Philip Rivers: “Crazy” to say Whisenhunt was distracted by job interviews

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Eyes in Detroit and Tennessee have been gazing in the direction of Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt for a while now, but there are more of them now that the Chargers season has come to an end and Whisenhunt is available to be hired as a head coach.

There have been several indications that Whisenhunt will wind up taking a job with one of those two teams and a report on Monday had Whisenhunt trying to line up assistants to take with him from San Diego to his next stop. Even before those reports surfaced, there were people voicing concern that Whisenhunt was distracted by having three head coaching interviews (the Browns also spoke to Whisenhunt) while preparing for the divisional round game in Denver.

Whisenhunt said last week that he wasn’t distracted by the dueling agendas, something quarterback Philip Rivers agreed with on Monday.

“I think that’s crazy, honestly. He was all in, all week,” Rivers said, via Tom Krasovic of U-T San Diego. “He handled it like a pro.”

The Chargers offense took a long time getting going on Sunday as they were held scoreless until rallying to close within a score in the fourth quarter. Rivers said Monday that the wind limited the ability to open up the offense early, as illustrated by his eight pass attempts (while getting sacked three times) in the first half, and the Broncos seemed to agree given how much they ran the ball. That does leave room for a lot of second-guessing, but that’s true of the offensive coordinators who lost over the weekend without interviewing for head coaching jobs last week as well.

Either way, it seems likely to be someone else’s problem before too much longer. In Rivers’ opinion, quarterbacks coach Frank Reich “would be great” as a replacement when/if Whisenhunt moves down the road.

20 responses to “Philip Rivers: “Crazy” to say Whisenhunt was distracted by job interviews

  1. All I know is that it seemed like the team was lobbying for a rename to the San Diego Neutral Zone Infractions.

  2. I’m sure the interviews had nothing to do with SD’s loss. However, it would have looked better if he just held off until after the playoffs. Maybe that wasn’t reasonable if they had kept winning – but it would have looked much better. The offensive scheme was horrendous until the 4th qtr. Insisting on a run, run, 3rd and long pass through three quarters was nuts.

  3. How can an assistant coach not be distracted by three head coaching interviews ? I don’t care how focused you are. It’s like expecting your company’s VP to not be distracted by two days of interviews to become CEO at 3 different public companies in different cities. Stop the second-guessing by stopping this insane practice, for the benefit of all the players and fans.

    Of course McCoy and Rivers support Whisenhunt. Does anyone expect them to call him out??? Get real.

  4. Why does there ALWAYS have to be a reason why a team lost? No matter what tteam theres always an excuse media drums up. Why cant it ever be pssible a good team lost to another good team.

    If your not a sb winner your a loser.

  5. Asst coaches always sell their teams out during the bye week. They chase those top jobs like dogs after a Ferrari. Damn right they’re distracted.

  6. I’m from SC, & as big a Broncos fan there is. I remember watching the man that Rivers mentioned for OC, Frank Reich , when he played for Buffalo, as a backup, he was part of the greatest comeback I have ever witnessed against the Houston Oilers! Me & 99% of North/South Carolina begged and pleaded to have him as our expansion teams starter, and we got our wish, he came to the Panthers, & he was horrible! Some players obviously make better coaches than players…

  7. Whisenhunt had a terrible game plan. He obviously should have gone to quick passes and some hurry-up with a sub at RG (rookie RT Fluker vulnerable without help) and with Ryan Mathews out. Instead he had run plays on virtually every first down for the first 3 quarters, and plenty of the 2nd downs as well.

    As soon as they were forced to go to hurry about they started carving the Broncos up. But too late.

    Whiz had a bad game plan. Nothing creative. Used plays which were old. Ran the ball when he should have been passing.

    He had 3 job interviews ( !!!! ) when he should have been gameplanning. The interviews take time. Prepping for interviews takes time. Traveling to the (local) meeting places takes time.

    Your mind is on these other jobs while it should be on the biggest game of the year. Did it affect his gameplan? How could it NOT affect it?

  8. Of course if affected Whisenhunt. How could it not? When you are interviewing for a new job, your current job has to suffer.
    I find it crazy that teams allow their coaches to interview when they are in the playoffs.

  9. lets not blame Wisey, lets put the entire blame on an offensive line that failed to block. I would say they fed Rivers to the fish on this one. He had no chance in the first half to even make a pass and Manning, again, had all day to study his surroundings.

  10. At least it wasn’t the masterfull Mike Mcmacs cleaver offense: two runs and a pass, two runs and a pass.
    First nine plays, Rogers doesn’t even try a pass. What the hell is that???????????????????

  11. The fact that he’s already accepted the Titans job is further evidence that he had already checked out of the Chargers last week.

    People need time to get their questions answered, talk to their families, evaluate all the options, before making such a critical decision. He had already spent time doing all of that before the Chargers’ game.

    But I can’t blame him, he’s just looking out for his best interests. The NFL needs to change the rules so this doesn’t happen anymore. Coaches of playoff teams should be completely off limits from contact with other teams.

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