NFL seeking to sell some Thursday games to another network


According to various published reports Sunday, the NFL is seeking a buyer for the television rights to some Thursday night games.

According to Richard Sandomir of the New York Times, the Thursday night games potentially sold would be early in the season, and the league was seeking to sell between six and eight of 13 games it airs on NFL Network.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the Associated Press that the league was in talks “to air a part of the package with existing and potentially new broadcast and cable partners.”

McCarthy told the AP that NFL Network would continue to air games.

John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal first reported the potential sale of Thursday night games on Sunday.

In 2013, NFL Network televised one Thursday night game in Weeks 2-12 and Weeks 14-15. The Thanksgiving night game in Week 13 aired on NBC.

56 responses to “NFL seeking to sell some Thursday games to another network

  1. If only Discovery, History, H2, and Playboy networks could do it I would never have to change channels again.

    “Hello Comcast, I would like to cancel my current plan and enroll in your “Man Bundle.” Are you still offering this bundle with a coupon for a free subway meatball, roll of tissue, and a six pack of frosties for life at a low rate of $19.99 a month?…….where do I sign?”

  2. I think it’s the beginning of the end for live game telecasts for NFL Network. They will continue their other programming but the games themselves can make more money being broadcast on another network and will be fazed out except for very rate occasions.

  3. Coming up next after The Real Housewives of Las Vegas will be Thursday Night Football. Tonight’s game pits Johnny Manziel and the hard-hitting London Jaguars versus Jameis Winston and the new look Los Angeles Bills.

  4. GOOD! I am sick and tired of paying $20 more a month to verizon JUST during NFL season for 15 extra BS channels just so I can watch thursday night football.

  5. Get rid of those rotten watered down skunks while they still have some value.

    Can’t believe ESPN hasn’t already overpaid for them.

  6. Please sell Sunday Ticket to Google so we can watch online and not be limited to DirecTV’s rip off prices.

  7. The way rogder goodell wants it,I wouldn’t be surprised if the bbc or telemundo or even the MLB network will be televising Thursday night football.

  8. perhaps roger can use the extra revenue for a slick new ad campaign about player safety whilst forcing more players to play with short recuperation time …
    fiddle away roger fiddle away !!!!!

  9. Selling Thursday night games, creating team(s) in Europe, moving a team ( or two ) to Canada, a franchise in L.A., unsold play off tickets, add another game to the season, add more play off games. empty seats huge increase in TV advert spots, pimping 9 evil ) political views. The NFL is in trouble. More trouble than they are willing to admit. Ti’s all down hill now, they have killed the golden goose…..

  10. I think they would be smart to play a game beginning after the east coast game ends, so that they get to watch a prime time game out there.

  11. NFL Football could raise rating for the Praise the Lord cable network.

    Football fans are always praying anyway.

    Especially Vikings and Browns fans.

    And it would be good to get Raiders fans into church somehow.

  12. Which means the NFL is looking to sell the crappy Thursday night games PAY PER VIEW….who wants to guess where this is all leading……

  13. How many of those games are worth watching if you’re not in that particular Market? 75% of them are awful – is that just ‘dumb luck’ or ‘scheduling’?

  14. Hopefully it will be a network that people can actually watch. All the NFLN has taught me is that its a lot easier to skip a game than I originally thought. And that often makes my weekends more productive!

  15. Would be nice if they didn’t let any EXISTING channel that has games buy these. Rumor was that Google wanted to buy them. That’d be cool to stream them on YouTube or similar. Amazon or NetFlix would be interesting too. Whoever buys them just better be smart enough to secure the streaming rights. Hopefully the trend in the playoffs of every game being available continues into the regular season next year.

  16. Stop putting the Jaguars on every other week, and the Thursday games might be worth saving. Or better yet… Monday or Thursday – pick ONE day for a weeknight game, and stay with it.

    Oh, yeah, and stop putting the games on so late because you’re afraid of offending the Pacific time zone. Tell them to get DVRs like everybodyin the other 3 time zones has.

  17. I didn’t mind it when it was 3 or 4 towards then end of the season when the teams are on a roll and players have settled into the offenses and defenses.

    The Thursday games early in the year were all awful. The game that the Pats played in the 2nd week was brutal on them. With all the rookies they had playing, with no full practices, and them not knowing the offensive and defensive systems well at that point it was hard to do anything but suck.

    Any team in those early season Thursday games is screwed. And almost every single game they featured this year just plain stunk.

  18. Who would buy that crap. They get some of the worst games almost every week.

    Fantastic games like the

    deadskins vs biqueens
    any game involving the dolphins
    texans and the jaguars
    BILLS vs BROWNS…. Seriously ???

  19. I would rather get rid of the Thursday games (minus opening day and Thanksgiving) and give us back some of the late season Saturday games, particularly when the College Conference games are over. Also, give me a Saturday night NFL game over one of those dreadful meaningless bowl games with half-filled stadiums any day.

  20. I agree w/ some of the other posters–the Thursday night games are terrible & should be eliminated. The only thing worse than this is the idea to expand the season to 18 games.

    I love the game of football but the NFL keeps finding new ways to ruin their product like playing games in England in pursuit of making more money. When you have owners who can’t win like Jerry Jones & Dan Snyder pushing the agenda–you better believe they’re going to find new ways to cash in. See Jones thoughts on expanding the number of teams that make the playoffs. Sorry Jerry but your team will still find a way not to make it.

  21. kabasaman says: Jan 13, 2014 9:38 AM

    Godell is a Joke


    I agree & I don’t think any fan of the game or defensive player would argue BUT at the end of the day he’s just a puppet for the more vocal & greedier owners.

  22. Between all 3 night games, Thur, Sun and Mon, Thurs is the best broadcast. So, if you must have Thursday Night Football, please keep it on the NFL Network.

    If anything….find a new home for Sunday Night Football. Cris Collinsworth is pathetic….

  23. NFL needs to tie Thursday night games to bye weeks. Schedule teams with bye’s from week 2-16 and have the two teams that were on a bye play that next Thursday.

    Teams get more than ample rest for 2 weeks, and guranantees better matchups.

  24. The NFL should play on Sunday and Monday only, excluding thanksgiving of course.
    The Thursday games create too much competitive advantage/disadvantage and the quality of the game suffers because of it. The sad thing is RG probably won’t be happy until there are games on every night of the week. Housing bubble, Wall Street, and soon the NFL. Sometimes enough is enough.

  25. The current quality of Thursday Night Football is not very good as is. The only way I will support Thursday Night Football is to give the teams playing a Sunday before off. 3 days is not enough time to recover. Example the Chargers beat the Broncos back in December only because it was a Thursday night game. In the playoffs it was a different story. To me a better statement next year would be some coach play all backup players. Example-No Peyton Manning or Tom Brady on the NFL Network. I bet the NFL would not like that at all.

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