Charles Barkley says Patriots need to be more appreciated

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When Randy Moss took a job at FOX, I thought he could become the NFL’s version of Charles Barkley.

As usual, I was wrong.  (So far.)

But who needs the NFL’s version of Charles Barkley when the NFL has periodic access to the real thing?  He attended Saturday night’s Colts-Patriots game as a guest of Bill Belichick, and Barkley held court in the locker room after the game.

“I want my team to have a chance to win,” Barkley told reporters, via Nick O’Malley of  “That’s all I want.  In 99 percent of the cities in every other sport, not just football, your team sucks.  You got no chance of winning.  The Patriots have a legitimate shot of winning every year.  That’s pretty cool.  It bothers me, that y’all don’t appreciate them having a chance to win every year. . . .  Y’all don’t, and unfortunately, because of the Internet and [expletive] like that, you either win a championship or you don’t.”

Even before “the Internet and [expletive] like that,” the standard was the same.  No one remembers who finished second, in any sport.  The existence of “the Internet and [expletive] like that” merely amplifies it.

As to the NFL, Barkley knows it’s not easy to consistently contend, even with a Hall of Fame coach and quarterback.  And Barkley has a dire — and potentially accurate — prediction for the fate of the future Patriots.

“I was impressed with the Patriots organization,” Barkley said.  “Because, like, they’ve lost so many people and y’all take the winning for granted.  Y’all do.  And let me tell y’all something when Bill Belichick leaves and Tom Brady leaves, y’all team’s gonna [expletive] suck.”

Of course, it’s possible that the Pats will get lucky and find another great coach or another great quarterback.  But the chances of finding both immediately after Belichick and Brady leave are slim.

Who knows how much longer the team has with both guys on the roster?  For that reason, Patriots fans need to savor the remaining years — and appreciate them.  Especially if Barkley is right about his vision of a bleak and profane future.

38 responses to “Charles Barkley says Patriots need to be more appreciated

  1. When Barkley was saying “Y’all,” to whom was he referring to? The reporters? Since when did it become reporters and beat writers jobs to appreciate the winning ways of the team they get paid to cover? And with that being said, who’s to say that they don’t appreciate it? Because every Patriot fan ABSOLUTELY appreciates them having a chance to win every year. When’s the last time an ardent Patriot fan was quoted as saying, “We may win this year. We may not. Who cares about this team if they don’t!?!?! I only appreciate them when they win a Super Bowl.”

    So I ask again, whom was Barkley referring to? What an ignorant thing for him to say. I know, shocker, right?

  2. In this day and age that statement is so true. The NFL will never be as great as it once was. No need to be great on both sides of the ball. One elite QB throwing to slot receivers and backup tight ends is all you need.

  3. I sure hope hes right. Im so sick of this Boston success. Such whiny annoying fans.

    And dont get me started on the Boston strong thing. I feel for you and all, that was a terrible thing dont get me wrong, but nothing compared to what us New Yorkers went through in 2001 and then again with the Hurricane in 2012. But you whiny Bostonians need all the attention.

    Makes me sick how many people in Boston used the Boston Strong as a sports reference and completely disrespected is true meaning.

  4. I loves me some Charles and he’s dead on with his assessment. Brady makes BB look like a genius. Let’s see how well the genius would do with someone like Ponder as his QB. They’d run him out of town on a rail within two years.

  5. As a ram fan I hate the patriots, but their consistency us amazing, considering it seems rare to seem teams have 3 good seasons in a row.

  6. .

    Most Patriots fans acknowledge that they cannot win the Super Bowl every season. As is the case this year, the other teams in the final four can usually play ball too.

    However, since 2001 every Patriots game has had playoff implications. No other franchise can make that claim.


  7. The Patriots sellout every game, have a years long waiting list for season tickers and pull killer ratings every game.
    The 1990’s Atlanta Braves were not appreciated by their fanbase.
    The Patriots are VERY appreciated by theirs.
    We New England sports fans understand the rarified sporting air we breath and we take none of it for granted.

  8. Why do they say no one ever remembers who finished second?

    I can practically name all 47 Super Bowl losers off the top of my head. First five were Chiefs, Raiders, Colts, Vikings, and Cowboys.

  9. Barkley is very accurate.

    This season has been a crazy one for the Pats. I have been a Pats fan since before the Parcells days, and I have been spoiled in this last decade+.

    After this weeks games I am coming to the realization that I am very grateful to be watching the best football franchise for any sort of period of time ever. Win, or lose, this team is in it every single year. In my eyes nothing can diminish evident fact that Belichick, and Brady, and Kraft are the best ever. Even if the Patriots lose on sunday the overall quality of football that they have put together since 2001 is insanely good. No other team can touch it. Then this year with all of their injuries, losing other players throughout the offseason, and the Patriots are still in the AFC Championship with a very good chance of winning? It is insane to think that they pulled this off. Every year they amaze me.

    Montana, Manning, Marino, Starr, name any great and the one player I want to start my franchise with would consistently be Brady hands down. Even if Manning goes on to win this super bowl. Same goes with Belichick at coach.

    Every single year they have a chance to win it all. No matter who is on the team, as long as Belichick and Brady are there they are in the discussion to win it all. That is special. Looking at other teams both past and present you cannot say that for any team as long and consistent as the Patriots have been doing it.

    New England Patriots Belichick-Brady Era: Best Football Ever. There is no argument that completely takes that statement away or diminishes it at all. More people need to be in awe of that. As I watch every sunday, especially this season, I really appreciate what I have had the chance to see.

    With all of that being said. Go get this done!!! GO PATS!!!!!

  10. Randy Moss should not be welcomed by any NFL organization, TV included. This man admitted that he QUIT on his team. He also famously demonstrated a pretend taking a dump on the field, on national TV and in front of thousands in the stadium.

    Great message to the kids FOX and any other network that gives him a platform. As a former player, any teammate who admits to quitting, should be banned from competition. How do you know when he’s trying and when he’s not.

    DEAD TO ME, straight cash homie!!!

  11. tremoluxman says:
    Jan 13, 2014 10:50 AM
    I loves me some Charles and he’s dead on with his assessment. Brady makes BB look like a genius. Let’s see how well the genius would do with someone like Ponder as his QB. They’d run him out of town on a rail within two years.

    The Amazing thing about being a Genius is you dont draft Pander at all…get it

  12. I know there was a comment about how would BB do with Ponder. Bill Belichick still won 11 games with Ponder’s back up Matt Cassell.

    I honestly have no love for the Patriots organization but watching them deal with injuries that would cripple most teams and still win game after game and be one of the top 4 teams is remarkable. I respect the guy as a coach and if my team finds a way to make the Super Bowl, I would rather play John Fox’s team.

  13. tremoluxman says: Jan 13, 2014 10:50 AM

    I loves me some Charles and he’s dead on with his assessment. Brady makes BB look like a genius. Let’s see how well the genius would do with someone like Ponder as his QB. They’d run him out of town on a rail within two years.


    Yeah, cause Ponder totally couldn’t have won that game with 6 rushing touchdowns on his side, right? People crack me up.

  14. It’s not that Pats fans don’t appreciate their team, they do. They hold their team to a high standard of play, and that comes across as unappreciative to morons like Barkley.

  15. new englanders appreciate the patriots very much, more so than a lot of other nfl towns in my experience.

    That being said, the rest of the country thinks the pats lie, cheat, and steal which has tarnished everything they do. The rest of the country has moved on from thinking the pats winning streak is impressive because they break the rules to do it.

  16. Not a Pats fan, but boy is it funny to watch people steam over the success of others.

    Get a grip people. You’re about to watch what may be the last meeting of PFM and TB. Enjoy it, you should feel lucky to see it.

  17. If a college basketball team made 8 final fours in 13 years we would all be amazed.

    But in the NFL, while there are far fewer teams, it is even harder, since all the rules enforce parity (salary cap, draft, scheduling, etc.)

    So in order to be good all the time, you have to have a coach (and a QB) that are so good that you could, in the words of Bum Phillips (then referring to Don Shula)

    “Take his-un’s and beat your-un’s, and then, if they needed to, go take your-un’s and beat his-un’s”

  18. They Patriots broke a rather insignificant guideline in the field operations guide. During that era, they made it (at least) to the “final 4” four times in 6 years.

    Since they stopped the taping from an improper location, they made it (at least) to the “final 4” four times in 7 years, with better season records.

    A helmet catch and a Welker drop keep them from being 5-0 in Super Bowls.

    They are 9-0 all-time in playoff games against teams they did NOT play in the regular season, meaning that they could not POSSIBLY have had any relevant tapes of defensive signals in all of those wins.

    Maybe their lesser record in playoff rematches suggests that in 2005 and 2006 their opponents were the ones that benefited from taping Patriots signals, since this was a widespread tactic.

  19. As a Bronco fan, I’d take Belicheck as my coach right now, this week, despite the success that my team is having right now. Fox looks like a great coach, but I was right about Shanahan whe he was chosen in Washington, & Fox is a fraud too.

  20. Damn the Patriots. It’s amazing to me that the guy who was caught cheating in New England (Josh McDaniels) 2 times.. Can comeback and no one have a problem with it. So whatever the Hell Ever Barkley

  21. I remember only too well when this team was called the Patsies and for good reason some times. I remember freezing my a$$ off sittin on the aluminum benches in the old stadium watching too many losses. Coaches came and went. Now there is a new caring owner,a beautiful stadium,a 37 yr. old HOF qb who never quits and still has the fire in the belly,a HOF coach who will go down in history as the best or one of the best in the game. What does the future hold? who the heck knows but weather you are a fan of the Pats or just someone who loves the game you gotta try and appreciate what these guys have done.

  22. You’re not a role model Charles. And not particularly useful. Dierdorf’s looking’ for you.

    (Lock the door after he leaves.)

  23. It’s funny so many people that make comments don’t acknowledge the facts. The Patriots have double digit wins in 12 of the last 13 years and only ONE losing season since 1996, yet the people at “the network” constantly hyperbolize the Dallas Cowboys as “America’s team”. I’m not a Patriots fan, but as a fan, they are what I would want from my team, to be consistently competitive, that’s all you can ask from your team.

    Regardless of how people try to take credit for winning championships, the fact is it takes special things to happen to win. Look at the New York Giants last two championships. Wide receivers made huge plays to win those games, and the credit goes to Eli. Someone has to win and someone has to lose; that’s the fact. All that you can ask if for your team to be competitive.

  24. Sir Charles is half right: I think when Belichick retires the team will tank. The QB doesn’t matter. I mean, Matt Cassel won 11 games, right? How has he done since leaving NE? Brady can’t scramble, looks like a turtle on the highway when blitzed, his accuracy is in steep decline, and here they are in the playoffs again, even after losing so many key starters. I really don’t think any other team could have done this. This is their most amazing year yet. It’s phenomenal coaching, and whatever the heck Belichick and Co. are doing, it works. Big Time.

  25. They’re a great organization from top to bottom. Probably the best in all sports. Blount and Talib were ousted from Tampa and are now superstars in NE. Dillon, Moss, Antoine Smith, Givens, Branch, Cassell, Samuel, Cromell, Weis, Mangini, Pioli…all people who had very little, if any, success elsewhere…but yet all succeeded on this TEAM. It’s more than coaching or individual talent…it’s a strategic mindset of game planning to maximizing strengths and exploit weaknesses.

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