Hue Jackson talks about, and possibly tampers with, Darren McFadden

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Former Raiders coach Hue Jackson, who got his start in Oakland as the offensive coordinator, has resurfaced in that role with the Bengals.

Only a day after getting the job, Jackson was talking publicly about his former pupil.

“You guys know how I feel about Darren McFadden; he’s still one of my favorite players,” Jackson told 95.7 The Game in San Francisco on Friday, via Paul Gutierrez of  “What a tremendous talent. But I really like my little guy Gio [Bernard].  He had a real good season.  But I don’t think you can ever have too many good backs.”

The Bengals acquired Bernard with one of the draft picks that Jackson sent to Cincinnati for quarterback Carson Palmer.  Now, the Raiders could try to get a draft pick or two from the Bengals based on the argument that Jackson’s comments amount to tampering.

“Any public or private statement of interest, qualified or unqualified, in another club’s player to that player’s agent or representative, or to a member of the news media, is a violation of this Anti-Tampering Policy,” the league’s Anti-Tampering Policy states.  Jackson’s statement could be viewed as a violation — especially if the Raiders could supplement his public comments with proof of direct communications between Jackson and McFadden in which Jackson directly or indirectly suggests that the Bengals could be interested in signing McFadden.

“I would have to be around him again but I think it’s still no different with Darren,” Jackson said.  “Darren is still a downhill runner, he’s a one-cut runner. He has the ability to split out and catch balls and do those things but I think, with any football player, you’ve just got to build their confidence and let them know you believe in them and create an environment for them to be as good as they can be and normally good things happen.  And I don’t think it’s any different with him.

“Somebody’s going to get a really good football player here in the future if he doesn’t stay there in Oakland and I just wish him the best.”

The damage to the Raiders comes from the possibility that, as McFadden and his agent eventually ponder Oakland’s pre-free agency best offer, they’ll have knowledge regarding the contents hiding behind Door No. 2.  Even if the Raiders don’t want McFadden, they hold his exclusive negotiating rights until March 8.  No other team is permitted from suggesting that it has an interest in McFadden before then.

Even if the Raiders don’t allege that Jackson’s comments amount to tampering, he was dancing too close to the line.  That kind of candor could make it harder to Jackson to become a head coach again, and to keep the job if/when he gets it.

36 responses to “Hue Jackson talks about, and possibly tampers with, Darren McFadden

  1. And that his his problem…HIS MOUTH!! everybody talks about why the raiders fired him after going a 8-8 and haven’t fired Allen yet. I am sure the stupid trade he made for palmer didn’t help things. But his mouth is what the organization couldn’t stand…. Hey Hue you want McFadden go ahead and take him and the 4 games a year he plays

  2. Where in Jackson’s statement, exactly, does he express interest in aquiring McFadden?

  3. Hugh should be talking to McFadden’s ouchy legs instead of his head. Dude makes Percy Harvin look healthy

  4. McFadden to Cincy makes perfect sense. He wouldn’t have to be an every down back, so that would limit the wear and tear on him. He’d be playing behind a good offensive line that could open holes for him. He is also capable of catching the ball coming out of the backfield. His biggest production came in Jackson’s offense, as well.

    He’s going to be fairly cheap on the open market due to his injury history, and you know Mike Brown loves him some cheap.

  5. I dont care how big his mouth is Hue was a good coach and brought out some greatness in a very middle of the road team. He’s overconfident, sure. Isn’t everyone in the NFL a bit overzealous? I would take jackson back in a heartbeat.

  6. Drives me nuts to hear Raiders fans talk about Jackson like he was something special. Guy went 8-8 in a horrible division (won by the Tebow led Broncos) while coaching a team that set the all time record for penalties in a season. Hue went 8-8….and way overachieved when he did. Let it go.

  7. This is why you were fired from Oakland in the first place! You plain and simply talk too much! By the way, pleeeeease take him so he can make his annual 9 game appearance in a BENGALS uniform. In fact, u big dummy, why not give Oakland a 1st and 2nd round pick for his washed up arse since you do that so well. Geeez

  8. It would be stupid if the Raiders didn’t look into tampering charges. I’m not saying Hue did a terrible thing, but any draft compensation would be helpful for Oakland. I doubt they would win the case, but there is a chance.

  9. So, if it were not for Hue Jackson’s comments, then McFadden’s Agent, who presumably is a professional agent and not a rap star, would not know that there might be interest in his client when he hits Free Agency? Sounds like he needs a new agent.

  10. Hue is the only guy who knew how to call plays for DMC. He should get him. He is of no use to 10 mile stare Allen and company.

    Miss you Hue. Thanks for getting us a win in Houston that dark Sunday.

  11. I don’t think what he said is tampering. However, the NFL is very strict on their rules. It is very unprofessional for him to do even dance on the line. I am sure coaches are trained thoroughly on what they should and shouldn’t say. He belongs in a zero organization like the Bengals.

    As to Run DMC, he would be good at the right price in a secondary role. The team would have to be ok with him missing at least a third of the season. I’d rather have him than the likes of Steven Jackson or MJD.

  12. Reaching on this one. He said he liked a player that he coached before. Big deal. That’s hardly tampering. But keep grasping at those straws, Raider fans while Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen drill that AFC West cellar hole deeper for your team.

  13. realfootballfan… If he had stopped at expressing his appreciation for McFadden as a player it might not be a big deal, but when he makes follows up that statement about an impending free agent by also saying “you can never have too many good backs”, it runs dangerously close to tampering. Whether he barely escapes a tampering charge or not, those are things he shouldn’t have said, and there’s no excuse for someone in his position to not know that. Hue’s mouth got him in trouble in Oakland; Al Davis at one point imposed a gag order on him to keep him from saying things that he shouldn’t. It appears that Hue didn’t learn from that and is still speaking before thinking.

  14. I love this site.

    The pittsburgh steelers team doctor falls under federal investigation for illegal distribution of human growth hormone and anabolic steroids is fired by the steelers and is indicted for illegal distribution of human growth hormone and anabolic steroids and nothing is reported… but… Hue Jackson says he likes Darren McFadden and it’s a big deal.

    LOL…. Gimme A Break!!!

  15. Let Hue Jackson have him. McFadden (now a UFA) had a few games where he looked like Bo Jackson but he was mostly a useless slug. I ALWAYS thought that Michael Bush was the much better RB.

    And I fail to see the love-affair that some Raider fans have with Jackson. He mortgaged the future with his imbecilic trade for Carson Palmer. And the Raiders lost 4 of their final 5 games under Jackson’s guidance. His comments at the end of the season threw the players under the bus and showed that he’s an egomaniac. Good riddance.

  16. This is classic Hue Jackson, he just can’t get enough of himself.

    You so called Raider fans that miss this jackass, why don’t you jump on the Bungals bandwagon, that’s where your man is.

  17. I’s not just his mouth. Hue’s also the guy that brought the deer antler spray guy and his customers together while he was with the Ravens.

  18. Who gave Hue a mic again?? You know those 2 things are a bad combination.

    This is tampering. Hue deserves to give Oakland it’s missing picks back anyways

  19. Not really tampering.
    Hue comes in DMC excels, doesn’t get too much hurt.

    Allen comes in brings the same dummie who had mcfadden playing in the zone blocking scheme(Mcfadden sucked the first time he played in zone blocking, he excelled way more with power blocking hunder hue).

    Ok Mcfadden got hurt this year, but under that oline, and that bum coach Allen(he brought back the power scheme but he’s not that bright)?

    I’m going to laugh if he goes to Cincinnati and excels like crazy. This will just make Reggie look like a fool for getting rid of Hue.

  20. Tampering… Ha… What a joke… The Packers had the VIKINGS red handed when Bret Favre came back. (Favre used his Packer’s issued phone to text Chilly and Beavel) Good try, but the league turn’s it cheek to trampering every off-season.

  21. I think Mark and Reggie will get a tub of ice cream and this whole thing will go away . Yeah I would rather have a pick as well .

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