Browns will interview Mike Munchak


Mike Munchak is the latest candidate to become the next head coach in Cleveland.

The Browns will interview Munchak today, Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports.

Munchak was fired after three seasons and a 22-26 record as the head coach of the Titans. That record would seem to make Munchak a rather uninspiring choice in Cleveland.

The Browns fired Rob Chudzinski after one year as head coach and have been searching for a new coach since the end of the season. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was reportedly a favorite for the job, but he withdrew his name from consideration. Other coaches who are believed to be candidates in Cleveland include Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, Packers quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo, Chargers coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase and Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

52 responses to “Browns will interview Mike Munchak

  1. My Browns are just floundering now. Going to be tough finding someone to accept that job with the FO they currently have!

  2. There is no plan in place to fill the head coaching hole in Cleveland. None at all. Browns fans have been fed a bunch of BS about Haslam and his two minions having a plan in place to make the Browns a winner. The giant egos in the front office of the Cleveland Browns seem to think they can simply “will” a winner.

    Everyone seems to be a loser in this fiasco…especially the Browns’ fans.

  3. By next year, Mike Lombardi will go back to sharing his “brilliance” and “insight” with those other failed GMs, Tannenbaum and Paoli, on the NFL Network.

  4. ENOUGH..
    Someone has to be accountable. They had 4th quarter leads in NUMEROUS games and we blew it. 5 Pro-bowlers and still only 4 wins. THAT IS COACHING. Should have easily been over .50..EVEN without a franchise QB and trading away Richardson.

    Just Sayin’..GO Brownies..

  5. Just wondering–do Banner and Dumbardi make these guys fly coach when they come to Cleveland for interviews?

    Maybe Economy Plus?

    Guessing they don’t overnight to save the cost of a hotel room and paying for checked bags.

    Gotta pay for the Stadium redo somehow….

  6. I still feel they are going to pull some guy off a team that no one is looking at… probably a HC in college or heck even someone in the CFL … I will be shocked if it’s anyone on this list.

  7. Don’t forget fellow Browns fans… today they start tearing out and moving seats to put those new big huge jumbotrons in to enhance our fan experience. (this way we can watch our Browns get their tails kicked in HD).
    Note to Browns: putting a winner on the field is the ONLY way to enhance my fan experience. You can keep you bells and whistles.
    This is like putting a $10,000 paint job on a Yugo.

  8. We had player meltdowns that happen which lost us games, but come on. Joe Haden, our best defensive player, cost us the Jaguars game. Those things happen. He didn’t get fired for wins and losses, that was just a convenient excuse. He was fired because he spoke up when Joe “Napoleon Dinolite” Banner and Mike “Wish He Never Left NFLN” Lombardi didn’t like him questioning thir bonehead roster moves. I’m not talking about the trade of Richardson – he was terrible, but the best RB they could bring in was McGahee? And there’s no FB like a 220 pound FB? Greg “Look Ma, No Hands” Little and Devone “”I was gonna catch the ball, but I got…” Bess? Come on.

    They never should have fired Chud, and now that they did they are floundering and nobody wants job because they did the last guy who had the job so wrong that the job is toxic. What, they didn’t think the word was going to get out across the entire NFL about the poor management and their tantrums? The problem is, they are going to hire a bum and have to keep that bum for 2-3 years at least, even though he sucks, but they can’t fire him because they just fired Chud. Again, I hate that I love this team.

  9. Of all the Browns’ candidates, only one has been offered a 2014 head coaching position: Munchak.

    He turned down the Titans’ offer (contract extension) because it included conditions he couldn’t reconcile.

  10. ” Munchak was fired after three seasons and a 22-26 record as the head coach of the Titans. That record would seem to make Munchak a rather uninspiring choice in Cleveland.”

    Are you kidding? 22-26 over three seasons makes him Vince friggn’ Lombardi here

  11. Who knows how unstable the BROWN’s outfit is given the owner’s criminal problems. If there is a reasonable stability, I would say Munchak is what the doctor ordered for this team … rock solid, straight forward, build it from the lines out kind’ve coach.
    If it is pretty unstable (and the Chudzinski stories make it seem that way) I would suggest the BROWN’s need a Football GURU, all in one kind’ve guy, like Parcells used to be, and how Shottenheimer was in San Diego where he never talked to the GM. The coach would need to be able to go it alone.

  12. I think there’s some commentors who just click on Browns articles so they can put the same redundant comments who’s only purpose is to call Mike Lombradi names like a third grader (or am I the only one who notices that)?

    Honestly, when’s the last time anyone has actually seen Mike Lombardi to blame him for anything? Am I the only one who remembers that his actual title was “Vice President/Player Personnel” and was only renamed GM so that Joe Banner could hire Ray Farmer? So if that’s the case why aren’t these same people going after Ray Farmer (outside of the fact that Farmer is a scary guy who could probably snap them like twig). During the press conference announcing Chuds dismissal the only ones in attendance were Banner and Haslam, so how do you know Lombardi didn’t also disagree with Chuds dismissal? Answer is you don’t. If he’s only GM in name but maintains the “player personnel” duties he has 0 say in who the coach is or isn’t.

    Fact is the Browns owner is VERY competitive and a hot head who acts on emotion. In other words he acts like every Browns fan in existence (CBS often caught him throwing things in the owners box when a play didn’t go Cleveland’s way). THAT’S why Chud is out of a job and the only reason. Getting beat twice by the team Haslam used to part own probably didn’t help Chud’s case too much but I can only imagine how many players he had to stick up for after bad games to Haslam over the season to prevent more Richardson like trades. Haslam has a “win now” attitude no matter how much he claims to understand there being “a process”. They even said during their presser that “other teams in similar situations had more success”. That translated easily too “every other coach we interviewed and passed up for Chud had a better record with QB situations just as bad as Clevelands”.

    Sorry Browns fans, he’s actually right. One of them did it with Clevelands 3rd string QB from last season taking half that years snaps and another almost made the playoffs with Josh McCown. It really is hard to argue that logic when the facts actually support that Haslam did probably pick the wrong coach. I will say the fans aren’t wrong in that firing Chud after one season was 100% short sighted but it is an all around mess (imagine how many wins the team would have had, had Chud not supported Weeden as hard as he did), not just the front office.

  13. The Browns are going to have to hire a head coaching candidate that doesn’t have any options.

    If you have the option to be a coordinator of another team, and have as stable and secure a position as you really ever have in the NFL, or become head coach of this team, why would you want to go somewhere like that? They change the quarterbacks and head coaches every other year (if not sooner), change ownership every five years and the front office has expectations that are going to be impossible to meet. Why tarnish your name by tying yourself to an anchor?

    While they do have some good, young talent on the team and two first round draft choices, no voice in the player/personnel decisions and a GM of the Matt Millen caliber make you feel certain that the franchise is going to continue heading in the wrong decision and expect you to run before you can walk.

  14. Texans OL coach is a better job right now. Work back up to offensive coordinator after a year or two and then get a good college HC job or try again in NFL.

    Also, I am a biased Texans fan. But still.

  15. My Browns …..
    Finally had a coach who understood, the roster in the first 3 games was superior to the final 6 games, so they fire the coach because the team didn’t improve.
    Jimmy you should ask who was responsible for trading the closest thing we had to an NFL RB and never replacing him, who was responsible for going the entire year with out a FB, who is responsible for still having receivers who cannot catch, who is responsible for not replace the guards after Pinkston and Lauvo went down with season ending injuries, who signed a trick -shot youtube QB when it was obvious Campbell and Weeden weren’t cutting it?
    Who cut Owens when he became healthy and forced the coaches into playing a rookie?
    Jimmy, if this was a truck stop, would you have fired the store manager who had a passion for your customers or the district manager who failed to get him the tools?

  16. kwgator says: My Sources tell that the Browns will interview, Rowdy, The Dallas Cowboys Mascot, on Friday
    I guess you haven’t heard. Rowdy withdrew his name from consideration.

  17. When I read these comments the first thing that comes to my mind is:

    is this what is called trolling?

    The Browns are one good coaching hire, and one good draft pick away from controlling the ratbirds and the steelroids.

    Keep cleaning things up Jimmy. And, lets have Holder investigate and implicate himself and the current federal justice system.

    Aaahemm, fast and furious. What happened to all the bailout money, etc….

  18. Every time someone calls a radio sports talk show in Pittsburgh to complain about Tomlin, the shows’ hosts are always to quick to point out the decades of coaching woes in Cleveland, followed by accusations of having “an agenda” and a swift `thanks for your call.”
    Please, Cleveland, find a coach who might lead you to respectability so that we here in Pittsburgh might be able to actually carry on intelligent conversations about our own problems without being labeled racists.

  19. Why would anyone want this job after the treatment of Rob C? I heard coaches interviewing have contacted him as to the ambience of the job. Why anyone would touch the place after what they just did to Rob!???

  20. I said it before, but I’m at the point where I hope the Browns completely bomb next season so Haslam will have no choice but to dump Banner/Lombardi. They need a true football man to run the football operations, not some geek businessman football wannabe who’s more interested in maintaining his own power than anything else. Whisenhunt would have been coach last year if Banner hadn’t stepped all over him in the second interview, prompting Whiz to walk out. That’s not how you treat professionals.

  21. Possible good news here. Maybe Haslam is fed up with the BS from Dumbardi and Bummer and wants a good ‘ol Tennessee Boy in place to give him the straight scoop!

  22. bobzilla

    Wow, a thinking person.

    The “new” culture will take a lot to adjust to.

    The deflection to the Browns is something that seems fashionable.

    Believe it or not, there are Brown’s fans who aren’t getting all emotional about all you guys and your seeming obsession with trying to make this out to be more than it is.

    We believe that Chud wasn’t the right guy, and Haslam made the right move – regardless.

    We believe that although what happened to Chud certainly wasn’t “fair” that all Head Football coaches in the NFL and College, know that this is how the game is played and that is one reason why the money is so great.

    Chud is receiving wealth that will take care of his kids for their enitre lives. What is fair? Is giving Chud 10.5 million dollars for doing nothing fair? How much do you make? Do you really care about Chud or are you just a troll that has to embellish everything in order to feel good about your condition?

    Most of you need to take a look at your own team.

    In a couple years, the Browns may be ramming some humble pie down your throats.

  23. I think it’s safe to say that most of us here in Pittsburgh feel sorry for Browns fans.
    I’ve been to Cleveland and like the city. No town was more outraged than the Steel City when Cleveland lost the original Browns, and was more pleased when they reentered the NFL. You all deserve better than the clowns currently running your franchise.

  24. If Banner had “stepped all over” Whisenhunt last year, why did he return this year?

    What most of you, if not all, miss the boat on is that ALL coaches desired to be a HC. That is in all sports, at all levels; otherwise, they would become fans.

    If you can get away from the legal problems, you will realize that Haslam knows how to run a business. It actually does not matter what kind of business; so, in time he will have a front office that is capable of producing a winner. Does he think he is there? Don’t know, ask him.

    Prospective coaches, with a good agent, can protect themselves as they are hired. So, if Chud had a good agent, he will be well paid to not coach for some time. For certain, the coach and the “guy in charge for the owner” must be on the same page and work together smoothly. And, yes, both must be skilled at their work.

    Finally, Haslam did not buy the Browns to speed up number of grey hairs or lose money or punish Cleveland fans. Be patient.

  25. I actually don’t think this is a terrible job. Yeah the FO kinda stinks. But they have some talent on both sides of the ball. They just don’t have a QB or RB. But if I’m Munchak, I say I will accept your offer on 2 conditions. 1: I get to pick the QB we draft. 2: We trade as low a pick as we can to the Raiders to get Terrell Pryor, nothing more than a 4th rounder. TP played pretty decent for Oakland when he wasn’t hurt, but they appear to like this McGloin kid so you should be able to get him cheap. Plus he may sell some tickets in Cleveland, or maybe Ohio State fans still hate him for selling his memorabilia? I don’t know. Anyway you give him a shot to start right away while you groom your rookie. I like it.

  26. They should just keep hiring guys from the NFL Network. Brian Billick is there or even Marriuchi. Unless they were mean to Lombardi while he was there and played pranks on him or bullied him.

  27. I’ll bet that Banner was beat up a lot as a kid. He definitely has a Napoleon complex, and needs to prove to the world that “he made” Andy Reid.

    He won’t even consider any coach with any self-respect. If he didn’t like Chud speaking up, do you think he would even consider a Shanahan, Munchak, or Cowher/Gruden? That’s why he won’t even talk to Tressel. Josh McDaniels was the perfect puppet but even he withdrew his name!

    Only a coach with the need to prove himself, someone wrongly kicked out of a job, would take this job, at this time. Chud???

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