting fans to invade again.

  38. Nebraska is in the rocky mountain region?

    “I expected the Rockies to be more rocky than this….. That John Denver is full of $#!+”

  39. Broncos are hoping the loss of ticket sales from other regions of the U.S. will be offset by a large contingent of fans from northern British Columbia in Canada.

  40. There was a camera pan of the Broncos stadium before the Chargers game that suggested that the big white horse statue is a gelding. True?

  41. And you don’t think that the brokers (legalized scalpers???) have UPS store P.O. boxes in every NFL city that give legitimate street addresses to anyone from anywhere?

  42. I went to the AFC Championship game between the Ravens & Patriots two years ago, and was amazed by the number of Ravens fans there. And as another poster mentioned last years AFC Championship was well attended by Ravens fans too.

    They were still outnumbered by Pat’s fans, but I think its a bit low to ‘fake’ home field advantage like this.

  43. If an organization is worried their fans won’t support them as much as the other team’s will, it sounds like their problem. The NFL shouldn’t condone this.

  44. The effort to protect Peyton Manning’s psyche is in full force. SAL PALANTONIO is on site in Denver to slobber all over Manning, who is more than willing to oblige with the “hallway interview outside the locker room” etc. As if the press conference is not enough. “Thanks’s Peyton! We’ll return the favor of the exclusive interview by using our marketing resources to create positive momentum for you all week!”

    All the reports on ESPN are about how to figure out the Patriots, and what the Broncos have to do etc. Hasselbeck’s suggestion on ESPN that the Patriots would mug Bronco receivers is an absolute embarassment, as he is already PANDERING FOR PI CALLS that Manning always has to have to win these big games. I’ve lost ANY RESPECT I ever had for Hasselbeck. The rules were different a decade ago. He’s referring to what teams did 10 years ago before the rule changes, and insinuating refs are not calling penalties, in hopes he can influence them to throw flags on Sunday, whether they are warranted or not. Everyone played by the same rules, and that includes Denver. Just because the Patriots caught on first like they often do, is a sign of superior coaching. They transform themselves as needed, much like they have done this season. Got a problem with that? The fact of the matter is that it is the Broncos that will be committing the holding and PI because they can’t stay with the Pat’s receivers, as was made obvious in the second half of the game in New England. We saw this again yesterday against San Diego. Had San Diego been more aggressive earlier in the game, the results may have been different. Baltimore exposed this last year as well. THE BRONCOS CAN’T COVER LONG WITHOUT HOLDING OR PI. Will this be flagged? Will the one sided crowd intimidate the officials?

    This kind of pandering by ESPN shows once again that MARKETING is what they are about, and Manning is all about the marketing and advertising. He gives the marketers content that they can sell. Heck, the NFL is admittedly an entertainment league. They love the marketing too.

    Kudos to Brady for spending his entire career eschewing the marketing dollars and focusing on football. He’s left an enormous amount of money on the table in order to be the best at his profession (Uggs must have been a favor to someone lol). Don’t swallow the manipulated marketing story lines! The odds of Tom Brady making it here having to take the route of a 6th round pick are enormous. He’s clearly an intense competitor and his work ethic and his focus on football make him, in my eyes, the working mans QB, not the highly hyped, shove it down your throat, silver spoon, Daddy’s a QB with friends in high places, #1 overall draft pick, advertising shill, Peyton Manning.

    But hey, the Patriots are playing the greatest team of all time this week, the 13-3 Denver Broncos, with the greatest QB of all time, or so we are told. Over and over and over…..until everyone is brainwashed into believing it. That’s 13-3. Not 16-0. But they are the greatest. LOL. It’s ironic that both the 2013 Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning are the greatest STAT MACHINES of all time.

    The Patriots have done a great job masking the roster attrition and injuries from the off season and regular season. But how can they possibly compete with the greatest team of all time, and the greatest QB of all time? Why even play the game? I thought Denver would be a 7-7.5 point favorite for good reason. Only New England’s reputation has kept that from happening. It’s 5-6 right now. But they sold the tickets (in prejudicial and cowardly fashion) so I guess they have to play the game now.

    I would love to see Denver bounced by the spirits of football past for wrongfully denying football fans the opportunity to attend the game based on where they live, in hopes of denying the visitors their own rooting section. Even colleges don’t do this. This is bad ju-ju. Do they really think this will make the difference for them? Denying a few Patriots faithful the right to purchase a ticket like every other citizen? I would suggest that this might be some sort of violation of the NFL’s anti-trust status. If they are denying some people from purchasing but not others in hopes of determining outcomes, I’d think the Senate might want to reconsider this and withdraw the anti-trust status.


  45. So I guess this means that the NFL is ok with the two Championships only being attended by folks west of the Mississippi?

    If this is the case, can the Jets/Giants exclude everyone west of the river from the SB? I mean the team that owns the site gets to restrict anyone they want to correct?

  46. It would be interesting to know just how many tickets they are talking about. The only tickets that are usually available are non-season ticket holder seats and season ticket holders seats not purchased by them.

  47. It’s o.k…. I just read that fans from Boston have a sort of ticket fatigue… The teams from the area have been so consistently competitive that tickets are eating into their budgets. — denying tickets to your competitor’s fans is low just the same. I guess the Broncos also need the 12th man to bounce TB12 and his limping team. Pats ought to be flattered. —

  48. This is all a bunch of crap. A coworker just went on ticketmaster and bought a pair of tickets.

  49. Normally I would say that what a private business chooses to do is none of my business


    when you claim to be non-profit, take public tax money, skirt anti-trust laws, AND use blackouts as a way to force people to purchase your products you can’t do whatever you want

    our country is 16+ trillion dollars in debt, and yet we still don’t make the 31 billionaire NFL owners pay a red cent in tax??? insane

  50. Homefield advantage is very difficult to capture and Den and Seattle want to make sure they truly have that advantage. I would be very interested in knowing how many NE fans were planning on flying across the country to watch the game, I can’t imagine that many. Seattle and SF are a little closer, but still would have to fly. I would say that I doubt enough fans would come from NE to make a significant impact, and it prevents Bronco fans across the country from seeing there team potentially reach the SB.

  51. I would imagine 99% of you that are complaining had no intentions of going to either game so why do you care? So you are telling me if your team had a home playoff game you would welcome the opposing teams fans with open arms?…..even if that meant the ticket sale went to an opposing fan and not you?

    Some of you need to get over yourselves!

  52. This would never happen in Boston. First, Boston welcomes all fans to cheer for their team in a safe positive environment. Second, Boston is not insecure about their fan base. This should not be allowed by the NFL . Attempting to improve your home field advantage by denying tickets to opposing fans is a terrible message. Please explain this to a 10 year old NE who would like his father to take him to the game. BTW, I am a Californian.

  53. “Seattle is doing the same thing.”

    Yes, but you expect this sort of low rent move from Seattle. Not Denver.

  54. Patriots fans? Ha! Like they would travel past Hartford. It’s not like we’re talking Steeler fans.

  55. Maybe the Broncos don’t realize that the Officials don’t need tickets to attend the game.

  56. Maybe the Broncos are trying to save their fans from outside of the Rocky Mountain region some airfare…. I want to care about this… but I really don’t…Sorry all you Broncos fans in Florida…

  57. So the Bronchos and Seachickens are willing to discriminate against people because of where they live? Cue Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the entire MSNBC TV network!

    I smell a civil rights issue.

  58. they sholdn’t have any to sell anyway or is there season tix holder base that lame!!!!

  59. Lame but this won’t keep pats fans from getting tickets either thrift third parties or lest we forget all the New England transplants that live out west now. It’s not like lots of people from the northeast haven’t moved. A friend of mine lives in Denver and will be going in full on patriots gear.

  60. Isn’t the argument that public funds should help build stadiums cause of the tourist revenue?

    Moves like this would certainly make me not want my tax money invested in a stadium. Pay for it yourself.

    I get that it’s homefield advantage but make it a fair 70/30 split.

  61. jr4real says:Jan 13, 2014 1:43 PM

    Patriots fans? Ha! Like they would travel past Hartford. It’s not like we’re talking Steeler fans.


    My husband and I actually travel in from Canada every year for a Pats game. We only can’t go this year because of a new baby.

  62. This seems very similar to turning an African American man or Asian man away because of the color of their skin. They are turning fans away because of the color of their jerseys. This has got to be bordering on illegal.

  63. It is well established that NE fans delusions run from bedding Tom Brady’s wife Gisele, to equating their own personal, as well as football intellect to Bilechick’s. Now they’ve all gone to Harvard or MIT, got it.

  64. I’m not interested in going or anything but how come people from SD can buy tickets but not those from ND?

    Have to have a RM billing adddress? Have these people ever been to Nebraska?

  65. This is more of a publicity stunt than it is anything about keeping tickets out of visiting fans. Notice that they don’t just keep ticket sales to the state but a full region? Seahawks did this as well. This is a territory claim to get fans from areas that are neutral to feel involved on their run. Great marketing.

  66. I was just on Stub Hub and they have over 4,500 tickets for sale, quite a few in the lower bowl. If a Pats fan wants to go, the tickets are there.

    I’m not sure why a Pats fan would want to go though, I was at the Chargers game yesterday and saw a bunch of Broncos fans heckling two small children that were wearing powder blue.

    Stay classy Donkey fans.

  67. I had Kayak open hoping for a cheap flight to Denver when I saw this news. It’s a downright shame that I’m denied to chance to get my face punched in by a crowd of annoyed Broncos fans.

  68. This is a new low for the NFL. Really?! This is like watching the Little Rascals and the He-man-Woman-haters club the little boys cooked up. It really doesn’t say much about the fan base to lockout the opposing fans. Shame on you Roger G for allowing it!

  69. Too bad the Colorado Rockies didn’t employ this theory when they played the Red Sox in the World Series. Those Red Sox fans have to be some of the worst fans. As for limiting the Patriots fans – there aren’t that many tickets available. The Broncos have one of the longest running sell outs of their stadium dating back to early 1970. There were 76 no shows Sunday.

  70. Speaks to the strength of the fan base that they can afford to do it. The Bengals would have happily taken money from Chargers fans (if there were any).

  71. Count me in with those that thought a certain number had to be offered to the opposing teams fans, 10% I think. Then what isn’t bought up to a certain time can be sold to home fans.

    The only logic I can come up with is the amount of time that your opponent is determined. A regular football schedule is known for months so there is plenty of time to make those tickets available, sell them or not and then offer them to gen pop.

    I could see them not REQUIRING them to do this since they only have 6 or 7 days but purposely cutting off/restricting sales seems a little weird.

  72. I love all the people on here commenting about something they no NOTHING about. The Broncos are required to offer a small number of tickets to the opposing team. Not their fans, not the open market, the opposing team! The tickets that they currently have or had for sale was a very small number of season ticket holders who elected to not purchase playoff tickets for whatever reason. They, like EVERY other team can chose how they want to sell those tickets and to whom. I wanted to buy a ticket to a regular season game in SD and was denied because I had a Denver address. This is nothing new and not worth the attention the PFT is giving it. What they should be talking about is the fact that Denver just lost yet another starting defensive player for the rest of the year and it’s a huge blow.

  73. this is weak and the league should step in and require that at least 10% of capacity be offered to anyone regardless of location until at least the day before the game. Reminds me of the old Indy days when they used to amplify the crowd noise when the opposing team had the ball…..oh wait, that would be cheating and only the patriots cheat, how silly of me!

  74. Maybe Payton Manning will put on black face and pretend to be Russell Wilson and that way the Broncos can copy everything the Seahawks are doing.

  75. So the Broncos are essentially saying they have a regional fan base, and are a regional team, whereas a few select teams (New England, Dallas, Giants) are national teams, with a broad fan base across the country. OK Denver, you don’t want to join the big boys club, that’s your decision. But don’t complain if your fans elsewhere sign up to root for somebody else.

  76. I’m a Patriots fan, but this is much ado about nothing.

    The great majority of tickets are already sold to season ticket holders. When the Patriots put individual game tickets on sale, it’s at most 2500 seats for a regular season game. I can’t imagine that the Broncos would put more than that out with their fan base.

  77. I’ve been to Pats road games in Miami, New Orleans, and Arizona, and they had 15-20k fans at each. One was a playoff game and one was a Super Bowl, so they draw some extra interest. The one in Arizona may have benefited from proximity to LA, but I met nothing but people direct from Boston who were escaping the winter weather and having some fun. This was all in the days before Brady and Belichick. So, for those who think their fans don’t travel, that would be a mistake.

    Still, this just does not sound right and I hope there are consequences.

  78. Stay classy Denver, say what you will, but only a team that is afraid of losing would do something like this

  79. Maybe they are afraid that Manning will have flashbacks hearing chants of “Cut that meat! Cut that meat!!” from Pats fans in reference to his credit card ads.

  80. Always thought Denver was a classy team before this. Very disappointing. Maybe The stadium hosting the Super Bowl should only sell tickets to east coast residents.

  81. My team has now exited the playoffs, so I’ll just say this:

    Denver will take home the Lombardi, and Peyton Manning and Co. will destroy anyone who gets in their way…just my humble opinion. 😉

  82. What, no Patriots fans live in the areas around Denver? I’m a life long Miami Dolphin fan. I’ve never lived there and have been on the west coast for 40+ years. This policy is silly.

  83. I dont think you can do that. If someone has the money for a ticket, you can;t decide they arent in your area of choice.

    Someone is going to get sued over this stuff.

  84. This is going to be a good game. How could anybody not want to see two of the best QBs ever play with both getting long in the tooth. I would want to see it even if I were not the fan of either team. The people on here acting as if this game was not a sell out crack me up; the Broncos season tickets, unlike many other franchises have been sold out for about 15 years!

  85. Who cares who sits in the stands…last time I checked the fans don’t play in the game…

    …and when the Broncos choke at home then they all can give Peyton a group hug! (Before he drinks his lite beer)

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